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L Nov 29, 2018
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Ok first things first... My name is candice hall.. I was a victim of hurricane michael that tore up our house in panama ciry fl... I have four boys under nine and my husband just got out of icu... I went into the burger king on hwy 90 for a job... I begged them I cryed I humbled myself... I have no teeth... I was told to go online and submit my application... I did that the same day... I was told to go that when I put in my application to call back and let them know we they needed someone very badly... I did just that... The manager sent the forms and I was bkocked from the snagajob site because I didnt remember my passwors... I had to wait until the next morning... I called snagajob git into my app and finishwd the process I then called them back and let them know it was done... About 530 that day I was cakkwd by the manager to come back in to get the reat of the paperwork work done to beinf ny id social and bank info if thats what I wanted was direct deposit... Since I didntt have a bank account I chose the pay card... Thias us where the problem starts... I told the manager on the phone that I was waitinf dor my sister to come in from work I woukd be there about 6...615... Well she didnt get here til 630... I headed straight up there... When I got there the manager had just left and wasnt answering the phone to cone back the next day because apparently thus next manager didnt know what to do... I left... The next day which was yesterday I walkes almost three miles to the store just to let them know I woukd be back because I had an incident with my five year old son almost choking to death on a hotdog I didn't get there before lunch... I told her I was sorry I dint make it this am that I knew she coukdnt do it dduring thw lunch but that I would be back in the afternoon... She told me to be back by three... The same manager who had dealt with me the night before sge was very short very nasty just the way she looked at me... I called back about 1 that afternoon just to let her know that I would be there at 3 like she had told me... She then told me that if I wasnt there by 230 she was leaving I asked her to please bare with me as I had a hurt foot and had already walked there once and that I may be five minutes late but please not to keave because I needed the job... I ran yes ran half the way up there I made it by 215... Whn the black manager told her I was there shw stated"I ger off at 230 I dont have time to deal with her"she seemed very angry and put out... As I walked to the back I wxplained to her as I have. Only been here a week and had all my stuff ruined in the hurricane I did not yet possess a tx drivers license I had a license but it was a copy on my phone I asked her coukd I email a copy to her she got real aggrivated and said I told you on the phone to bring your texas id... No maam I said you did not you said to bring an id which I did along with a birth certificate and a social security card and a hungry and homeless id from florida which was a gov issued picture id... She then stated that I need to do something with my kids... That infuriated me... She does not know me or my kids and had no right to bring my children in this... I told her just that and I also told her that she did not tell me it had to be a texas id had she told me that I would not have wasted my time I know this is bull crap because. I had a job in corpus christi using my fl id... Three times in she told me she didn't need my. Attitude... The only attitude I gave hwre is when she told me to co e thwre and then treated me like garbage. Now keep in mind thw night I came up there the firat time I did not out my teeth in cause I was rushing... If you do not handle tgis woman I will be getting a lawyer... You cannot treat people like tgis and her lying about having to have a texas st id is gonna win me thw case ive already consulted with an attorney and he ia chomping at the bit to get the case going discrimination is against the law... Be it for my teeth or my id its crap... And furthermore I dont want tge job anymore... But I want her job... Shes nasty... Mean... And racist maybe not because of skin color but there are different types of racism... My phone number is [protected] I need to hear back from you as to how your gonna fix thia situation or I will be telling my lawyer to go ahead
Candice hall
[protected]@gmail.com these eventa took place the wewk of the 29 of november 2018

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