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Builders Warehouse complaints 136

Builders Warehouse - Refusal to pay for damages to private property by delivery vehicle

Our company Upgrade Property Holdings opened an account with Builders in Nelspruit in early 2018. Since then, we have spent between Builders, Buco and Timbercity over R150 000 each month. Since the...

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Mar 01, 2021

Builders Warehouse - Customer service

I went to builders warehouse in Klerksdorp on the 1st March 2021 to buy plumbing materials. I approached a certain gentleman for help and directed me to plumbing site where I asked the gentleman...

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Builders Warehouse - Imbareble service

I have been a customer in Builders for years as I trust thier service and products. I have been in almost all the Builders Stores as I am a contractor and I do work in around Johannesburg and...

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Builders Warehouse - Website advertised price not the same as in store

Some time ago I have purchased laminated flooring from builders (Zambezi) and needed more. Looking on the internet (Builders' website) I found what I need advertised at R450-00 each (See attached) On Wednesday 24 Feb 2021 I have travelled all the way from Mpumalanga (Middelburg) to go and buy 15x packs. At the store the shop attendant and some other senior staff members informed me that they cannot give the product at the advertised price but had to pay R563-83/pack i.e. R113-83 more.
With me been in a hurry and could not stay any longer at the store due to other commitments I had to take the goods at that price informing the staff members that I will take it up with Builders' customer services.
Could you please indicate the way forward as I'm sure that this false advertising is not Builders' policy. Looking forward to a response.
Kind regards
Nico Pienaar

Desired outcome: Refund of difference in price

Builders Warehouse - Bad customer service

Received a call from Builder ls Warehouse this morning, the person didn't not even introduce himself, he demanded a address for our delivery to be delivered today but as our online purchase we asked for 27/02/2021 to be delivered. He said : O no we don't do deliveries on Friday or Saturday's, it must be done today.. We are not aware of your delivery problems as you don't indicate it on online purchasing? Since when does a customer get demanded that spend R17901. 00? Don't you accommodate the customer anymore? You want my money and try and dominate me for a delivery today, but I did but my preferred date when I purchased and paid online?

Desired outcome: a Written apology of the person who phoned me, training as ge gets paid for being so rude to customers.

Builders Warehouse - Inventory on computer system

we have tried as much as possible to buy online, your computer basicaly makes it imposible, we have tried many different routes only to be tharted .
So if it not easy to buy on line, whats the point.
I thnik your whole sales system needs re-evaluating

When going to buy some simple white tiles, we checked your online system as to availabily, all good on arriving at the Cape Gate Centre we were told there was no stock !, but I could get at North Gate store as they had plenty of stock, arriving at North Gate store we were told no there was a mix up and we have no stock ! so waiting another week we checked availabilty and yes Somerset West store had then in stock, on arrival at the store we were told there is no stock! So after amking a fuss there stores people enentually found a box !!! and apologised for the inconvience .
so after traveling for some 250 kms we were eventually rewarded !!

So can somebody tell me what is wrong with your stock control, its oviously part of the the same online system but it is useless !!
It is 2021 and stock results should be immediatley available especially on basic items, I just do not understand .

Desired outcome: Changed online and stock control systems

Builders Warehouse - Harassment of your security officer

On the 13th of February 2021 at approximately 3.15 I visited your branch at the Glen. As I entered the front door and sanitized my hands and proceeded to the entrance. Your fidelity security officer was so busy talking with one of her friends that she neglected to see that I had sanatized my hands. She followed me saying you did not sanitize. I replied yes I did. She then replied let me smell your hand, I then let her smeel my hand. She then proceeded to pull her mask down to smell my hands, at this point I felt not only was she rude but she also put me at risk of contracting Corona. She then insisted I did not sanatize and she would go check it on the camera. I was totally embarrassed by the way she treated me as if I was a criminal. She then spoke in her own language to another security officer which then also came to harres me. I have never been treated with such unprofessional desregard of a client needs. I really hope that this matter will be dealt with as it has left me emotionally embarrassed I I honestly don't know if I would visit one of your branches ever again. After this whole insident I demand to see a manager. The fidelity manager then reviewed the footage and came to apologize to me.At this point I thanked him put I feel the security officer should have dealt with this in another manaer. She was rude and totally unprofessional. The officier was P. R Zondi and J. Tshikale. I dealt with the manager Mr Jacob Mashika. Thank you for your assistance in advance. I truly hope this mater will be dealt with asap. Warm regards Sonia Naubereit tel :[protected]

