Burger Kingdrive thru service

O Nov 29, 2017

I was very tired to drive home thru the traffic around 7pm on 11/29/17 and decided to stop and get some food from Burgers King. I don't eat fast food often and I was not familiar with the menu.
Firs I had a brief talk with a girl over the drive thru microphone; I asked her for a burger and she suggested a cheeseburger. I wanted to know what other options I have and asked the girl if she has anything similar like big Mac in Mac Donalds. Suddenly the personel guy interrupted that it was not a Mac Donalds in making fun manner. I told him that I am aware of that and tried to inquire what other options I have. He continued making fun of me and said that they do not have a King burger here. Instead of suggesting what the restaurant has he was telling me what it doesn't have.
I had to leave drive thru hungry and angry. Please explain to your personel if someone does not know the menu just explain what the menu has instead of what it doesn't have and point that it is not a Mac Donalds. The most embarrassing that he was having fun of the conversation.
The store address is 5609 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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