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My name is Goldie Roberts and me and my husband Tony ate at Bob Evans in Paintsville kentucky on 4-1-09 . We had to wait forever for our waitress Michelle to take our orders! One of the other waitresses had to bring our order out! my husband had ordered A salad which he didn't even get so we made her take it off the bill! Michelle was to busy talking and flirting with three boys sitting across from us to care about any of her customers! Once I went up and refilled drinks and the rest of the time the other waitress had to do her job! We were not the only ones in her section that wasn't happy. just thought you should know what kind of people you have working for your company! Thanks for letting me vent. Sincerely, Goldie Roberts
39 Fyffe Farm Road
Louisa Ky, 41230


  • Al
    alice chakos Jul 28, 2016

    went there for breakfast food was awful and i mean awful i ordered eggs, okay potatoes were overcookedand burnt sausage was good then rye toast burnt i mean burnt husband ordered steak and eggs well same was his potatoes overcooked then there was the steak they served him a piece of ( POT ROAST BEEF) it was a chunk they put on grill and made well done what a bunch of garabge they served later waitress told us cook called off well replacement cant cook restaurant 0065 order 240645 amount $22.38 i paid and left not to return to that one

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  • Re
    Reviewer99053 Nov 27, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    11/26/2015 Thanksgiving both Portsmouth stores ran out of turkey before even the dinner hour. New Boston store had been out of the carryout dinners since "last week" after catering a nursing home. How do you run out of turkey on Thxgvng? We were regular customers, at least once a week, but will now spend our money next door at Applebees.

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  • Re
    Reviewer24855 Nov 08, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    11/8/15 9:08 a.m. Bob Evans #414 Server Dara L (It was a Man) not sure if Dara is a gentleman. Possible manager. On my way to work stop to pick up breakfast. Not my first time here usually I go there at least 2 times during the week. He was not friendly at all did not speak just said what can I do for you. I Said I want to place a carry out order and he said what are you ordering and I said well I would like a menu to look at and was handed a menu. Placed my order got my food and got to work 22 minutes early to enjoy it. I spent $12.38 on breakfast no receipt number to reference this but there is a 11/8/15 R6 09:08 at the bottom near my order total. I ordered the Border Scrambler Oml breakfast with a side of bacon well done and biscuit. The bacon was perfect, my biscuits was hard my omlet has a few egg shells in them and I had no condiments no ketchup for the home fries no butter or jelly for the biscuit no sour cream for the border. I no this stuff comes with it because this is what I always order. When ordering they always ask do you need any (butter, jelly, sour cream, or would you like a side gravy for the biscuit) never was asked so I assume this would be in there anyway. I called them to complain at [protected] 4 times this morning and no one is answering the phone. They were not busy when I was there waiting, but may be when I tried calling. I don't usually work Sundays but did this as overtime for company because we needed help. So know I'm at work HUNGRY took my Medicine on a Empty stomach because I refuse to eat that. I no how good your food is because I go there to much on my way to work during the weekdays but I'm truly disappointed and I have wasted money on food I can't eat...My name is in your data base because I have used my debit card there before Bernadine O Boysaw, 1342 Manchester Columbus Ohio 43211. My email address is [email protected]

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  • Ru
    Ruth and Kevin Dec 31, 2014

    If this is an usual thing to have your food over cooked and inedible why do you keep going back. I get it you are a six year old child and mommy and daddy get to pick where you eat and the food is not really as bad as you say it is you are just fussy.

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  • Ri
    Rita L. Wilson Dec 31, 2014

    As usual got over cooked and inedible food. Don't know why I even bother to order from this company. We don't have a lot of choices in Hillsboro. But I can get over cooked chicken at Walmart or Kroger.

