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Today was the last day of my lease. I called Chase Financial several months prior to find out exactly what I needed to do with the car to prepare it for lease-end. I was informed that any BMW dealership could handle the lease return, so rather than choose the dealership I bought the car (~160 miles roundtrip), I chose the closest one, which was Escondido BMW, which was still 84 miles roundtrip.

My two small children were with me, and when I arrived on the lot, I pleasantly stated I was here to return the car--that the lease was up today, and that Chase Financial instructed me to bring the car into the dealership, fill out some paperwork, and that they (Chase Financial) would then pick the car up from BMW.

The sales managers I spoke with (Michael McCabe and Mike Lewis) immediately became defensive in tone and said that I couldn't bring the car to their dealership, and that I had to go to the one in Irvine, where I bought the car. Things escalated and it got to the point where I felt threatened, and I started to fear for my children's safety, because these two individuals were saying things like "you don't deserve to own a BMW", and literally THREW their business cards at me when I told them I was going to complain to BMW of North America for their lack of customer service. They then proceeded to lock me and my children on their lot, behind a gate. It was at that time my children began to cry. I was starting to panic, wondering what was going to happen to me and my children. Luckily, my brother was coming to pick us up, and he had arrived just in time. I am scared to think what might have happened. They finally unlocked the gate and let my children and me out, and then threatened to call the police for leaving the car (I was returning) on the lot, since it was private property.

I just do not know what to do about this whole situation. Please someone help me. My husband and I do not know where to turn.


  • Tt
    ttby Nov 06, 2009

    It's better to return the vehicle to the place where you origninally purchased it, I bought my BMW in Orange County and moved to San Francisco so taking it back to SoCal for the lease end inspection was out of the question. BMW of San Francisco did my lease inspection, told me the car looked perfect, that the only charge would be a disposition fee ($350) which would be waived if I got into another BMW within 6 months. 3 weeks later I recieved an invoice from BMW financial stating that I owed $1, 350 for excessive wear on two front tires ($200x2=$400) + $350 disposition fee + exterior damages $500 ( bumper stratches) under 2 inches. + tax. MAKE SURE THAT WHEN YOU RETURN YOUR BMW TO DO A GROUP INSPECTION!!! This means they dont send the car out to a 3rd party inspection company that will nickel and dime you for everything, which is what happend to me. If you are in the SF Bay area I would recomed either going to a dealership in the East bay or Penninsula, they are alot more proffesional and give you less attitude.

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  • Lj
    ljbabiy Aug 10, 2010
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    i bought a car that i believe is a lemon from bmw, it broke too many times and recently here in jacksonville, florida it stalled and i had Brian (service manager) sit in it to see the service engine light is on and the car was shaking not driving more than 20 mph, its a 335i, then i gave the car to him and it was taken in by my b/f just two weeks before and they falsely imput wrong information about what happened because they documented that we didnt want to wait and its not true we wanted the car diagnosed and we were told that the computer was reset but today i was told that nothing has been done because we didnt want to wait, its a lie, he waited for 5 hours. they are not taking accountability and responsibility for this car. they woud not give me a loaner and i didnt feel that they cared about what i had to say. i pay $700 a month for this car and it was very expensive and it has nothing but problems, ive complained about the navigation turning on/off since i bought the car for last two years and i have records and about the char comming out and this is the second time its dying on me. please help. loss of money, i cant go to work, i lost clients, i lost time, i cried today and im paying $700 for a car that i believe is a lemon.

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    lydiajb Sep 02, 2010
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    Thank you for this information. I just took the car again today because it wouldn't start and the navigation screen keeps turning off and on on its own and they said they can't duplicate the problem. Very typical I see. As far as my car not starting they said that they can't fix it because my tires are worn and the car is unsafe to be test driven. Unbelievable! I can't even imagine how they could do such a thing, they pressured me into purchasing new tires and I refused as I don't want to be putting more money out for a car that has so many problems. I feel like there is no hope and I'm stuck. I complained to BMW customer service and some guy 5 days later called me left a message and I called him back and he never called me again:( If you could do me a favor and leave me some contact information to the VP or the President of BMW, I will write letters before its too late. My warranty expires in 1500 miles :( This is my only car and I'm single mom, I think it wont last me more then a month. I am also wondering if anyone knows if there is an extended warranty available on these vehicles? Thanks much!!!

