Burger Kingwork hours cut

M Sep 16, 2018

On September 18, 2018, I was an employee who had his hours cut because I go on family vacations and I am a full time student in school. I was told this by two managers, Miguel Gomez and Juan Rosario who manage the Burger King Store at 4330 N. Harlem, Harwood Heights, Illinois 60706. When I asked why are my hours cut? There is currently a new employee who is a female and also a student, but she was given 30 hours for the week. How is this fair? This sounds like discrimination! This does not sound like something Burger King practices with his/her employees. This could definitely be a law suit. Your managers should be trained to treat employees with respect and provide a better reason for why your hours are cut. I was never told I was not doing my job well, intact I was given a $.50 raise recently and was told I was doing a great job! I had worked for Burger King over a year (July 2017-September 2018). I refuse to work for a company who does not allow their employees to go on family vacations and are a full-time student in school. I resign!

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