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  • Jb
    JBlazey Jan 28, 2014

    Miss Kansas idk where to begin with ALL that is wrong with you mentally. Either you are not a parent. Or you are not a "Miss" as I have a difficult time believing even a woman with no children, grown or not, would encourage the objectivication of young women. What is wrong with Steve looking or leering at these ladies ? 1.) As attractive as I have found some guests or servers in my store, I would NEVER and I mean NEVER display an act of character weakness such as this manager did by STARING. 2.) BOB EVANS is a FAMILY restaurant. Corporate would NEVER train a manager (and our training is extensive including Respect & Diversity training, Corporate Law & Governance, Food Safety, business management, etc..) treat customers and their families this awful horrible way. 3.) This manager has issues that apparently lie deeper than any interviewing District Manager could have picked up on. All managers go through a back ground and criminal check which must be flawless to work for this Company. Steve certainly appears to have a sociopathic complex, which makes him more than likely an extremely proficient liar during his interview process. I sure hope these folks take this complaint to Corporate because Bob Evans truly strives to hire only the BEST managers. I am embarrassed for your experience on this day. As for Miss Kansas, or whoever you are, if you make any creepy comments to MY children I don't care if they are 18 or not. Come see me at my store. 895 Commercial Parkway Dover, OH 44622. My name is Jason Bontrager. I am the Assistant General Manager. And I will break you in half if you looked at my children the wrong way bud .

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  • Ca
    Carole Cruse Aug 04, 2013

    I don't quite know how to make this complaint, so am just going to say this.,
    For several years now there is a group of about 10 to 12 people from church that go to early 8:30 service, then at 9:30 we go to Bob Evans for breakfast., we have never had any trouble with getting in, ordering, or getting our food without much delay until, about the past 5 or 6 months, (ever since the remodeling was done)service is not good at all, and the orders plus trying to pay at the register is a joke., this morning was the straw that broke the camels back I guess. The waitress, really not all her fault, but it was the kitchen we think., we got in at 9:45, did not get our food until about 10:30 or so, and then 2 people never did get theirs., orders were not right either., never once did the manager come by to see if everything was ok or nothing., she is a joke too., it seems as though the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.
    I personnaly think that it is the Mgrs responsibility to keep track with what is going on in her restaurant.

    I am sorry, I normally don't complain about things of this matter, but we all agree that management should know what is going on in the Marion, Il Bob Evans Restaurant

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  • Mi
    Miss Kansas Jun 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did the manager reach in his pants and groan while looking at your daughters? In most parts of the world, 16 and 18 year old women are married with a couple of kids. If you don't want any one to look at your daughters put them in burkhas. However, it is probably more to do with WHO was looking. Had "Steve the Manager" been 22, athletic, and good-looking you probably would have thought it a compliment to your good genes that he took notice of your daughters. You might have even given him your daughters' cell phone numbers. Give poor "Steve the Manager" a break! He came into puberty when the halls of his high school were swarming with teenage pheromones, and it was considered acceptable (and probably even desirable) that he would take notice. Poor "Steve the Manager" is probably prematurely aged and lonely due to his crappy job. Were your daughters 6 and 8, then you would have a legitimate gripe. They are 16 and 18, pumping out pheromones, and looking fine. The usual clientele of Bob Evans is 50+, and he probably doesn't make even $10/hr. Bob Evans gets what they pay for, and so did you. He wasn't expecting two nubile young women to come into his restaurant. The poor guy was powerless to their charms. Take it as a compliment and shrug it off. To make matters worse, you didn't leave poor Chris a tip. Or is it that he didn't notice you, and you feel cheated?

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  • Ch
    chilliboy Mar 01, 2011

    ive been at bobs 22 years and i can tell u bobs dont care about anyone just $

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  • Co
    ConsumerWatch Feb 12, 2010

    I have always been satisfied with Bob Evans until recently (about 2 years ago until present). Today (02/12/2010), I ordered a lot of take-out food. They excluded many of the items that are described in the menu and did not listen to the simple order I placed with them. I requested bacon crispy, with the Farmer's Choice breakfast - they left out the home fries - and a separate order of bacon on the side (chewy). The bacon was stone cold, looked as if it were cooked yesterday, and appeared and tasted to have a stale - inedible quality. Many restaraunts seem to have short changed and short-cutted the customer; businesses wonder why they are losing money and going bankrupt. I'm filing a complaint with the Better Business and Consumer Protection Bureau. I think we are all sick and tired of this kind of service.

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  • Ps
    psd411 Feb 04, 2010

    I absolutely agree (kbar32)! It is absolutely ignorant for someone not to tip the server because of someone Else's stupidity. Most servers come to work ready to work and to serve their customers and should be rewarded for it fairly. And here in west Ky we are only getting 2.13 an hour. And really the problem with the manager should have been reported immediately.