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  • Ja
    jay4563 Feb 03, 2011

    hey larrycousin, i have exactly the same clicking annoyinggggggggggggggggggggg sound on my 3 series 2.0 petrol coupe 2017 reg, and also other problems inlcuding shuddering and shaking at 1500rpm, at times engine won't even start. It has only done 40k miles yet BMW won't help at all. mother [censored]

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  • Ni
    Niket Arora Mar 14, 2011
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    To bring your kind attention towards my worst experience with one of your so called authorised dealer deutsche motoren pvt ltd (moti nagar)
    As in nov 2017 I had planned to buy a bmw 530d so when contacted your dealer deutsche motoren pvt ltd their rep. arnob bose committed me a discount on the car and as the color chose by me was not available with them at that point of time they promised me to arrange the car till jan 2017, took a cheque for the booking amount and made a booking for the 525d and insisted that I should rather buy as he wants to acheive his sales target of the month for which I refused and he had cancelled that 525 booking which I have never made and then issued me a new 530d booking amount reciept which I insisted on.
    Then in jan 2017 I asked the status of my car but didnt got any satisfied reply as they told its not in the prod and will get in march 2017
    Since then I visited their showroom in feb and he showed me in their records that booking amount along with the discount was deposited in my name on account of 530d
    Which was supposed to be manufactured on 11 march and now when I approached them with all the papers for processing they refused for any commitments being made by them and discount mentioned at the time of booking the car.
    From nov I have been waiting for a particular color of car and had booked it and now when the car has to be delivered they have refused for all the comitments just because I m being told that from 1st april bmw will raise the prices and they will sell to somebody else at a higher price this just shows the image of a company I have given cheque on behalf of bmw india not on the name of any sales person arnob bose I m very much surprised with this kind of treatment I m getting from ur dealer as it is just pre sales I m facing this kind of behaviour what will happen after sales.
    Nobody can trust the bmw anymore if your dealers are cheating people and collecting booking amount just to increase their sales these are very cheap business startegies coz it truly downgrade the reputation of the company
    Even contacted to gm amarjeet regarding this matter but didnt got any satisfactory result as they say they can cancel my booking anytime, just tell me I have been waiting from last 6 months for the car and now at the time of delivery such thing was not expected which was very much dissapointing as there are many other brands in the market but never heard of this kind of a thing happened and to my astonishment I wonder dont these people get the adequate sales or they have started to fool people coz its cheating rather would suggest you should cancel their dealership as they are just downgrading the image and reputation of bmw
    I have both the receipts of 525 which was intentionally made by him and was cancelled later on and my 530d along with paper on which he has mentioned the discount in his own handwriting

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  • Ck
    C. K. Stevens Jun 02, 2011

    I bought a brand new 2017 bmw 330i in january 2017 and have had nothing but problems with it—and none of these are covered by the extended warranty I purchased. My problems began within 4 months, with the "run-flat" tires—which I later found out last an average of only 30, 000 miles. Unfortunately for me, my tires have never made it that far—after 5000 miles I had my car in three times within a 2 week period and had to replace them twice, at a cost of $700 per trip. I have replaced these tires a minimum of five times in five years (And my car only has 56, 000 miles on it). Then there was the electrical system, which caused the battery to go dead when I was on winter vacations lasting more than one week. The most recent experience—today—is with the door locks which have had a fuse short out. Again, not covered by the extended warranty, and i'm out $775 once I get back in to pick up my car. To bmw: I loved my first one, and feel completely ripped off on this second one. There won't be a third.

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  • Ca
    Caligirl007 Jul 07, 2011

    I bought a 2017 bmw 328i in 2017. The bmw was certified pre-owned from the dealer w/less than 30, 000 miles on it. This was my first luxury car and I was so excited. Not to long after I bought the car the belt was squealing, I had to make an appointment and get it replaced. Soon after that the car would stall on me when I came to a stop, when I called about getting this fixed I was told that they couldn't get my car in for about a week and they didn't have any loaner vehicles, so I had to share a car w/my son... Soon after this the locks completely stopped working... The only door that would open was the driver side, I have children so everyone had to go in and out the drivers side, until I could get it into the dealer... After this I noticed the car was idling low and sputtering. The air conditioning handles broke off and I could no longer control which way the air blew. By now i'm sick of this cars problems, although I loved how it drove that didn't outweigh having to drive 35-40 min to the dealer were you had to have an appointment. I recently traded it in. I know all cars have problems here and there but it just seemed to be one thing after another.

