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BMW Nuvi 8 Seriesslow, maps deleted, customer service?

1. Unit is generally slow to load and respond at times. No solution to fix: "It's just the technology."
2. During the map update (Feb 2011) my maps were deleted. Four days later I am still trying to get it fixed. Call the 800 number, explain the problem, get transferred to the "special" desk, get transferred to the software desk. Now they want me to hold for 20 more minutes when I've already spent 4 hours on the phone with these people! Seriously?

Would not recommend this process with a problem like this. They should have a queue or move to the front of the queue or something similar.

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    Bmw Sytner Leicester — repeated pdc failures/frequent visits

    Over last 10/11 months I have made 6/7 visits for repairs/correction of faults with PDC failure during last...


    BMW X5computer malfunction

    MIT computer on my x5 failed. The car has been in the shop for two and a half weeks. My dealer is not at fault. The car has 3000 miles. I have been in touch with customer service of BMW, and they are unable to tell me the status of when a new computer will be arriving from Germany. In fact they are completely in the dark about the computer they state that they do not handle any situation on parts coming out of Germany. The lemon law is my only solution.

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      BMW of Readingpoor customer service

      Inquired about purchasing vehicle from dealership. Told i could get financing with no money down and asked to submit a credit application. Then told I would need money down!! Salesperson named Michelle Grim was rude and never returned phone calls. i backed out of deal entirely due to poor customer service.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        BMW service centre of Alexandria, VAreturn my car without any committed service and flat tyres

        I had the worst service I ever have today at BMW of Alexandria. I dropped my X3 3.0i at this service centre at 9:30 am on 01/31/2011 for oil service and replacment of driver side light bulb. I was told these service would be done in just 3-4 hrs and this appointment was made like alomost 3-4 days ago. However, I was told a lot of things needed to be changed at 3:00pm and also the oil service could not be done on that day. I had to use my own car on the other day so I asked them please to help pn it. When I went there, I was told the oil service was still not done and even the bulb did not be changed, because the oil pump is broken and they run out of bulbs!!!

        Anyway, I picked up our car without any committed service, but after drive around 1 mile, my gf and me found the car had something wrong. We pulled over and found our car had at least 2 flat tyres!!! How can a service centre return cars with flat tyres !!! and I swear to God those tyres were totally in good condition before I sent it to the service.

        I tried to call back to the service centre but they were closed then (7:11pm), so I had to call my insurance company to send a toll car, we waited at the car in 30 degrees in the night and starving for 2 hrs to toll and drop my car at another service place ( no BMW anymore). I am really pissed off by them! Please anyone give us any suggestions on how to complaint them effectively, they have the worst attitute to customers I had ever experienced. Thanks.

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          • Ra
            randogrando Feb 01, 2011

            Don't feel bad my wife bought a new BMW several years back, I begged her not to at the time, because I have never had good expirence with them, maybe after all the problems she has had with them, she will rethink it on her next vehichle and yeah a lot of it is sevice, usally they are the only ones in town so they can charge what they want and do the work when they want.

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          BMWto get the spar parts warranty my car still in workshope for more than 45 days

          Many of the problems we are experiencing as clients of bmw in saudi arabia
          Unfortunately, a lot of people have not known a real methods or ways to send their complaints about the worst services and inaccurate diagnoses and non-commitments provide the bmw exclusive dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors)
          this dealer have a very bad customer services they do not have real skills for the bmw clients as additions to lies repeated to meet their commitments as deadline dates and examination is not accurate and do not abide by the deadlines in addition to dealing in an unsatisfactory manner with clients
          and the large confidence of bmw in a critical situation by almost saudi people,
          Due to poor management of work and lack of attention, respect, truth to bmw clients as it is well known to a lot of people in saudi arabia
          The following is my complaint with mohammad yousuf naghi motors who is the exclusive dealer for bmw cars in saudi arabia (riyadh city).
          and my complaints have not been solved since 11/28/2010 till now 1/12 / 2011
          Iam hadi from saudi arabia, riyadh, I have a bmw car 'bmw x5 modle 2004' (chs # lu 51333)

