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J Nov 13, 2019 Review updated:

Went to to brows the store on 11/13/19. Saw a jacket was going to put it on layaway but he never told me about the fee. After tell him I am not paying fee he became rude and told me he could not void the transaction that if I needed it voided I HAVE to wait. He threw the receipt at me and walked away. He called for help reversed it and got more upset when I said I would just pay for it. Just was very unprofessional taking care of me complaining he had things to do instead of being at the register. I believe when he knew it was my first time doing layaway he should inform new customers about the 5.00 fee and not get mad when the customer finds out and decides to purchase the item instead. As a bank manager and he was employee he would not get away with a white up. I believe he does not know that because of customers he has a job. Totally disappointed by his service and unprofessional behavior.

Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporation


  •   Nov 14, 2019

    Every place that offers layaway has fees attached! Where have you been??? I knew that when I was a child!!!

    It's like you are talking out a very small mortgage for whatever you want.

    Oh lemme guess. You have no idea what a mortgage is!!

    If you can't afford the less than stellar coats at Burlington...

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