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Would you buy a brand new car that came with no quality assurance what so ever? If you are buying a BMW in Canada, you might just have done that... I am driving a two years old BMW that for the past two years can only gives me the worst kind of rough transmission shifting un-imaginable. Taking it to BMW Canada can only add to the frustration. Their customer service staff are trained to give out hollow promises like "Customers' satisfaction is the ultimate goal" or that they "won't stop until (I am) absolutely satisfied with the outcome". What they only have done, was gave out solutions that had limited and non-permanent results. They even told me that the fixing it over and over again is the only remedy available for me because according to their assessment, I was never in any danger. I didn't see them when I had my near misses. How about the "Ultimate Driving Machine"? It's not a guarantee, not even a promise, as my BMW was all along "performing as designed" and "within the manufacturer's standard". And that they can only do what the head office in Germany told them to do. "Ultimate Customer Experience"? You bet! I would never ever forget! You want to use the CANADIAN MOTOR VEHICLE ARBITRATION PLAN ( to take some responsibility to your hard earned money? Sorry, BMW doesn't believe its customers deserve any easy third party arbitrator that would spoil their agenda. BMW Canada is NOT a participant of CAMVAP because it’s not compatible with their business model. If you are reading this, make an informed decision. If you are reading this too late, good luck and I am here with you!


  • Di
    displayed days Oct 30, 2009

    i have a new car in the shop that has a defect from day one. they have not solved the issue and its over a week. this must be illegal.
    bmw canada is calling today with an answer. i will be fling a complaint with bbb. my last bmw for sure.

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  • La
    landscape Jun 03, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I leased a 2010 328i XDrive in the first week of January. That is five months I have suffered with this peice of crap. No sat radio. Three times, I have taken the car in. The last time they kept it for two days. I got the car back this afternoon 03/06/2010. And Wow, the radio turns on. But do you think you can program it? Another software issue from BMW. You would think the [censor]s would check all the functions befor bringing the car back to me.
    Back to soon as possible!

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  • Yi
    yij Feb 02, 2011

    I bought a new 335i XDrive in Feb of 2009. For some time now I've been having delayed starting problem so I took the car in for diagnosis at Budd's. Although they suspected high pressure pump (which I understand is notoriously prone to problems and BMW Canada has a notice out to dealers on this issue), it was not replaced. Instead they said I have a defective battery. So I said to please replace it under warranty. But you know what? They resfused saying that it was me that caused the batterry to go bad by listening to radio too much while the engine was turned off. Now what kind of excuse is that? A battery going bad because I "misused" the radio??

    Instead Budd's wanted to replace the battery at a cost of $450. Budd's also suggested I buy a trickle charger from them to keep it fully charged. What kind of [censor] would suggest running a trickle charger in 30cm of snow in -15 degree weather? On a supposedly well engineered car like a BMW?

    E class looks a lot more attractive now.

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  • No
    Norm Knutton Jun 16, 2011

    On the 9th of June my wife attended BMW Autohaus, 480 Steeles west for regular service on our 2009 BMW X3..
    It was learned that we required a rear tire and as a result the tire was replaced.
    Upon receiving the bill, we were charged $100 for the replacing of the tire.
    I contacted cutomer service and they offered me $46 re my complaint.
    I find it unacceptable to be charged $100 to replace a tire..

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  • Wo
    WorstexpierencewithbBMW May 16, 2012

    I bought a 2012 BMW X6 brand new. From the first sign of cold weather the car has stalled every morning since. I have had the car in the shop for 8 months and needless to say we are pissed. We have gone through 7 rental cars and all our patience. BMW has now called and told us we will be reimbursed 4700.00 dollars, of which I have told them to shove it as that is a complete insult of an offer seeing as the car has depreciated more in that time. The "executive" that made the decision to give us the sum instead of a replacement doesnt even have the balls to call us himself. I asked to speak to him and I was told executives dont speak to customers. This just tells you how grounded those square heads really are. Friends, Family and Neighbors have agreed they will never purchase a BMW ever again seeing the service we have received.