          In saudi arabia, we must deal with the exclusive dealer of bmw in saudi arabia called mohammad yousuf naghi motors
          Saudi arabia accordingly:
          This exclusive dealer has a very long time consuming for a process of an inspection or maintenance which exceeds 30 days for a simple inspection and periodic maintenance as I had been informed since I got my car for a simple problem inspection and they told me its better to do it outside because no less than 30 days to accomplish your car maintenance. because of that:

          1. i took my car to another specialized maintenance shop because of the obstacles I had met as usual (long period of time required for car inspection) as bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) said.
          2. due to poor management of work and lack services, attention to customers bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) particularly in the maintenance department as it is known to all the saudi people ( (of the reasons for the reluctance of the saudi citizen to deal with bmw) , which prompted me to search for a replacement specialist in maintenance so that I can maintain my car.

          3. referring to what has been mentioned in paragraph (1 & 2) :
          I had brought my bmw car ( (chs # lu 51333) to a workshop specialized in the maintenance of bmw has found a malfunction in the piece called (airspring strut f) which had been purchased from the bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) in ksa riyadh

          (airspring strut f [protected]) a copy of item purchase bill is available.

          1. the new part (airspring strut f [protected]) found to be defective (defect) ) that have been purchased from bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) in ksa riyadh)
          3. bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) progress to ensure the validity of new spare parts and to activate the warranty and replace the piece.

          3. when I request the return of the defective part because of the imbalance manufacturing, the bmw dealer told my that:
          To take the warranty advantage to exchange defective parts provided by the auto parts bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) in riyadh - saudi arabia) they informed me that:
          You shod bring the car to the naghi shop as a prerequisite to activate the defective parts warranty.

          Based on the above mentioned reasons:

 11/28/2010, my car had submitted to the exclusive dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) maintenance shop a
          5. the dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) informed me that:
          The real time to accomplish the car maintenance will be on sunday, corresponding to 12/12/2010, and be sure you will be able to receive the car by that date (12/12/2010)

 (12/12/2010) , I went to the dealer workshop (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) as the promised date to receive my car and unfortunately they informed me that
          The inspection and maintenance procedures are still ongoing and will require more time. (later on: I had discovered that == my car is still outside of the workshop is not checked) === (: he is lying in his information, how can I trust you) ) attached a picture of a car while standing outside the workshop.

          8. on monday 12.13.2010 I went to the dealer workshop (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) they told me that the inspection and maintenance procedures are still ongoing and will require more time.
          9. on tuesday, 14/12/2010, 8:30 am
          I received a call from the dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) to tell me that the car will be getting in the maintenance shop right now and will let you know the problem of the car later.
          real evidence of that the care had not been checked before and it was in the parking as I see later and I have an attached photo for that?

          10. on wednesday, 15/12/2010, the dealer workshop (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) informed me that the car has not been completed so far.
          and another problems being noticed in the car (link hose is must be changed) and locally is not available so will be requested from the company bmw in germany, and delivery will take about 10 days starting from saturday (12/18/2010).


          11. on sunday, 25.12.2010 I went to the bmw dealer workshop (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) and they told me that the requested part delivery application was sent to bmw in germany two days ago which meets (21/12/2010) why?? (different time than the previous commitment date, ==== see the related paragraph # 10)

          12. on the date of 29.12.2010, I went to the bmw dealer workshop (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) they told me that:
          The requested part arrived from germany and we will complete the installation process this day and because of the proximity of the weekend, your car will be ready to submit to you in 01/01/2011

          13. I went to the bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) on thursday, 06/01/2011 at 10:00 am and I met the workshop representative mr. (walled) who told me the installation completed but the care is still in the workshop and its not ready.

