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United Kingdom
PO Box 1975, Liverpool, L69 3HH

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6 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

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Adenauerallee 6, 30175 Hannover

Postboks 260, 1326 Lysaker 

Olof Palmes Gata 13, 111 37 Stockholm

Inwilerriedstrasse 61, Baar 6340

Dikilitaş Mahallesi Emirhan Caddesi No:109 Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Complaints & Reviews


Manager cassandra at job title burgerking aprx 10/26/17 @910pm mst she refused my order said right to refuse...

Burger King

double whopper with cheese, onion rings and sweet tea

I ordered this meal last evening and ended up with a horrible stomach ache and ended up vomiting after along...

cleanliness; customer service; food was greasy and cold

I visited store # 1378 in Salem, NH. When we walked in there was ketchup on the floor; and before we got to...

whopper (2 for $6 special)

10/27/17 - I ordered a Whopper special...1 regular and 1 just meat & cheese...both w/o onions. The regular...

bk not honoring coupon from coupon book I purchased

10-27-17, 1:15pm. i had purchased a "FundRays" coupon book to support local education, one of coupons was for...

onion rings

I have been a big fan of the Burger King whopper ever since I was a kid in the 60s, l still am. I stopped by...

french fries

Serving totally un cooked French fries. This location at West Palm Beach airport operated by HMS service...

the use of cellphones while working

After placing my order I had to wait until two of the of the employee's finished checking their cell phone...

customer service - [protected]@ burger king-2746, marconi ave sacramento ca 95821

I don't even know why I gave this Burger King one star...because the place was a complete disaster. I very...

store opening posted times... not open and less than satisfactory customer service.

My complaint is focused on the Burger King store located on Rt #53 in Hanover MA. 02339 by the Rt # 3...

not recognizing the senior citizen discount

I went to a Burger King Harrison avenue in Cary, North Carolina on 10/25/2017 around 9pm and was planning on...

customer service

Date: 10/26/17 Time: 8:07PM For BK5190 in Wilmington, DE Employee who serviced me: Maricela I pulled up to...


This is the 2nd complaint I have had with this place in the past 4 months . The floors are disgusting. Sticky...


We recently went to Burger King in Sandpoint, ID., Thursday, Oct. 29, 2017. The front counter was very dirty...

store managers performance

To whom it may concern
My name is Albertene Ausmer. I recently visited your Burger King branch in Diamondhead Mississippi. I had a doctor's appointment in Diamondhead so I'll stop figured I stop and get some breakfast my daughter works there she's front cashier she took my order fix my order and I took my tray and I sat down at the front table closer to the front counter. Not long after that there's a lady walked up and made an order my daughter took the order I think she ordered a small cup of coffee and she served her. So the lady walked to the booth and sat down my daughter picked up a black I don't know if it was a tray or something she said something spilled in it like coffee so she had just walked away from the counter and went and rinsed it out and she was walking back when the lady went back to the front counter and the store manager was standing there so she walked towards the drive-thru window and yelled at my daughter said Antoinette you have customers up there and when she yelled I look because it shocked me, so at that time my daughter was walking back towards the front counter and she said oh I didn't know I just walked from up there and when my daughter said that the manager said I ain't arguing with you you can go home and my daughter just looked at her because she didn't argue and didn't say nothing. So my daughter walk to the front counter she looked at me and I looked at her and I just shook my head no. My daughter immediately got upset and she started crying and she told me that she was going home with me so the manager I guess it was a manager pulled her drawer had her count it and my daughter came home with me. My daughter cried all the way home because she was upset because she did nothing wrong she didn't argue with her and I was sitting there she was embarrassed because her mom was sitting and she heard everything. I am 74 years old I work at Walmart Im retired and I still work and that was very uncalled for. I feel something seriously need to be done because she told me that that particular manager yells at everybody in the store and nobody does anything about it. I didn't raise my daughter to disrespect nobody or talk back to nobody and she's a very hard worker and I don't think she deserve that. Diamondhead, Mississippi.

Sincerely Albertene Ausmer
I will be checking to make sure the matter is taken care of. That was very rude of the store manager and very unprofessional!

wrong order

I ordered 2 croissan'wichs with ham, cheese & egg, when I got home my sandwiches did not have any egg on...

rodeo burger

To whom it may concern, I find myself writing to you because of the recent visit I just had at my local...

Burger King

drive thru order

I asked for a 2 Taco pack, a $5 whopper meal, a 2 bacon cheeseburger meal with heavy onion add mayo & no...

wrong items given/no receipt with purchase

My husband bought lunch from your location today, 10/25/17 on 1727 E Platte Ave Colorado Springs He had...

Burger King

jr whopper

I ordered copper Jr with heavy pickle received one slice of pickle and the sandwich was so small, smaller...