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  • Ji
    jiwei Jun 05, 2012

    I got new X3. it was not too much wrong the the first 7 month. But just for change a tire, it has been take about 2 weeks. I haven't got the tire replaced yet. I have been the services department twice. The first they just fill up the tire can tell me if it lose pressure, you just come back. they 3 days later, i call them back because of the flat tire warning show up. I book an appointment, in order to have the tire changed another 3 days later. During the Appointment, they spend a lot of to find the leak spot. Then they said they a kind of fixed the leak, but there is no that kind of the tire. I did faxed in my tire protection documents after the stupid appointment. Now it has been 4 days, i need to fill up the tire everyday. You don't believe it ! so am i ! I called them, but no one call me back about the next coming appointment. Come on, just a tire replace, do you need whole month?

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  • Ka
    Kate su Jan 22, 2013

    I purchased a used 740 I from performance BMW in St. Catharine's after a couple of months I started having major problems with the car, dynamic drive inactive, engine light, seatbelt light, airbag light all on. I have been stuck on the side of the road numerous times as the car won't go into gear, I took these issues to the salesman who sold me the car. He wasn't willing to help on the repairs, but instead tried to sell me another car which I found out when I got home and checked on the Internet was marked up by $ 8, 000 he basically lied to me about the price on the vehicle to offset the trade in. As a Realtor I find this dishonesty should not be allowed in the sales of cars as it would never be accepted in the sale of a home. Not only have I been sold a bad car but the customer servivce has been the worst I have ever had to deal with, I don't understand how they get away with this. Stay clear of performance, after the sale they don't know you.

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  • Ni
    nikolai_g Jan 23, 2014

    I have purchased X3 xDrive35i in August 2013. Since then we did about 5K km on it. The number of troubles I had with this car is insane comparing to the amount I paid for it. Yes, it is "free" for me, the service is good, they provide the replacement car etc. But my time, my wife's stress when the car dies on the road - how much does it cost? Currently my car is stuck at the dealership for 2 weeks because they need a part that is backordered from Germany. And I have got an X1 loaner which is simply too small for my family. And after they get it back to life there is another problem to take care - the rattling sunroof, the noise it makes when it is cold is very unpleasant. And this is a known problem, many people suffer from it. Hey, BMW, YOUR CAR IS A LEMON and I am hiring a lawyer to deal with it, not a technician.

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  • St
    stephenLe Apr 11, 2014

    BMW has poor customer service. I purchased the extended warranty from TC BMW for my MINI Cooper which covers up to 70 k km. When the car hit 50k km, it started breaking down every other month and every single time the item is not covered by warranty . I bought the most expensive extended coverage and it was advertised as bumper-to-bumper coverage. Later on, when I started facing problems, the dealership started telling me this is a 3rd party coverage and they are not liable. I tried to call BMW Canada for help, but got poor customer service from this rep named Kate, who claims that there's no escalation point and she would be the first and last manager I would be able to talk to. She talked to me as if I am not a BMW customer and told me there's nothing she can do for me because the BMW dealer has sold me a third party coverage. Her attitude was bad as well. I would have never expected such attitude from a luxurious car company. I am never buying a BMW again in my life.

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  • Kj
    Kjts Oct 11, 2014

    First and last bmw. There are too many issues to address in this forum, however in brief, if you bought a Lemmon, you will experience some of the finest dealership " lip service" imaginable. The depths of deceit is award winning! Lame excuses personified.Then, to add to your level of frustration, contact bmw Na customer (dis)service in an effort to rectify the issues. . Apparently they invented the practice of stonewalling. Finally, if you get though to bmw head office you will quickly recognize the term "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"! Take all your previous frustrations and multiply them by ten. These executives(?) really are a shamefully arrogant and an exceedingly condescending, dishonest lot.
    In summation, if you have never owned a bmw, and have reasonable expectations of quality, reliability and integrity, DON'T WALK, RUN!!!

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  • Gc
    GCASCINI Nov 13, 2014