          14 I telephoned the bmw dealer workshop (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) on saturday, 10/01/2011 and they answered me that we will call you afternoon situation but they did not (as usual) )
          So I went to the bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) on that day afternoon and they told me that

          New problem in the car which is a leak in some hoses, but they could not diagnosis exactly the problem so far and they will perform re-examination process in order to figure out the source of the problem (leakage of oil. ) (i could not believe them but shall I do)

          15. on tuesday, 1/11/2011 I was contacted by the bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) to tell me the following:

          your car mr. hadi having a malfunction in the computer and fix a bug (alleged) and to resolved that I shall pay amount of sr 5000 (about $1333)

          How? why? where is bmw credibility / confidence

          I had entered my car to the bmw maintenance shop the bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) as a company process to activate the defective party warranty procedures in order to replace it
          Instead of that the bmw dealer (mohammad yousuf naghi motors) worked on the manipulation and trickery ways for unknown reasons
          Because they used to do same as with many clients (almost all saudis people knows about it)

          The issue has become (trail and errors) laboratory experiments and what I have met is not related to a degree of professionalism as bmw clients deserved

          Hadi mohammed alanzi
          [protected] ext: 12235 or ext: 12276

          Saudi arabia, riyadh
          Mansour. [protected] (my frind email)

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            • Om
              Omar_in_Riyadh Mar 20, 2011

              I agree. There should be more than one dealer in Saudi Arabia to ensure better service through healthy competetion.

              Reseller Monopoly should not be allowed. German car manufacturers should take the initiative to ban exculsive distribution rights. US car manufacturers do not allow exclusive rights in Saudi Arabia and we can see that sales for American made cars are doing very good considering their lower quality.

              People should have alternative choices when it come to car dealers in Saudi Arabia.


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            • At
              Attlee Jun 03, 2016

              I have just been told by BMW that once your car is older than 2 years and breaks down, you are toast, even if it is under motorplan. You have to wait for them to source parts from their supliers and this can take for as long as it take. In the interim, they will not provide you with a courtesy car.

              I have been waiting 3 weeks without a car. Previosusly, it took two months to fix my car MCoupe. Did the subprime mess take DHL with it?

              Am I just unlucky or has anyone ever experienced such a thing?

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            • An
              andy Jun 03, 2016

              i bought a 2004bmw 118 from a private dealer. it came with a 6 month warranty. after 5 months the abs light came on, so i rang the warranty and took the car for diagnosis. the car had only done 25000 miles. i was advised that the part needed was the whole abs unit which costs £1200 plus vat plus labour. the warranty covered £500 worth of repairs. i rang my local bmw dealer and asked for a gesture of good will as i really felt that such an expensive part should last a lot longer than 25000miles and bmw had a prestigeous and reliable reputation. i was horrified by their response. they told me they could do nothing for me as it was bought from a 3rd party dealer and it had a 3rd party warranty and that i had shown no loyalty to them by buying it from a 3rd party dealer. i found the response unbeleivably arrogant and concluded that bmw's reputation is a false one. they are just over priced tin cans on wheels. my mechanic has informed me that the part cannot be sent away for re-programming and it needs a new one. his suppliers can only reprogramme bosch parts. he has trawled the internet looking for someone that can reprogramme this unit but has ben unsuccessful.he is looking into another option which may save me approximately £500 but i would still need to take it to a bmw dealer to have this alternative part programmed but i am unsure of the expense for this at this stage. he informs me that bmw design these parts in a way that make it as difficult as possible for 3rd party mechanics to repair. it seems that bmw want to make it impossible for people to go anywhere for repairs but themselves. if you need more information feel free to call me anytime on [protected]

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            • Pe
              Peter Brooks Jun 03, 2016

              We're having a similar problem at the moment, they've taken three days trying to fix our airconditioning with no courtesy car.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            BMW X5 Abu Dhabi Motors And BMWe Middle East Agmcfaulty transmission on brand new car

            December 30, 2010

            Mr mark lobbecke

            Sales manager
            Abu dhabi motors
            Khalidia showroom
            Abu dhabi, uae

            Mamdouh khairallah
            Regional manager - dubai & northern emirates

            Dubai (direct): [protected]
            ...sharjah(direct): [protected]
            E-mail: [protected]
            Wolfgang ecker
            National service manager

