Burger Kinghealth and safety

R Nov 22, 2017

I was in your burger king Aberdeen Washington last week to get a bite and was disgusted at the customer service in general. I was the only customer to served and it took me 10 mins to order . Before I ordered one crew member came in from outside smelling of marijuana and cigarettes it went straight back behind the counter without washing his hands. He was working the drive-thru but I still felt he needed to wash his hands after being outside. This employee caught my eye and my nose. He did not have a name tag on so i talked to a manager and even he looked high. I asked him where at the designated smoking area for employees he said that usually smoke the area that houses the dumpsters. So we have an employee smoking weed by a dumpster coming into your store without washing his hands and then is arguing with what looks to be his Superior about where he is supposed to be. And it sounded like he burned himself on something. Probably because he was high. Meanwhile no one is helping me. The entire situation made me uncomfortable and I subsequently did not eat what I ordered. This communication is just to inform you that in my opinion a number of crew members and at least one manager are smoking marijuana not washing their hands and ignoring customers. Please review your crew at this location. This is a combination for disaster either through personal injury or contamination of food. I'm writing this out of necessity I do not want to see anyone getting sick or an employee being injured because another employee's high off marijuana. Please help

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