BonanzaThey SUCK!!!

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Garbage waste of a website. They kicked me out without an explanation. I tried to make a nice little booth and that fruit Mark kicked me out without an explanation. Except that he loves to flaunt that fugly mug of his everywhere he goes. Bonanza sucks and so does everyone who signs up with them. Nothing ever sells in this ugly cesspool of a website. Their whole "oh, lookie me! We're better than eBay! Come to us!" is just laughably bad. Hilarious I might add. Nothing ever sells there, I've seen loads of garbage sit there for ages and never ever sells. Whereas on eBay you get thousand times more chances of your items selling. Hell, even selling on Craigslist or Amazon gets you better deals than Bon-ghey-za. This garbage website can rot in hell for all I care. Ebay, Craigslist and Amazon is the best places to sell your junk. If you don't mind waiting 39480328402384093840380948 years for your stupid crap to sell, then sell on Bonanza and get prepared for your booth to be taken down by the almighty closet homosexual Mark. :) Because he has no life and this is what he does for a living. :) Bonanza doesn't care about you man, they just want your credit card information so they can secretly use it for their own pornographic purposes. Stay away from this website unless you want to be scammed horribly! STAY AWAY!!!

eBay, I love you.


  • J
      Jan 26, 2012

    FO REAL, Female Dogs! :)

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  • L
      Jul 06, 2012

    I do not know your experience nor circumstances in which you were "kicked out", but truthfully, foul mouth, ravings are not going to help your cause. Bonanza has it's issues, I have had issues with them, but running around with a gutter will neither help me nor anyone else. If you wish to be taken seriously, then list your issues in an orderly manner and leave the temper tantrum at home

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  • L
      Aug 27, 2012

    Says the guy who kills women for a living. LOL! What an idiot.

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  • C
      Jan 09, 2013

    Bonanza sucks. I thought eBay was ignorant, but Bonanzal (aka Bonanza) is REALLY bad.
    The sales there were laughably slow (not worth the time to list)
    I gave them a chance, but their systems don't work half the time anyway.
    After I received an email saying I owed them $1.25 (for somebody who never paid), I attempted to log in and mark the buyer as non paying. Unfortunately my account was suspended due to the $1.25
    I emailed them and explained the situation in great detail, and they told me to log in and mark the buyer as unpaid.
    Now, am I missing something there or what ?
    I emailed them again, explaining the problem in great detail (yet again), and I got the exact same canned answer from them.
    I even offered to pay the $1.25
    But I am unable to pay it if I cannot log in.
    After half a dozen more attempts, getting the same ridiculous response each time, I came to conclusion that they were complete idiots and their little website is doomed, and listing with them would be a complete waste of my time.

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  • P
      Jan 13, 2013

    Mark, I hope you're reading some of these comments. I had a store long ago that I closed due to moving away for medical treatment. Any shipping issues from when I was quite ill were resolved satisfactorily. I now have staff working for my store, have a very successful eBay business, and went back to Bonanza. After entering credit card info and paying $$$ was immediately suspended with no explanation and given no opportunity to respond or appeal. This is nonsense. My newest hire has just been tasked with pursuing the matter with the Better Business Bureau and legal counsel. What a shame that Bonanza has come to this. As a totally legitimate seller with a glowing reputation, I didn't try to mask my identity. Bonanza staff long ago were aware that I was closing shop due to serious medical issues and had indicated they looked forward to having me back. Not so, apparently. As there is nowhere to appeal unjustified "immediate suspensions, " we are forced to pursue other routes.

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  • S
      Jan 15, 2013

    Well, they definitely have issues, but the most serious one I can see is their tendency to randomly delete items for "Trademark Infringement". They claim, if a manufacturer contacts them claiming trademark infringement on any particular item, they must remove that item from the seller's booth, but they do not remove the same or similar item from other sellers. So, you can waste your time listing items on their site only to have them pulled off for no other reason other than a so called phantom manufacturer claims trademark infringement. Bear in mind the claim of trademark infringement can be applied to any name brand, non-name brand or even your own manufactured items, in other words. any item created on Earth. This company should be standing up for their sellers ability to sell products and they simply will not or can not do that. A company like Ebay, a publicly held company, has the clout to stand up for their sellers ability to sell products when they can.