Jan 30, 2021

Builders Warehouse - Tiling

The service in builders warehouse is pathetic
I went to Edenvale branch to look for tiles
I waited 20 minutes before anyone helped me
I chose my tile the system has stock but they cannot find it
They send me to rivonia
Again no one to help. I wait over 15 minutes before I look for the tiles myself
I find the tiles. No pricing
The tiles don't scan at the till point
I have to wait another 15 minutes at the till to get a price and leave
Pathetic useless service
I will never shop at builders again

Desired outcome: Get better customer service

Builders Warehouse - Overall Service Costing Me Time And Money

Hi my name is shaheed contact +27 [protected]
I have been trying to deal with builders from the 21st January 2021 @ 12:10. This was my very first call to builders warehouse with the intention of recieving a formal quotation for items on there online store due, I was put through to the call centre and asked if I could speak to someone who would be able to give me a quotation of the items I require, weather they have stock or not? And if these items will not be discontinued. The person at the call centre said I they would put me through to the decor department. After waiting a while I was told that someone fro. That department would call me back. @13:44 I contacted builders again and this time decided to hold on the line to get through to someone in the decor department who could assist me, there was a long waiting period eventually I put down the phone. And tried again this time the lady suggested I use the online store and will beable to view items in stock on there.
My intention was to purchase these items as it was in my budget for a facility I am involved with. The facility is due to open on the 1st of February 2021
I used the online store and was given a discount code WELCOME 10 by mistake I clicked back on the browser before payment to double check my order and my screen was cleared I tried again and this time did it with a consultant over the phone who assisted me on placing the order and re-entering the code this time for 15% discount. Before purchasing I tried once more to ensure stock of these items and ince again found the store to be unhelpful.

Calls made to Builders warehouse on the 21/01/2021 are at the following times

21 Jan 2021 @ 12:10 for 4min 9sec
21 Jan 2021 @ 12:10 for 3min 46sec
21 Jan 2021 @ 14:01 for 7min 1sec
21 Jan 2021 @ 15:05 for 5min 21sec
21 Jan 2021 @ 15:40
21 Jan 2021 @ 15:56 for 6min 48sec
21 Jan 2021 @ 16:16 for 6min 42sec
21 Jan 2021 @ 16:23 for 7min 45sec

Eventually I sort out th order online but before purchasing I decided to take a drive to a store to verify stock I walk to the decor department @ builders warehouse glen eagles and ask the gentleman standing by the particular item I wanted does he have stock of this pedestal and where is there stock of it at there other branches he takes me to a lady and asked her to tell me if there is stock at other branches aswell. To my surprise the lady typed stuff on the pc and ignored me completely left the screen open and continued to watch an african series on her cellphone e which she was clearly trying to hide with a paper.

I left the 26th I paid for the order banking that the website will be ok and that the items are there as advertised .
I recieved multiple call from bulders adding to my frustration.

Firstly after making the purchase i called the call center and asked if the delivery could come a bit later and verified that this item will not be discontinued and that there is stock according to the website.

The calls I recieved there after were as follows

From each branch stating that they only have one of the items I ordered and the other is a display
Asking me what should they do now
I replied if it is in good order they should send it if not I cannot accept it.
Department after department called and said the same thing adding to my frustration as i cannot ask for a refund due to our launch date of the facility nor can i change the item due to the budget allocated.

Secondly the courier service calls on days when they not supposed to have delivered the item asking stating that they are outside with some items from my order when clearly I have asked time and ti.e again for the delivery not to be sent before the 29th of January 2021

Till this day 27th January 2021 builders warehouse has not sorted my issue out
I am fearful that the facility might not have the ediquite equipment to launch in time and might cost us money and time I am not sure what to do or how to resolve this issue as I have tried multiple times to get it resolved yet it feels like all this is placed on me and not the staff at builders warehouse wouldn't should actually be the ones sorting this out

Builders Warehouse - Plumbing equipment purchased

Hi its Larry Harding, on 05/12/2020 my girlfriend and I went to builders express N1 City Cape Town to purchase an geyser 400kpa pressure valve... An assistant from plumbing took us and showed what he...

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Builders Warehouse - Quality of service, store manager, Lucia

I went into Builders Warehouse Mares, Costa do Sol Avenue, this afternoon at +- 16h30, to purchase 3 bottles of black spray paint, I found 3 bottles of Satin black spray paint, huddled next to +- 15...

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Builders Warehouse - Poor service and lack of enthusiasm to assist or check quantity of stock

Good day,

I am sending this complaint as I have had enough of the poor service and lack of assistance at the Builder's warehouse express branch based in Umhlanga, Durban.

