I have been a regular User if for several years. This past year I have experienced several problems with

On too many occasions hotels that have been booked and paid for in advance have cancelled with very little opportunity for me to book an alternative without a large increase in costs. In one occasion a Hotel cancelled, reinstated the booking and then cancelled again.
Whilst I appreciate there can be occasions where a property may cancel due to unforeseen circumstances should provide the Customer with the reason why the booking has been cancelled and kit hide behind a generic statement such as "The Hotel has a right to cancel for reasons such as refurbishment". In that instance I am sure that any Hotel refurbishment would be planned well in advance.
I was informed by a Agent that although I paid the money in advance the Hotel itself does not received the funds until after the stay and hold this money. If this is the case why do I have to wait up to 12 working days to receive the funds following a cancellation? Why should I be expected to pay for an alternative Hotel and wait 12 working days for the original funds to be returned?
After many years of being a User of I shall be using alternative choices from now on.

Oct 09, 2019

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