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Good day

I have been shopping at Builders Woodlands all week, but Friday 29 April 2022 I went again to buy more spraypaint. There's been discounts all week on the spray paints etc. My total spending at Builders this week was R2825. 80 (but that's not the point.

This specific spray paint was marked down from R175 to R145, I bought 2 of them this specific time. When I paid, these products hasn't been marked down and I was charged normal price. I made the cashier aware of this and went back to the shelf where I had found it, I took the barcode with to show the cashier. She called the Manager to fix it. I gently reached out to the barcode in te manager's hand and stated that I want to take a photo to check if I have received discounted price on my other slips at home as well. The Manager raised her voice at me very loudly and quickly grabbed the barcode away from me (her voice being loud enough for all the cashiers and customers at all the paypoints to hear) saying the special was only put there today etc. The Manager repeatedly kept on yelling on me, and shaming me infront of all the other people.

I am not saying I handled the situation right, but it is no reason to yell on a client and shame a client and treat a client like a naughty child. Also I went to check my previous slip and the discount on that specific spray paint had been given previously... So she was 'lying' as well when she said that the discount only started the 29th. Even if a client is not right, you can still treat a client decently and with respect. I am sorry but in future we will be placing our business elsewhere as I am really upset.

Thank you

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