Flexicell Complaints & Reviews

Flexicell / cancellation 6 years but direct debit still deducting

Apr 14, 2018

We cancelled our flexicell contract in 2012 prior to leaving SA on a five year contract. As our pension gets paid into the standard bank account we advised Flexicell that the direct debits would be cancelled. We have just arrived back in SA to find that they have continued to deduct the...

Flexicell / debit order deduction


My contract with flexicell expired in 2007, but are still to last month deducting by debit order from my bank account the amount of r 119.00. on the 23.03.2012 - naedo dtord upington flexicell / [protected] and on the same date direct debit settlement/c flexicell bbd360445x011028725. Could you...

Flexicell / unauthorised debit


I found an unauthorised debit on my account done by flexicell I do not have any contractual obligations (verbal or written) for them to deduct an amount off my account. the information they supplied on the statement is as follows: naedo debit flexicell [protected] R99 I do not have any account...

Flexicell / illegally taking my money - fraudulent


These people are Fraudulent - Beware - in 2007 I entered into a telephonic contract - The sim cards never worked. I sent them back and cancelled my agreement. It took months and weeks of telephoning to them before they finally stopped debiting my account. I recently found more debits going...

Flexicell / money taken out of my account illegaly


I unsubscribed from Flexicell years ago, only to find I have been debited R99-00 on 25th March 2010 and I insist I want my money paid back into my account by no later than 31 March or I will take legal action, pse call me on [protected] or email kim.[protected] immediately, I will allow you 24 hours to respond or action will be taken.

Flexicell / need your help to expose them


To all angry furious frustrated and just tired of struggling flexicell customers I am tired of struggling with flexicell, and I need your help so we can expose them and get even with them. They are commiting fraud, and we must stop it. Please leave a email so I could gather enough unsatisfied...

Flexicell / money deducted from my account!


The money is been deducted from my account but the simcard is not working. This is the fourth week my simcard is not working. When I insect the simcard it says limited service. I want to know why you deducted money on my account while this simcard s not working here. Please I want my money...

Flexicell / terrible service


I've been dealing with flexicell for about just over a year and all i've had is problems. Firstly I change the debit order date, then they suspend my account because the payment is going off on the wrong date. Up to now it is still going off on the wrong date. Then because of non payment...

Flexicell / canceled my account 16 times already


Hi I said yes to the airtime package february already they have been deducting money since then, because of me not checking my bank accounts I did not know money was deducted from my account I only received my simcard after almost six months, that is when I found out that they were...

Flexicell / double debit order taken


I have checked my acc and I see that my acc is been debited 2 x 129 and 2 x 99 and 4 x9 debit order fee I have send and e-mail to customer care this morning 03' 2007 and I did not get any service up till now I paid r492.00 just to get a contract. I feel that flexicell should refund me and...

Flexicell / poor service!


After 3 months of flexicell taken money from my bank I have received nothing but the run around from them. More than r 400 has been taken from my account. My mother has phoned them to cancel my contract and told them to ensure that the money is paid back into my account to date nothing ha...