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I Aug 13, 2018

Since 2014, I use service for all my personal and business trips hotel booking. Today I'm disappointed with the service because of their partner client Hotel de Berne.

I had a booking on March 31st 2018 at this Hotel for 6 nights for my vacation in the Nice city but they cancelled on 13th AUG, just one day before my reservation date. The given reason that my card is invalid and they have overbooking on the hotel.

I have proved that my card is valid by getting an email from Banker (debit card department) and forwarded to customer service. Initially, service promised to help me out but at the end their service also worst and similar to the Hotel service.

Both of them are dishonest to their services and clients. I'm really frustrated why I'm using your service for all these days.

They ruined my vacation just before the day and I have no option and to cancel all my arrangements because of their false commitment.

Please don't ever say again that the problem is with my card and nothing to do with card. Problem is with your business and commitments and I would request you to not to cheat any customers during their holiday plan especially who travelling with their babies/ Family.

I have contacted who asked me to prove that my card is valid and kind of motivation like that they help me out to keep the reservation. I have forwarded my bank confirmation about the working of my card. They simply ask me to book some other hotels because they don't have any control over their partner hotels for this type of dishonest situation and they try to convince that banker mail is not a proof and the agent and his manager trying to be rude to close my case.

My feedback may not stop their business but at least some of the common people will stay away from their especially when they plan for a vacation well in advance because this hotel will cancel your reservation if they got any high demand/price during the seasonal times.

I'm wondering how promote their services for business purpose when they do this type of discomfort to their clients.

dishonest service

  • Resolution Statement

    After escalation, tried to help me out to find other hotel but unfortunately, there is no availability on my dates. hence they provided 50% reimbursement on the difference amount that I paid to book another hotel myself. They also apologized for the situation and they explained why it was not avoided in my case. They promised to take an action on partner hotel and also the Customer Service Agent who was not helpful at right time. Even though I had a lot of problems and last minute tension but tried to make me comfortable in the situation so this complaint is no longer valid and I would like to close the case.

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