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Customer service at this store is extremely bad. If you want a display item be prepared to stand around for an hour or two while they look for it only to conclude that they did not have it in the first place. Placing items on order will require(in my experience) at least 6 weeks. There seems to be a management problem with this store in the field of basic organization. Learn to use an inventory system that tells you what is available. Arange the storage area so that employees can quickly locate desired items and please take out display items that you no longer carry.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 14, 2015 1:04 am EST

Bought a purse at a Burlington at an outlet mall. Realized later the cashier didn't take off security device. Went to my local Burlington only to have shift supervisor Townada question me suspiciously about the difference in price then, on the order of the store manager David I was told to go back to the original store, 1hr away from my home.

Apr 09, 2009 11:10 am EDT

I purchased a suit and shirt for my son before he left for college in August 2005. I paid with a Visa Debit card. When he got to school, which is in Florida where they don’t have any Burlington stores, he noticed that the shirt had a cut in the back, like the ones that happen when boxes are opened. So, when he came home at Christmas he took the shirt back with the original receipt and asked if he could exchange it. The floor supervisor came and told him he could not exchange it.

So, a few days later I took the shirt and receipt to the same store and asked to exchange it because the shirt we had purchased was damaged at the time of purchase. The representative name was Jordanous, in the Vista California store, told me that she had talked with my son a few days earlier and told him she could not exchange it. I asked her why and she told me that he did not bring in a receipt, which is not true. I told her I just wanted to replace the damaged shirt with the same thing. She then told me that she would “give me” $14 credit towards a new shirt because the shirt went on sale between the time we purchased the shirt and now. So, basically she wanted me to give her an additional $5 - $6 to replace a damaged shirt they sold to me. I told her that would not be acceptable and took the shirt and left the office.

I have talked to many other people who have had similar experiences. I called the store and spoke with a manager named Lisa, and she told me that that is their company policy and she couldn’t do anything about it. I am in the customer service business and feel this is totally unacceptable. I thought, the customer was always right and that you should do whatever you can to satisfy the customer. I feel that my request was very reasonable.

Aug 21, 2010 9:21 pm EDT
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I recently applied to work at the new Newark, CA. store at Burlinton Coat Factory at New Park mall 08/14/2010. That turned out to be a horrble expeience. To cut some of the details short, I felt the hiring manager mistreated me based on my race. An african american gentlemen and i both waited patiently while Kevin, the hiring mgr. interviwed everyone before us, although we waited for over an hour and was there befor these applicants. A fter that he talked to his friend for another 45mins. When i was finially interviewed by his partner he could not seem less interested! that really made me angry and hurt fot the sipmle fact that ive worked in retail management for years and i know i was more than qualified for a sales associate position. I never got a call for the position, no surprise there. As i left kevin asked me why ws i still there, was i waiting for a phone call.. wow i was shocked.. i cant believe people in management would act like that. had thay took the time to really interview me, they would have saw what a great person i am. and not focus on race...

Apr 28, 2011 6:15 am EDT
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Last year, I was trying to find a formal suit for my son and ended up in the Burlington Coat Factory in the Hopkins/St. Louis Park area. I'm not from the Cities, so I had no idea what to was surreal. The store was dirty, dingy and a complete mess. There were, literally, no employees visible anywhere in the store...just a few customers milling around. It felt strangely post-apocalyptic. I wandered around out of sheer curiosity. But, you couldn't PAY me to try on any of the clothes. I'm sure I would get scabies or some other nasty disease. My advice? Shop there are your own risk. I hear the other stores are better, but this one was definitely ghetto.

Oct 23, 2010 12:28 pm EDT

I attempted to return a suit that was purchase for my fianc'e from out of state all the tags were in place and the suit had never been worn. I enter the Pinole California store which recently opened in August 2010, to exchange the suit for a larger size, and was denied based on the price acording to the store manager the store employee Angelica whom was very RUDE and condecending gave me all sorts of excusing why the suit could not be exchanged, obviously she was not thouroughly train on burlingtons return policy, and i felt strongly discriminated againsts according to her belittling attitude. She claimed she was the customer service mananger, however she conducted herself very unprofesionally and needs to be thouroughly train to treat all customers the same, and not be so opinionated. when i asked for her supervisor, I then spoke with Brian who wanted to know all sorts of information regarding this one item when i was unable to provide this iformation because it was a gift he adamently DENIED my excahnge, which i became very disturb after waiting 30 minutes in line then another 15 minutes waiting on the manager to come to only send me through a number of problems Im very dissatisfied with the service pertaining to the new BURLINAGTON COAT FACTORY in pinole california.The return policy simply states you are allowed store credit if dissatisfied with the item its unfortunate, some store employees do not follow all guidlines. please correct this matter


Andrea. A very dissatisfied customer.

Sep 04, 2010 1:29 am EDT
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How did you apply for the position? A walk in app? I haven't been able to find a way to apply online.


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