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  • M
      Apr 16, 2013

    ^^ It's not the manufacturer that does that, it's impossible since 99.99% of designers know next to nothing about Bonanza's existence. 1% of that maybe, but majority of them... no. The reason why your listings got removed is from bitter, angry, crying, stupid rival sellers (or actually, these scammers: Sorry you got your listings pulled down for no reason. Obviously that closet homosexual Mark likes to do that because he really has no life. You're better off selling off eBay. Bonanza doesn't deserve anyone's money and they should be closed down permanently.

    It's hilarious how many Rebecca Minkoff, Coach, Balenciaga, etc. bags I still see sitting on Bonanza after so many years. As a matter of fact, I know of one particular bag that a seller has up on Bonanza 2-3+ years ago is STILL sitting there to this day!!! Sad, isn't it?

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  • M
      Apr 16, 2013

    ...She would have been better off selling that bag on eBay, but I guess she doesn't mind waiting 100 years for it to sell. What an idiot. Maybe once she drops dead the bag will eventually be sold, but what's the point when there's no one else to help her ship it? LOL.

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  • M
      Apr 16, 2013

    She probably would have been better selling it off eBay, but I guess she doesn't mind waiting 100 years for it to sell. LOL. Maybe once she drops dead, it'll finally be sold. But what's the point, right? LOL.

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  • R
      Feb 04, 2015

    Wow! I have never heard anyone stand up for ebay before. The only thing i can say is, I hear a lot of "selling you garbage", "selling your junk" etc. Maybe you might want to try selling something worthwhile. People only need so many paper clips and rubber bands. You sell something Good at a Good price and I will buy from you no matter where you are. Don't be so [censored]in hard headed.

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  • M
      Aug 26, 2015

    Unbelievable. They wouldn't allow me to pay the $1.25 I owed, then they shut down my account for non payment. I emailed them asking for help and they told me to login and pay my balance. I cannot log in if my account is suspended. Is this site run by a 4 year old or what ?

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  • E
      Nov 11, 2015

    I tried sighing up for Bonanza but it wouldn't accept my email address and I tried several. I finally formatted one with a bonanza .Com hoping it would set up a new email account? That went through they took my card details and then it wouldn't let me go any further? Very confusing so I tried to back out..I believe bonanza has my credit card information and they better not bill me for anything or I will sue them..

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  • D
      Mar 06, 2016

    Bonanza ABSOLUTELY s--ks...I've been on Bonanza since 2010
    Seller support is basically non existing.Your emails to support go for days with no answer but they always find ways to make your booth unsuccessful and if you go to their forum or group help pages they will delete ANYTHING that is not favorable to Bonanza within minutes to hours but you are still waiting for tech support for DAYS.
    They take well over 24 hours to propagate your products CSV file, sometimes days.So now you have outdated products that are out of stock while the new products wait to be qued or reviewed by their elves.
    Now a customer comes in a buys an item that's not available causing you to have to refund the buyer.Then Bonanza gets pissed because they didn't make money off of you and threaten to close your booth if you continue to have stocking problems causing excessive refunds.
    At least I DO refund clients when problems arise not like the many scammers on Bonanza that do NOT.
    Fix the product upload problems and other problems your sellers are having and respond to them in a timely manner...I emailed them 3 days ago about this problem with no response but they took down my post in their forum within go figure what and who they care about the most...They ABSOLUTELY S--k and there is no money to be made here...

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  •   Apr 25, 2016

    It's hilarious that people are still using Bonanza. Only grandmas and grandpas use that sad excuse of a retail website. Don't shop there unless you want your CC information stolen and your account closed. Go back to Ebay, at least they will welcome you all back with open arms.

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  • B
      Oct 22, 2016

    I agree. They hit you up with charges, don't refund seller fees for cancelations, etc. Worse than ebay. I'm closing my shop account down.

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  • B
      Aug 09, 2017

    BONANZA is a sad sack place, I opened an account over 12 months back and couldn't get the import from Ebay to import, no matter how many different variations of the tick a box garbage worked, I have tried this on several occasions over the past year and still no go.
    Everything is connected and synced to EBay but it just will not import the listings at all.
    Im not going to sit and manually list hundreds of listings.

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