Every time I've gone through to this store there is either nobody around or nobody can assist in my query, "not all are useless but majority have the attitude that they are doing myself a favor". If I ask them to check stock at another store, "the system is always down", drop lips all round if I ask them to call the other stores to check stock.

Clearly there seems to be a lack of leadership in this branch and the branch manager needs a wake up call!

Kind regards.

Builders Warehouse - Poor customer service

Builders the Glen. I often shop here for my business. At 14 November 2020 7.28 I went to glass and mirror department to have a mirror cut. The person was very rude told me to measure at home not his work to assist measure as frame was with me I then got it finaly measured and went to pay before they can cut it only to be told no code available. The cashier left at 8. 01 to look for code. At 8.20 no return. I tried speaking then to the supervisor lady who said o I do not know. This showed me to take business from now on to mice

Builders Warehouse - Poor service received

On 22/10/2020 I went to builders in Sunninghill to purchase door handles. The attendant of the area standing behind the keys counter was asked by another customer to help him find an item and refused...

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Builders Warehouse - Purchased a dewalt battery charger on 30 august 2020 and have not received this as yet

Purchased a Dewalt Battery Charger on 30 August 2020 and have not received this as yet
Order Reference [protected]

Order was not received on the 22nd Of September as promised.

Complaint was made with Builders online - reference [protected]

I have received no response and require that I be refunded


Builders Warehouse - Service at builders warehouse umhlanga

Today 15/9 is the 2nd time I've been to this shop in the last 2 months. Both times I have received extremely poor service. Today I waited around in the plants section fro help for 10 minutes without a staff member showing themselves. I eventually found someone doing a stock take. When I remonstrated with her, she said she never saw me. Well it was obvious she wasn't looking to help any customers. Her attitude from then on was rude and abrupt. Again in the hardware section, I had to find service. An assistant more interested in his computer than helping customers. Again his service was abrupt and unhelpful.
No more Buiders Warehouse for me. Builders Express and Build It from now on. This store is on a slippery downward slide.

Sep 10, 2020

Builders Warehouse - Used of my personal details to others person

Builders warehouse has used my personal details to purchase shop item to another customer I did not know. I just received email from the shop that have asked the quote and there were another costumer cell number and home address with my personal details. I called the other customer to hear what happen and he said he asked the quote and bought the item in cash and he saw my personal details in the invoice. I have tried to call the shop but no reply. I have send email to Builders no reply, only other guy call me yesterday with private number, I did not hear what he said and I do not know what his name because he was speaking to fast. I have send email again to ask them to reply my mail. My purpose is just to understand why they use my personal details for other customer without my knowledge.
I am not sure if maybe that customer have also my Id number supplied to him by the shop as the same as my other personal details.

Builders Warehouse - Order not received

On the 10 July 2020, I have ordered online the carpet and paid by credit card. Today is 21 August 2020 and I still did not receive my order or got the money refunded.
Order [protected]  from 10 July 2020
 I have emailed, phoned, and chatted online on the BWH website numerous times, even sent a message on Facebook, and finally on the 17 August went to BWH faerie Glen store personally. The saleslady informed me that she spoke to Tebogo at the Zambezi branch and that I will get refunded immediately. Still nothing.

Aug 10, 2020

Builders Warehouse - Paint

Date 3August 2020 I went to builder's store in mokopane to buy paint when got to the store I was assisting by the sales person for the colour of the paint that am lookin for then I bought 2x 20l paint value of R900 each. I took the paint with me when I got home to start painting the paint is not the same as the sample I saw in the store. date 10August 2020 I wentto tel them about my problem with the paint they are telling me they can't take it because it's opened where is not my mistake I was assist by sales from the store what I want to know is what I must do with the paint as is it the colour I asked for. am so disappointed as my friend told me about builders paint that they are the best I guess it was not true secondly we customer we are the one who advertise the product of the store how will I tel my friend family neighbours colige about your store am so disappointed hope you find the matter in consideration. thank you


Builders Warehouse - Poor service - fourways

Heads up! Never place an online order with builders warehouse, especially if your delivering store is fourways... Placed an online order, stock was available online when order arrives it is short. From the 17.07.2020, I have phoned the customer care line three times, everyone is going to call back... Still waiting... Eventually the customer care division puts me through to the store and I read out my reference number three times and they still can't get the number right and state they are delivering the bricks... Wtf I never ordered bricks! Just pure incompetence. They quick to take your money but cannot action a single delivery or query.
I am not surprised massmart group revenue and profit lines plumetted... A suggestion to the head office and the directors... Check out your customer service levels.
Roll on leroy merlin that is opening a flag ship store in fourways, you have your first customer in fourways eagerly awaiting your opening.

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