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I was charged $119 instead of $29.99 i bought the 29$ membership and was charged and the bought it again cause it wouldnt let me go into the account so I bought it again and now it charged me alot of money that i did not plan on spending at all and i would really appreciate getting my money back i have bills to pay please refund my money. Or legal action will take place

Jun 27, 2019
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  •   Jun 28, 2019

    Legal action? Ha! You couldn’t log in and instead of emailing for help, you signed up again. Meanwhile, your original membership wasn’t canceled so you automatically are bumped up to a full year membership and paid for it.

    What’s illegal about your lack of brains to cancel your membership? Or your lack of common sense to email about your membership and needing a new password? Or not reading the login page to reset your password?

    Stupidity should be illegal. You’d do life in jail.

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  •   Jun 29, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Edina Monsoon was absolutely right. Tax the stupid people!

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  •   Jun 29, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! When I had adult websites, one month was the only option I offered. You choose to sign up again, not me. Companies rely on dumb people who are so horny that they sign up and don’t read. Then the membership goes on and on without the customer noticing. Webmasters rely on those people who don’t notice their billing statements properly.

    I always matched receipt with charge and stapled them together. Any charges without a receipt I’d investigate and I thought everyone else did that, too.

    If we taxed the stupid people, we’d be a very rich country!

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