SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / unauthorized credit card charges

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the failure of and the website's system error that was resulted in significant amount of charge of my credit card, and would like to request for assistance with this matter.

The problem is that I tried to reserve a hotel room for 7 days through I checked three hotels that were Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel, Titanic city Taksim Hotel and Fuga Hotel for the check in date of February 9th and check out date of February 16th but each time that I tried for reservation after I put my credit card information in, the website showed me a red text on the top of the reservation page saying "the room is unavailable" and I could not book any of the above hotels and there was not any payment or booking confirmation sent to me or shown on the screen (we never clicked on any button to finalize our reservation and nothing showed up on the webpage that any reservations were made). Hence, I gave up on and decided to reserve a hotel by a travel agency and they booked Titanic Down Town hotel for me from 9th of February to 16th and I stayed there for the mentioned period of time.

Unfortunately, when I was checking my credit card account 5 days ago I found that has charged me for all three Hotels for the significant amounts of EUR 684.95 on 29/01/2019, for TITANIC HOTELS/AYGUN IS and 356.68 TRY for Fuga Hotel on 09/02/2019 and 4990.81 TRY for Hilton International C Istanbul on 05/02/2019.
I have talked with three customer service experts of about my problem but they have just told me to talk with the Hotels directly and I the Hotels obviously direct me back to

As this is system error and mistake, should take the responsibility to compensate for the cost.

Here are my booking ids that's customer service experts sent me around 5 days ago:
Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus ([protected])
Titanic City Taksim ([protected])

Given this situation I would like to request ‘s customer service team to take full responsibility of this failure and compensate my cost.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Arash Motaghi

Mar 15, 2019

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