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  • Kb
    kbar32 Nov 02, 2009

    servers are paid 2.65, not 3.53. also, not tipping your server because the manager was a creep is a huge display of ignorance on your part. you're not tipping the whole restaurant you're tipping another human being who makes 2.65 an hour and has to claim according to their sales. when you don't tip you're basically taking money away from them. not cool.

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  • Th
    thomas dillon Sep 27, 2009

    there problems simple servers now take orders drinks deliver food the whopping 3.53 they pay there servers has left them with no bussers so they now bus deliver the meal refill drinks ring in tickets there new concept is order coming to their cooks on the other window not the window on their side managers feel and the company agrees dont need to help just supervise i've seen servers working double what they used to there time with customers is now nonexistent the manager respect help and performance is ridiculas I've seen some sweating and almost in tears due to the new job cuts servers are the workhorse company needs to realize the quality and stupidity of their actions its not the servers i personley work 1 job not 3 at one time wake up and watch those servers never stop and the stress thats easily prevented .cut the 2 standing managers down to 1 and a busser .its about the customers service and nobody I've known can handle 3 jobs and still keep a smile .Good job servers bad job company I feel sorry for you all.

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  • Pi
    pittej Sep 09, 2009

    Today, September 9, 2009, my wife and I stopped by Bob Evans #23 located, in Vandalia off Miller Lane, for a meal which was very delicious by the way. However; the service was atrocious. Our server, Amber, filled our order in a timely manner, brought us our bill, placed it on the table and that was the end of the service. When I finished my beverage and waited patiently for a refill I was ignored. I even caught her eye and raised my hand and was again ignored. I then walked up to the counter and requested a refill and an opportunity to speak to the manager. The manager came to the table and I informed her as to what had happened and how I had been treated. I would not recommend this particular Bob Evans to anyone!!!


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  • Mm
    mmalovi Jun 21, 2009

    I myself was visiting a town (Traverse City) 3 weeks ago. My hudband, I and my two teenage daughters had great service from our waitress, Chris. The food and service was great, but there was a very sick sight that i saw. The manager on duty was grossely staring at my daughters when they went to the restroom. When i say gross, I mean that the manager (Who i did see his first name as we left, under Steve) He stared at my one daughter with his eyes focused on her chest, then her "behind area" My husband was very upset but i had to calm him down, not to make a huge deal about it since we were on vacation. I told him to just make a complaint to Bob evans corp. office. We finished our meal, and were going to order dessert, but then my second daughter went out to our car to get her cell phone to make a call. This sick manager was again "checking out" my daughter as she passed by... then when she came back in. my daughters are 16 and 18 years old!. I was now, very upset. When my family and myself go out to eat, we look for good service and a good meal. But watching that 50 sum year old man loking at my young daughters in that way, made me sick. We left and i hate to say it but i dont even think nwe tipped. Our service was great as well as our food, but I as a mother do not like to see an older man "stare" at my teens. My husband is still waiting to call and complain about this manager, and if he does not, i will soon. I reccomend not going to this place with your children after what i saw. Just sick.
    -Melissa Malovi of Livonia, MI

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  • Sh
    Shirley Oct 06, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What does it take to be a manager at Bob Evans. Last evening we were on our way back from down south where there are a lot of Cracker B arrels. We had eaten at several of them and when we got back to Ohio/Wva we decided to eat at Bob Evans because we really enjoy your food. We stopped at #0103 restaurant in Vienna, Wva. We sat for 15 minutes waiting for someone to wait on us then we sat there for another 30 minutes waiting on our food once someone did take our order. We received everything at the same time when we did receive it - rolls, salad, meal, etc. We asked to speak with a manager and when she came to our table we told her how we felt about the service and we weren't the only ones unhappy. There were a couple other tables in the same situation. Jessica was our server. The manager just said well I am sorry I will give you 20% off your bill. This is not the point - why wasn't this server qualified to do the job. She just walked around wasting time = like picking up a cup, picking up a tip and piddling around while customers were getting irritated. When we got up to the register to pay our bill several folks were there complaining about Jessica. When we paid our bill the manager was at the register and even tho she had told us she would take 20% off the bill that wasn't done either . But like I ssaid, this was not the point. This manager really didn't care about her employees or customers.

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