Bob Evansbad food


Poor service. I was extremely disappointed as I hadn't experienced poor arrive from this restaurant before. I made my complaint and was sent coupons in the value of $20. Wow!!! The story doesn't end today(8/6/12) I decide to utilize those certificates. The service was fine. The waitress was attentive but within 20 minutes of eating there my fiance and I had become very I'll. We became quite nauseous first an then the vomiting and diarrhea came as well. It didn't stop there. With all those symptoms also came a great deal of abdominal pain. Needless to say...I will never eat at Bob Evans again!!!


  • Jb
    JBlazey Jan 28, 2014

    I certainly hope the symptoms subsided when the doctor informed you that it's anatomically IMPOSSIBLE to experience the first signs of food poisoning within 20 minutes of eating ! I must call bull snap on this one. Lol

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  • Lo
    Love food May 15, 2015

    Agree...the GI Tract doesn't function like that. Symptoms typically take hours and as long as a day to show. If it happened that quick you probably had an allergy to something you ate and don't realize you have that allergy. And as far as being mad at being sent compensation by the restaurant for a previous complaint...why would you complain about a corporation for wanting to send you coupons with an apology. You seem to like complaining just to complain.

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