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  • Dm
    dmann49 Feb 13, 2012

    I did my due diligence while negotiating a purchase of an m3 with vob bmw.
    Vob agreed to all of my terms and I with theirs.
    When I took delivery I noticed three issues I wanted resolved.
    1. A gasoline smell in the car.
    2. A broken cover in the trunk covering the amp
    3. Tool case missing.

    I was told all would be honored (I have emails to this affect).

    The gasoline smell ended up being a broken gas line, which I had repaired at a local station - it was closer to home than vob and with gas leaking I didn't want to chance driving the car. I was told I would be reimbursed... I have not.

    The cover has not been fixed or a new one sent to me as promised.

    The tools have not been replaced.

    Since taking delivery the car broke down several times and vob would not provide a tow. I was told to get it to the dealership; however I could not keep the car running.

    I got a rental, which I paid for, a total of four days. And I got the car to a local import shop.

    It turned out to be a damaged/modified air intake tube. This threw off the mass air sensor causing the car to stall.

    To date I have not been reimbursed for my expenses and phone calls and emails have not been answered.

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  • Do
    donovan black Mar 27, 2012

    I really do think alot of bmw dealerships are not taking control of the cars they are selling, i do have an issue where i was suppose to purchase a certified bmw, after having issues with the car i found out the care was not certified. i was also told there was only 1 owner after pulling the car fax the car had 3 different owners. i was told no accidents, the had an accident. The car had a transmission problem which i was told by the service manager the transmission was fine, when actually the transmission had a leak. I am in the process of obtaining a lawyer to get this issue resolved.

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  • Do
    donovan black Mar 27, 2012

    Very positive.

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  • dirkpitt Apr 21, 2013

    I have spent over $7000.00 at this dealers service department over the past 3 years on my bmw m5. On my last visit I did a walk around to see if there was any damage to the car. I could see none. Upon returning home. I jacked the car up to change wheels and noticed the front spoiler was damaged. It was not noticeable unless I got down on my knees and looked under the front spoiler. I called "dave hansen" service manager. I now call him mr. Insult. He began to tell me how stupid his customers are when they drive up inclined drive ways and scrape the front of their cars and don't know it. The he walked around my m5 pointing out how my car has a rock chip here and there and how it has 70k miles on it. His last words of insult were. "we are not going to pay for that to be fixed, do you understand " !! What I understand is, my business was 7 grand. My future business is worth nothing to him. The repair was so small the body shop included it in the repaint of the front bumper. They are the only bmw dealership in the state. This is why dave hansen has this take it or leave it attitude.

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  • Wt
    wtec Oct 27, 2014

    I went to look at a BMW 335XI, I asked about any known issues and they mentioned there is a noisy pulley they would fix and a few scratches they would buff out. They let me take it for a test drive during the course of the test drive the engine lost power and the warning light came on, fortunately i did not take it on the highway and in a few moments the power came back and the warning light disappeared. I drove straight back and they mentioned the error light should have stayed on and its nothing to worry about??!!

    In good fait I agreed to a credit application trusting they would resolve both the noisy pulley and check the computer for this error and put this right.

    The credit was processed and terms acceptable, i went back and noticed the pulley sound was still there but quieter (I guess they just greased it instead of replacing it), the scratches were still there, they were very insistent on purchasing a warranty. They also mentioned their mechanic found nothing on the error i described and yet a google search on this error describes a manfunctioning fuel pump for which there is a BMW recall. I walked away from this vehicle and would not purchase from Autozone.

    I also asked who performs thier Certified Pre-Owned status and who performs this - thier reply is it is an ex BMW mechanic who is employed by them. How can this be a neutral and fair Certified Pre-Owned status. This should be by an independent BMW or other mechanic with no association to the seller whatsoever.

    They also said if the warranty company fail to meet the claim they would take care of it, when i asked if they would put it in writing, they replied no.

    They sell dangerous vehicles, they are extremely dishonest, when purchasing something where your safety is at risk i would be more cautious against all dealers from now on, even if they are convincing as Peter (Iranian guy) on the first meeting.

    My advice to anyone is:

    1) Go for a test drive
    2) Have an independent check performed on the vehicle after a test drive so error codes that occur during the test drive are not erased
    3) Make sure that the seller agrees to fix everything found as a part of the advertised /agreed purchase price
    4) Wait for repairs to be completed with proof
    5) Only then apply for credit as each application hurts your rating
    6) Buy a diagnostic scanner like CarMD

    I'm sure they have sold good vehicles but the way they attempted to defraud me when they realised they had a lemon i will be using some common sense before purchasing a vehicle.


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