Burger Kingemployee error not done anything about by manager

N Jul 28, 2019 Review updated:

On July 27th in the evening I went to the Burger King drive thru after driving across the state and was very tired and hungry. I ordered a veggie burger with everything including mustard. I repeated this twice. My husband ordered a whopper. We paid for the food and they gave us the bag. We took it back to the motel and I opened my veggie burger. It was a shicy chicken burger. I am a vegetarian, that is why I ordered a veggie burger with everything and mustard because it is one of my favorite meals. I was so tired I did not drive back across Page to return it, I just fed it to the dog and went to bed.

So the next morning I took the bag and the wrapper and a piece of the chicken back to the Burger King and asked to talk with the manager, expecting I would get an apology and replacement veggie burger. The guy said he needed a receipt. I told him the drive thru did not give a receipt, there was none in the bag or in the truck or the garbage because I had searched for it. He kept saying it was his policy to get a receipt. I told they did not give me a receipt. He said he was not there last night. He also admitted that employees not giving receipt had happened before. I said since you are the manager here, can you override this policy? He kept saying it is his policy to get a receipt. I left very frustrated and angry. I do not understand this. Customer service has always been important to Burger King. Burger King veggie burgers are something I have always looked forward to. Can you please give me a credit for a veggie burger? That is all I ask. Thank you


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