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monster ultra paradise taste issue

I purchased two Monster Ultra Paradise cans today (November 1, 2019) that had the new green top to the can instead of the previous silver one. Upon opening these cans, they smelled differently (almost limey) and tasted like mildew. I have been drinking the Ultra Paradise drinks since they came out and now the cans with the new lids taste rancid and smell completely different. Unsure if this is a lot issue or if this they've changed their formula.

monster ultra paradise taste issue
monster ultra paradise taste issue

normal monster energy drink taste like yogurt

The normal energy drink which I have purchasing for more than 3 years had a complete different taste, it tasted like rotten milk or rotten yogurt. I bought it at a local petrol station yesterday and the can was unopened and not expired. Furthermore I have experienced the same problem before but thought it was just one monster but since it happened again I would like to complain about it

Monster Energy Drinkred raspberry rehab tea

Bought a case of monster energy rehab. Mixed flavors. First 2 cans I poured had large amount of slime in the bottom of cans.
I poured first can into my tumbler in my dark kitchen n slowly drank over about 2 hours. When I was taking the last fewsips, I got a mouthful of slime. I spit it out at once, grossed out that I had drank the whole can

The next day I poured another can of red raspberry rehab into tumbler while watching. Sure enough, at the bottom of the can was more slime. I took photos n saved can. Afraid to open any more.

I'm totally grossed out n traumatized knowing I drank this.

red raspberry rehab tea
red raspberry rehab tea

Monster Energy Drinkrotten energy drink

Monster energy drink was bought at a cafe in mountin view pretoria..gauteng.can was sealed and expirydate was still due to come.while i was drinking i realise that theres a bad smell coming from the can and the energy drink tast badly .later on i realise i dont have any tast on my tongue and since then i dont have tast.i did contact one of your reps named Lee [protected]), but didnt give me support with this problem.i would like for one of your directors to contact me on [protected].

  • Je
    jen Mar 07, 2009

    that no retailer in my town sells the purple monster in 4 packs. every flavor but the one i like. i would like some one to sell them because i buy them individualy which cost me more.

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  • Ci
    CindyLuna Nov 27, 2012

    Same thing happend here, a can was fuly closed and it smelled horible i amost trew up but i didnt taste it, and when i dumped it out it orangy and kind of looked like milk it was horilbe

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Monster Energy Drinks — flat drinks

2weeks ago my husband had a get together n decided to buy a case of monsters to offer to his friends well our surprise somehow the monsters were flat no t at all the usual...

Monster Energy DrinkToo much caffeine/sugars

This energy drink has too much caffeine/sugars then posted on the energy drink can. I believe they shouldn't fool people into buying this piece of [censored] energy drink. A regular person can only consume 200-300mg of caffeine a day when the monster is 7200 mg. Even thou the monster says its only about 120-140mg its pure B.S. Therefore they need to get their facts straight and put the truth on the monster can saying that almost have of that is pure sugar. If monster does not change this it will definetly will be expecting a law suit from people that are complaining as about 558 people to be precise and this is just in nearby cities by Corona C.A. So either monster changes their product information to the correct info or they will expect a law suit coming soon!!!

Monster Energy Drinks — Poor packaging

As a frequent customer I have never found to have had a problem with Monster Energy Drinks until last night. Both my sister and I had purchased a can of Monster Assault, and the...

SCAM Monster Beverage Co., Monster Energy Drink,, Corr Racing — Deceptive

As race fans attend these events, they have the illusion that all the race teams are in Good Standing within the business community and/or general public, when they are not...