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complain about distressing experienced at builders warehouse, gazina

I purchased a 9kg gas cylinder for my gas stove after a recent kitchen renovation. I realized that the ga...

same product that was priced differently at different builder's without informing me beforehand

Hi On January 23, 2018, I went to Builders Atterbury to purchase a "Marlene 900 2 door vanity Cabinet...

poor service.

21.11.2017 at 17:15 I went to Builders warehouse in Gezina, Pretoria. I needed some timber. At that...

Pretoria Retail Stores

disregard for customer

On 25th of August 2017 I bought electricity appliances from Builders Warehouse in Protea Glen in Soweto. The...

Johannesburg Other

poor service delivery and broken bricks (material)

The people who delivered the building materials.delivered it and they where lobbing, working at a very slow...

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construction supplies

I went to Builders Warehouse Northriding and obtained a quote for cement and builder's mix. This morning I...

no assistance

I went to builders and looked at two samples of wooden flooring, I was told an estimator will call me, they...

poor service and attitude by the cashier

This incident occurred on Sunday, where I picked up a few items to buy, of these items, one was from a bargain bin, which had been marked down. Obviously before I pick up a item and decide to take it, I look at the price to see if it is reasonable, in that way - I knew the price of all items. So I went to the counter, and let them scan the items and the total appeared, which I then paid for, then I thought to myself that the total does not appear to be correct, so I checked the till slip and discovered that 2 of the 4 items (that is 50% of my purchases) had gone through at incorrect prices, after which I told the cashier that it was incorrect, she was rude and did not believe me, and made me go fetch or prove that it was the incorrect price, after I went to the shelves and took the prices from the shelves, to prove the cashier that they were incorrect, she did not even say sorry or look sorry or say anything, the manger came there to assist with the refund vouchers and she did not even say sorry, was blady rude in my eyes, we then waited for about 20 - 30mins to get the refunds. if i did not look at my slip, they would have fraudulently made extra money off me. 3RD WORLD SERVICE.

I will never step foot in your store again

I am really annoyed about the complete lack of service I received at your Springfield branch, the first time I just let it go but I feel it necessary to write this complaint.

I waited over 15 minutes to have some wood cut, there were no less than 4 staff members busy cutting one piece of wood already, two other staff members also walked out from the back straight past me. Not one single person even acknowledge me standing there, is it too hard for your staff to even ask if I need help or at the very least let me know they will be with me shortly????

After waiting 15 minutes and not even being acknowledge I decided to leave. I will never step foot in your store again!!!

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    FEggy Jan 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Builders Express advertised a promotion of Akira products valid from 17 to 23 March10. I was interested in a wireless door chime priced at R 49.99. On Sun 21 March to be told by a sales person that the promotion had expired and I could purchase the same item at R 69.99. I enquired when the promotion had expired - he promised to find out and come back -but he disappeared leaving me standing there looking like a fool. I went there the next day (2203) armed with the advert - the cashier rang it up at R69.99 - I showed her the ad and she called a supervisor - who cleared the amount and she proceeded to punch it R49.99. Another supervisor Kashmira appeared and stopped her. She took my ad and to called the manager Conrad Matthews who gave me a different story to the day before - they were out of stock and if I wanted I could buy the one for R 69.99 - the supervisor chipped in that they were sending all their customers to the Pinetown branch who had stock. I objected to this and was told by the manager there was no other option - I was offered no assistance and I had to force the manager to tell me the they had only 25 units for the promo.

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till price is more expensive than shelf

Recently, we bought an expensive DIY tool at Builders, Centurion. Knowing that we have been overpriced at the till before, we made sure to check each item as it was rung up. True to Builders Warehouse’s nature, they 'invoiced' us R799.99 for a R659.99 item!!! The manager on duty fixed it but was complaining in some African Language as she was changing the price at the till. How unprofessional!!! That is R140 which could have gone directly to the company’s pocket. If this were the first incident, I could have viewed it as a mistake, but this happens about 80% of the time we buy something from them. I APPEAL TO YOU DEAR CUSTOMER ... please check your prices. You do not want to make someone else rich on your expense, do you???

thanks for a bad shopping experience builders

We went shopping at Strubensvalley Builders, looking for bathroom fitting. Having decided on our selection from the display boards - some which do not have prices or fitting on - we looked for a sales person to assist.

We waited for 10minutes at the counter, they even paged a person, but no-one came to help. Eventually we were quite a few people waiting. No sales person. We left and I told the 'manager' that their services sucked, she just shrugged and turned around.

We left and decided to spend our R6000 somewhere else. So thanks for nothing Builders. I do not think you will see my again!

  • Ve
    Vee Jele Sep 20, 2017
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    Verified customer

    Bad Experience at Builders Warehouse, they dont care about customers everytime I have to complain before I get my delivery, they dont keep up to their promises, They dont answer their phones you call them until you give up. BAD BAD BAD EXPERIENCE EVER

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  • Ni
    Nico Coetzee Feb 17, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Continues bad service at Builders Somerset West. This was now the 2nd time that I had to call the manager Mr. Ideez Timoor regarding bad service at his branch. Customer service just don't exist here. If you looking for any specific items they either let you wait for ages or just ignore you. They are always busy with private conversations between each other or friends in the store.
    On Friday 15/02/2019 I specifically went to them as I need some advice and quotes on renovations at my home. They told me at their department for building materials that they cannot help me as they do not do costings from plans.
    Mr. Ideez however tried to convince me that he will rectify the situation at his store but I do not believe him at all.
    I immediately went to there opposition BUCO and I was actually expecting similar service from them - fortunately the experience was actually 300% better, they immediately phoned one of their contractors to come and assist me with my costing. The reason was if they do it, it will have a financial implication to get the costing done by a cost estimator.
    From now I will only shop at BUCO - thanks for your poor service
    Nico Coetzee
    Cell: 0833172492

