Bob Evansservice

I Aug 02, 2019

Good afternoon. My husband and daughter and I just left the Bob Evans on Westnedge Ave in Portage Michigan. We got there at 2pm and it is 7/28/2019. The hostess sat us and when we were sitting down the server that was working back there said this isn't my section. I'm about to be cut. She seemed to be quite angry and left that area and did t come back. As we sat and watched multiple tables be sat and greeted, no one ever and to our table. After 15 minutes I went to the hostess and asked to speak to the manager. When he approached he asked what he could do. I explained the situation and he said to go ahead and have a seat and he would send someone. As the waitress approached she seemed frustrated so we chose to leave because I do not want anyone to feel frustrated because they have to wait on us. When we were walking out we let the manager know why we were leaving and he was rude and said he was sending someone back there. It didn't seem like he even cared. His name was Ryan. I'm not sure what the rude waitress name was that refused to greet us because she was about to be cut but she had gauges in her ears and dark hair. I'm saying that to describe who it is because those things do not matter to me, I just couldn't see her name and I'm sure you can figure out who that was.
I'm not sure if we were refused service because we are black or what the reason that they chose to greet and wait one everyone but us, but this is unacceptable. Since the manager didn't seem to care I thought you may want to know how people are treated at the Bob Evans in Portage, Michigan.

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