    having bought an x6 figuring buying a luxury car of that caliber one would not have to worry about problems, little did i know what i got myself into, where to begin, after 4 days of having the car i had to call bmw canbec in montreal to advise them that i had no heat from the heaters, was told to buy a trickle charger to charge the battery, that was the least of my problems, i had 30 pages of work orders in the 2 years i kept the car, from engine problems to transmission to sun roof never closing, to tail gate opening on its own, i had put 22k on the car when i brought the car back in the last time they keptr the car 2 months before they finally fixed it, on calling bmw canada their response to me was, did they give you a courtesy car, sure an x1, while i am paying for an x6, the last visit to Canbec BMW was the last time, contacted consumers protection, along with the bbb, sent letters to BMW CANADA, and BMW NORTH AMERICA in Newjersy,
    after lengthy conversations with BMW CANADA an arangement was made for me to give back the car, through a voluntary release and surrender form that they BMW CANADA provided, once signed i figured the matter to be over and done with, now i should mention that this all happened back in February of 2014, now we are in the month of November 2014, and little to my surprise, i was in the middle of purchasing a range rover, when i was told that my credit is no good, BMW CANADA not only took my car back, but they stiffed me on my credit bureau, for a loss of 14000$ that they sold the car at auction, beware you are never going to win even if you are 1000% right all that matters to BMW CANADA is the bottom line $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, we are only a # to them what they tend to forget is that without us #'s they are not where they are today, BMW--- BUS METRO WALK-----

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  • Aj
    Aj_S Jan 23, 2015

    On Oct 14 get a letter regarding a recall for airbag from BMW. After fixing an appointment with the local dealer for Dec 4, get a call on Dec 2 saying "sorry, we don't have the part, we will call you as soon as we get it". Jan 22, 2014 call BMW Canada Customer Service to inquire o the status. Rep cheekily says "It is not BMW's problem, it is a third party part supplier!". Then refuses to transfer to a supervisor - claims he's the manager. If it is a recall, shouldn't you prioritize it. Over 3 months and BMW still doesn't have any idea of when the part will arrive!

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  • Bm
    BMW customer service ZERO Jun 26, 2015

    Made the biggest mistake of my life leased a 328SI bmw 2013. 4 year lease. Customer service has been nothing but S*** to say the least. manager at langley location is an arrogant tool. He doesn't care if you are customer or who he is talking to. Has no respect for anyone.
    1) took car in for servicing first time. Got dropped off at willowbrook mall. was told 1.5 hours later our shuttle will come grab you and ur car should be done. 2.5 hours later i called beacuse i was to start work at 730pm. We will send shuttle they say. so total 3 hours i'm back at the shop. See a guy walking by and shoving sandwich in his mouth, receptionist asks if my car is ready..which one is it he asks her. "oh we havent even started on this car yet." Outstanding service. GOt 20+++ bs excuses why. I was so angry. Talked to some heather chick was useless. They didn't care. gave me my car. Didn't wash it, said " iwas in a hurry so didn't vacumm it either." Even if so, "they only do drivers side and passenger side that's it." Great customer service.
    2) Car had to go in again, but hey we will come get your car. Great book a date and time. COnfirmed my address with two diff people. Told them i have an appt at 130pm for chiropractor. No worries they tell me we are BMW the best friggin customer service kind of ppl ever! NOT!!!

    Get a call at 1250pm. Hi miss i am outside your house. I look down from my patio and say where? And if i own a house please bring the documentation because i'll take the house over my condo. They went to someone elses house. I missed my appointment. Got charged $65.00 from chiro's office. CANT TYPE WORD I WANT!!! But again they don't care.

    Wait wait...when they returned my car they washed it this time and gave me a water bottle with a bmw label on it.

    I called BMW langley. spoke to Darryl who was fantastic. agreed they dropped the ball and was very apologetic abou same. I talked to the manager Ali not sure what is his last name is starts with a J. WOW what a pri**!!! arrogant, unprofessional a**. Did not care about any of the above. asked me what i want him to do "fire his staff." He was not sorry, not apologetic and it was almost like it was the norm for him to get these calls and just treat ppl like we are nobodies but when seling they are your best friend. Disgusted by this man!!!

    3)This year i took my car in to boundary location. I called night before saying i am doing a night shift. Can i drop it off after night shift. I dont need a loaner car because i'm going home to sleep. No problem, they say, come in, drop keys, we will drop you home and your car.

    Thought diff location might get better service not thinking it's still BMW. I get there at 745am. here is a buzzer have a seat, they will be with you in 20minutes. after a 12 hour shift wowzers. I said i spoke to someone last night can i just get a ride which is 2 blocks away from the dealershi[ p home.