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bad service, bad attitude and unmannered

The ongoing problem with most of the staff at the builders warehouse group is rediculis. The staff do not help you when asked and even when the manager or supervisor requests them to help the clients they still sit on their backsides and do not respond.When they are confronted and asked a question they respond by turning to the person next to them and continue to talk in their own language. This is a warning to other contractors that if you want service and a better price, buy else where.

inferior quality product plus bad attitude

On Sat 31009 I had the most unpleasant experience of returning an item to BW- Northgate Island. I purchased a (pricey!) drying rack from BW in the winter of 2008, for which I unfortunately did not keep the receipt. It was only used during extremely wet weather and this winter it simply snapped! A year after purchase!

I explained the predicament and asked for the rack to either be replaced or fixed or failing that, to please assist me in fixing it. I was informed that they would contact the supplier and get back to me on Mon. Needless to say I was NOT contacted. I then phoned on Monday 1210 and after much toing and froing a manager named Arthur proceeded, in a most offensive tone of voice to say there was nothing he could do.He said the last time they had stocked this item was over 2yrs ago- well I was living in the UK up until last year so this is a blatant lie! I was also told they had discontinued this product due to its inferior quality! How then is it possible to acknowledge the inferiority of a product your shop sells but then in the same breath to not honour a customer who comes back with this inferior product?? Im most upset at this unprofessional conduct!

  • Di
    Diane Brooks Dec 20, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a housebrand, SABS approved door lock - only to find that the pre-cut keys do not match the over-the-counter pre-cut keys - even though they had the same code. Cheap Chinese knock-offs and they have the cheek to brand it as SABS approved, which it cannot possibly be. The store manager still had the cheek to have "attitude" with me!

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do not buy any products from builders warehouse

I am a volunteer at a Crisis Centre for abused women and children and we have received a donation of money to renovate our creche. We got a quote from Builders warehouse and our donor made the payment on the 16.09.09 from a Nedbank Account into Builders Warehouse Nedbank account. I called yesterday to confirm the payment and faxed thru the confirmation as well. I was not contacted. I called this morning to discover they cannot confirm payment and cannot accept my proof of payment! i called though out the day and was told the same over and over. i asked for their head office no and spoke to a kind lady Buqulwa who confirmed the payment with me and the sales consultant. The sales consultant advised we need to wait for them to fax the confirmation to him! After endless calls to today I eventually got my products. My driver had to wait for 45 minuters before he could take delivery however my money was accepted yesterday?? Their manager Johan is incompetent and ubrupt and was not aware of the situation and was not interested either! no wonder his staff is so incompetent! I spent R3137.85 and received no service!! Do not buy any products from Builders warehouse parow!!

incompetent service - again

I have two 48 kg gas canisters that I no longer need and want to return. These were previously bought from both Builders Warehouse and Mica - phoned Mica to get an idea of what deposit refund I will get, got through immediately and an immediate answer - phoned Builders Warehouse, had to phone three times (they seemingly simply ignore the phone), when finally through to Joseph, kept me hanging for two minutes while he had to 'check' with whoever, hummed and hawed and finally said he will get Tom to phone me (which, on past experience, is unlikely to happen).

Why is it so difficult to deal with Builders warehouse? Do they deliberately instill poor service behaviour in their staff?

stay away from builders warehouse

I went to Builders Warehouse Northgate to get some Plascon paint samples, only to be told that they do not have paint samples and that I needed to buy the 1l paint to test. The 1l is R99.99 and that would mean that I would need to pay in excess of R1000.00 to test the paint colour. I think that is very unfortunate, as I would have purchased all the paint from there, but now I will on principle be going elsewhere for the exterior and interior paint for my home.

bad service

Will not purchase from again in Birmingham, AL location. Business will not return items in any way, shape or form except for exact item only.

Have purchased many things from them in the past that were needed quickly. ( I work in IT industry, networking, desktop).

A few months ago purchased a Abit motherboard for $50 more than could have gotten at most places online. After spending countless hours over 5 days troubleshooting and on Abit forums, everyone determined that it was defective. I took complete pc system back to CBW to check out. They determined that the motherboard was bad, but that it was my fault because it had a tiny indention by processor because screwdriver slipped and thermal paste residue on some spots. The damage was very negligible and the motherboard had never worked prior to that anyway. They would "try" and RMA it. After i purchased a replacement motherboard and charged $80 for them looking at it, they told me that if it was RMA'd succesfully, to speak with a manager to see about getting store credit in exchange for the new motherboard they received.
This was said to me because i had paid for replacement already and labor.

I was contacted finally that the RMA went through and that they received the replacement, So I went and spoke with manager, and they would not exchange motherboard for anything.

$'s spent: $150 on motherboard, $80 on them working on my pc to determine bad motherboard, $150 on a replacement motherboard.

  • Mo
    Moagi Sep 07, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a faulty heater at builders in witbank
    It emits a terrible smell of gas, it shocks(like electrical shock)
    They tested it and agreed to contact the supplier and get back to me
    I went to the store three times already with no help
    Please help me get my heater fixed or refund me my money

    Kopano Moagi
    [email protected]


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