Boost Mobilecustomer service

I Nov 12, 2019

I stuck with this outfit despite their many foibles and seemingly not wanting to or the inability to make corrections. Their latest fiasco with their chat 'team' is and has always been a down side. Never an unpleasant tone in dealing with them, just ineptness by not enough
(any?) knowledge to answer questions prior to going to a file for answers. Lack of training ? Short
staffed ? The interaction with a
chatter has landed me in the round file without notice. Instead of a text
disclosing particulars on why plus a warning of upcoming date (s) to
begin the thing, a total blockage of customer care is ' in your face ' there.
More like an insulant three year old
not having their way, MommaDadda
watcha Don't look at me I'm not talking to you anymore. All attempts
to sign in...access 403 FORBIDDEN
Including calling them. Some of the standard phone services are now
curtailed or have become minimized
which are the reasons for wanting fixes all along. To their great credit this junk is still operable for calls
and the monthly service charge is honored. Now i have a real reason to buy a NICE cell and get better stuff
with it . Oh yeah, this one has been compromised as well so time for a heave ho.

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