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Bosch Dishwasherreplacement control panel voluntary recall

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the control panel is being voluntarily recalled on dishwasher model SHU43C02UC. I requested my replacement panel on 2/13. it is 3/2/09 no panel yet I have been calling bosch at [protected] for 50 minutes this morning they have disconnected me when they could not find my request or A number in the computer. I am still on hold for enrice I spoke to employee number 5510 on 3/2 I also dealt with belinda jacobs who gave me an invalid A number on 2/13. also Rose Hilton at the hot line on 3/1 and Roz at [protected] was supposed to know about the status of my replacement part on 2/17 it was supposed to ship


  • Vi
    Virginia Appliance Company Apr 01, 2009

    We are a service company here in Virginia and have put a hold on doing any more recalls as the first jobs we went to bill for came up as invalid authorization numbers. The numbers were good for ordering but not billing. Go figure?! Maybe they will get it straight now because the recall kits we have are not going to get installed until they start sending checks for labor and these customers are about to find out that they are going to have to wait longer. That toll free hotline will be ringing now!

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  • Pa
    Pat O Apr 24, 2009

    We have been waiting over a month since our call to the recall hotline for this control board. Bosch (who claims they forgot to call us back) blames the service company (who never calls back) for not ordering the part. The service company blames Bosch for not sending the part. Both sides have completely apathetic attitudes on the phone. I have Bosch power tools and have purchased many Bosch automotive parts. They will receive no more of my business.

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  • Di
    Diane May 21, 2009

    I didn't even receive my recall letter until the beginning of April. I was told not to use the diswasher until the part was replaced. It is now almost the end of May and I have not received the repairs. Today I am going out and buy a new diswasher and it won't be a Bosch.

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  • La
    larryinNH Aug 13, 2009

    I had the replacement part and was installed three weeks ago. And now the dishwasher is completely dead! There is this constant clicking sound, and no other movement. Botch dishwasher really disappointed me! Where do I turn for help, now that the thing is dead. I suspect it is related to the recall work.

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  • Ca
    capn Oct 20, 2009

    We bought a Bosch dishwasher from Lowe's 22 months ago. The soap dispenser door will not stay shut after you load the detergent in.

    It's 10 months out of warranty. Lucky I used my VISA card to buy the appliance which doubles the manufacurer's warranty.

    I thought Bosch was a quality product. If you figure we used our dishwasher on average every 3 days (there is only 2 of us), it took only about 250 washes before it broke down.

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  • Ta
    Tatiana K Nov 15, 2013

    Bosch dishwasher SHE7ER55UC/50 (manufactured in Germany) did not survive a year. Very disappointing. Technician did not follow company procedure, which requires to arrange the time of service. Called twice to customer service with no results. Lost working day waiting for technician. Very disappointed.

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  • Pe
    pesh Dec 09, 2013
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    Don't ever touch a Bosch diswasher! We had never been notified that our dishwasher was to be recalled and now we have a burnt out kitchen and badly smoke damaged house. The trauma and expense that this is causing is unbelievable! We will be spreading the word far and wide about this incident.

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  • De
    derbyy Aug 29, 2020

    Bosch are pure crap. In the years we had ours the main circuit board had to be replaced twice. The board cost $125; I did the work. You could see where a component became hot and melted the solder. Some people were not so lucky and their board caught fire. These same boards were used in thousands of dishwashers. Bosch was forced to do a 'voluntary recall' but they only recalled the models were fires were reported by their service techs. Our model was not one of those. Calling/complaining Bosch customer (dis)service did no good. They would not admit a poor design and correct their mistake. Eventually giving up and vowing I would crusade against Bosch.

    I will make a positive comment, Bosch did redesign the board. They replaced the faulty component with a more heavy duty one that handled more amps. It cost us $250 and time to finally get this machine working properly/securely to where we could trust that no fire would result. Is this the kind of company you want to deal with? I am sure that other dishwasher companies could have similar stories but this was the first time for us and it was BOSCH.

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