Burger Kingsalted caramel shake

Q Sep 04, 2018

A salted caramel shake was purchased yesterday on 9/3/18 at 1306 E 71st street Tulsa OK. 2 issues.
1. When shake was handed to me it was not thick. It was very loose for a shake. So I returned it and asked if they can make it thicker. The person who was making it became upset because he couldn't make it thicker, so he threw it in the trash and had someone attempt to make it.
2. I noticed that when I received my shake the 1st and 2nd time it looked nothing at all like the advertisement. Not even close. I even pulled it up online to make sure. The picture that's in the drive through wasn't what I paid for.
So basically it was complete false advertisement. It looked like just a plain regular vanilla shake. No additions to it all. Very disappointed. I included a photo of what it's supposed to look like and what I was served. The reason I'm complaining is because most businesses today are very unprofessional and customer service is horrible. And if no one complains then nothing will change.

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