J Aug 16, 2018

Reference [protected] pin 1071.
I booked The Park City Grand Plaza kensington for 7th August 2018. On Monday the 6th August 2018 at around 6am I realised the hotel I actually wanted was The Park Grand Kensington. As you can see they have very similar names, I also read that the hotel I had accudently booked had building renovations going on and my son and I have severe asthma.
I immediately contacted to explain my predicament listing the valid health reasons asking if I could change hotels. This was more than 24 hours in advance. A few hours later my reply came, and they clearly hadn't understood my question which I repeated and asked if I could change hotels. Monday night igor emailed me to say he had emailed the hotel to see if I could cancel.
Tuesday morning whilst travelling to London I rang the hotel myself who told me they hadn't received any emails from you. I explained and they said shouldn't be a problem and that they would ring me back. So I booked the hotel I wanted through and checked in.
Later that day the original hotel took my payment of £158. Over the next 9 days I rang every single day chasing my money as you kept telling me it was a valid reason that I cancelled. I spoke to Shandall, Shantaga, William and Alex among others. Each conversation meant being on hold for at least 10 mins and then going through the whole story each time. Then they would put me on hold whilst they contacted the hotel. I was told nobody in reservations were there, then no managers were there. Then the hotel said they had received no emails from Each rep I spoke to me assured me that a note would be left with either themselves or a colleague for them to ring me the next day. Not once did I receive a call back. It's been very stressful.
Finally I spoke to Alex yesterday who contacted the hotel. Alex then said to me they won't issue my refund as it was less than 24 hours notice.
But I informed you more than 24 hours that I wanted to change hotels for health reasons. Alex said the original rep who emailed me misunderstood my query therefore it was less than 24 hours. Also because I didn't use the word 'cancel' then it didn't count!!! I said I wanted to change my hotel so obviously I needed to cancel the original One, why would I need 2 hotels on the same night. He wouldn't budge.
I rang the hotel myself and begged but they wouldn't refund me.
I can't afford to lose £158. One Night in London cost me £350! I'm a hard working single mum and wanted to treat my son. Now I'm in financial trouble all because your rep didn't understand my request.
I sincerely hope you can do whats right and refund me, as a genius traveller.
Jane Moylan

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