    Had to wait 30min for shuttle. Guy dealing with me said sorry we can't drop your car off. You have to wake up 3 hours later and come get it. I said i was doing you guys a favor by not taking the loaner car bc i was going to sleep anyways. Can't you just drop it off. Nope argued with me for another 10min. An hour later i got a ride home from this nice lady. She began to tell me that they are a**holes, treat their staff like crap, they work short staff all the time and get paid nothing. she asked me to write about my concerns to BMW canada. LOL. She said that was unacceptable how they spoke to you and you are not the only one. they talk to everyone like that. The recpetionist at bmw got out of her chair to tell the sales guy that we have to drop her off and pick her up and told me not to worry that i will get my car brought to me while he argued. DOUCE!!!

    4) I wanted to get out of my 4 year lease. I called Bmw canada and got a 2 month rookie sales person on the phone.

    Drove out to langley in traffic 2hours sat with him for 3 hours. Angry and pissed iwth my entire day wasted on garbage.

    So have 21 months remaining on lease. BMW has left me with such a disgusting foul taste in my mouth with their outstanding service that i want to get out of this partially bc of that and secondly due to financial stress.

    they tried to cell me a 2011 honda civic ex, 85, 000km, $2000 accident claim, rusted rims, scuffed rims for balloon financing for $378 a month payments, ding me $5070 for negative equity from the lease plus i will after 5 year financing the car pay them $5000 more so in total for a 2011 honda civic basic model $27, 500 taxes in for a 2011 model. I almost fell for it. Was so annoyed, angry and just wanted lower payments and they knew i wanted out. Over and over it wasn't making sense to me i told the sales guy. asked them to lower price of honda. we are discounting this for you because you are our customer he kept saying...give ma a friggin break bmw doesn't do anything for their customers it's all about them and their job and mking MONEY from people.

    the rookie typed out a contract stating "i am not forced into this contract, i contacted bmw to ask them to get me out of my lease and i asked for the honda civic and understand this agreement." I crossed it all out and said no i did not ask for the civic and no i dont understand it. It's illegal to get anyone to sign a typed out document saying i agree and won't coomplain about whatever bc im getting into it on my own.

    I did start signing the papers and correcting the odometer reading that they up'd by 5, 000 o n my car for some strange reason and crossing out extra hidden charges. Added other fees in there that they didn't tell me about. I got up, asked for my keys and THE PRIC* came out the manager. He said "I know you and i talked to you before." Not stating that we screwed up with your car many times and what can i do to help you with this process or make it easier or explain it so you can have a better understanding. He was rude!!! very rude!!!

    Such an a**! I called him a pric* and told him i didnt want to deal with him. He turned around and said "i'm not seling you the car." lol. I asked for my keyes back. Had to wait 20 min for that bc they already took the plates off and had to ge the guy to put them back on.

    Brought the bmw back home. I am so glad that i didnt get caught up in a 5 year plan with them again and pay $27000 for a 2011 honda civic with rusted/scuffed wheels/rims that had 84, 000km on it and 5 years later pay them $5000 more on top of that. NO thanks.

    I'm just in a very tight place financially and made a very poor decision leasing this car for the first time in my life.

    Feel better after br inging it home. $600 a month for 21 more months $12, 600 over $27, 000 plus $5000 not thanks BMW i will NOT give you any m ore of my money!!

    YOu give s**service!!! I am not shocked to read all the posts on their service. These people are brutal when it comes to customer service...esp this arrogant manager of theirs.

    or maybe it's me that my expectations are so hight i was told by one guy. For a luxury car company i should not except this.

    Honda gives amazing service

    0.1/10 worst customer service i have ever experienced in my life.

    Digusted with BMW . icing on the cake. They were badmouthing the staff they got rid of. said we are trying to better our service and we got rid of the bad weeds i was told. Krystal in finance being one. I was not shocked at all from this comment about them talking about they ex staff this way. esp from a 2 month rookie sales person.

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  • 65
    650i Nov 23, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have bought a BMW 650 model 2014, 0 milage from Vancouver. The car itself is amazing, but the service provided is terrible. During the 2 years that i have had this car, whenever I need annual services or if it has any issues I'll go to the BMW branch on Burrard, and its sad to say that not even once have they provided me an even somewhat decent service. All they do is fix the technical program in the car not anything else so after a few days I will have the exact same problem as I have had before I took it to get 'serviced'. The most recent time I've been there which was during this month, I had to leave two messages before getting an response and then when I took the car on time they spoke very rudely and after calling twice during five days to check up on my car I have still not received any callback. Unfortunately after these experiences i will never buy a BMW from Canada again.

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