Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporationcomplaint about a few employees

P Dec 17, 2019 Review updated:

I've seen a supervisor let other employees be disrespectful to another supervisor who's continuously running around doing all the work while she's on her phone doing nothing but pressing the button on the walker talkie to tell the other supervisor to do minimal things she's capable of doing if she didn't micromanage and remain on her phone. She's rude and always trying to tell employees she will take their job away and remove their position because they tell her to simply help out with the small things. She's allowed another employee to openly threaten and disrespect other co workers. Extremely unprofessional and can be a big stress when she doesn't even work half as hard as all the other employees and she's always on her phone arguing about unrelated work topics to who knows who. Please send corporate to watch their operations and see who really works and runs around and who doesn't. I've never been so offended by someones attitude and demeanor in a work place until I've walked into this Burlington. Thanks to her I will never shop at this location and I think she should be reviewed and reprimanded. She doesn't deserve to work there if she's going to treat employees like they are below her when she's as equal as everyone else. Thank you, I would like to hear back. Thank you very much.

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