            Phone: [protected]
            E-mail: wolfgang.[protected]
            John arnold
            Branch manager

            E-mail: john.[protected]

            From: [protected]
            To: [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; [protected]; wolfgang.[protected]; john.[protected]

            Bmw x5 complaint letter, cancellation and refund of purchase, insurance and bank loan
            Date: tue, 28 dec 2010 10:47:06 +0000
            Bmw middle east
            Agmc dubai
            Sheikh zayed road

            You are receiving this communication from an extremely irate purchaser of a brand new bmw x5 2011 model which after a few days turned out to be a defective car with a faulty transmission attached to extremely poor after sales management by bmw.

            To cut a very long story short, i purchased a bmw x5 2011 model for my wife from your khalidia showroom in abu dhabi.

            I had not been attended to for quite a while and was preparing myself to leave the showroom, and it was only because of the welcome given to me by mr nael haidary in your sales department when he came over and was keen to help us find the car that we want to purchase for my wife.

            We received the car from your showroom, and my wife drove it for only 2 or 3 days before she called me terrified from her “new” car saying there’s a major problem with the car, there’s a very loud noise coming from the car while she was driving it, and a message on the dashboard saying “faulty transmission” pull over immediately and contact your nearest bmw centre.
            We called your company, and asked them to come and collect the car but they refused, saying the car is operational, so we have to drive it to umm al nar.
            This was definitely a very bad start.
            I insisted that they come collect it but they said no the car is operational so i reluctantly agreed.
            The next day i found only a few minutes during my day and said ok i’ll take the car there to umm al nar, …. i entered the car to start the engine: nothing… did not start…
            So, i called the bmw khalidia again and also spoke to umm al nar and eventually they arranged a tow truck to come and take the car.
            They took the car, and the next day i told them in khalidia to replace the car.
            They said we need to speak to management.
            The reply came that sorry we will repair your vehicle.
            I said no, i want you to replace it with a new one.
            They said no.
            The next thing i tried to compromise by saying ok let’s upgrade to a more powerful car, they said ok but you have to pay 108, 000 dirhams more because the car is registered, and so the car “depreciated" in value and instead of it being 340, 000 it’s value is now 270, 000 but we can give you a better price= 287, 000
            Of course anyone reading this letter would assume that if i were to agree to these terms i would be a serious idiot.
            So therefore at this point in time i have decided that i do not want your car and i want you to return my money and cancel the purchase.
            I do not want to deal with your company ever again and rest assured i will not let this issue rest before all my demands are met.
            I have received credible commentary from several persons including lawyers with considerable knowledge regarding my issue, and they have hinted that your company must have knowingly sold me a defective vehicle.
            In a small market like abu dhabi and the uae, reputation and word of mouth is key to business. no need for me to elaborate on what that implies..
            I am sure your mother company in germany is concerned about their reputation in this small but lucrative market.

            Therefore, i demand that you cancel this purchase via a full refund to me, and cancel all documents pertaining to the car and also cancel all documents regarding the bank loan at abu dhabi islamic bank and also refund to me the car insurance from the insurance company.

            In view of the above, i reserve the right to contact my lawyers in due course if a positive response to my demands are not met at the earliest.

            Best regards
            Dorian el-khoury
            My email [protected]

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              • Wi
                Wilson Fr Apr 25, 2011
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I fully agree with the lady who purchased the car. The car should have been replaced or else she must get her full refund. If she has to go to the court I will full suppot her. The car has a good reputation. I myself was thinking of going for BMW but looking at the service and the attitued - have declined.


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              • Mr
                Mr. Abdulla Nov 22, 2011

                I am very surprised to read this! I totally agree with the car owner. This is the least you would expect when buying a brand new car! BMW Abu Dhabi seems to be way below expectations if their services are at that level. It would be good to hear from them to see the other side of the coin. However, this looks very legitimate. BMW should be ashamed of this!

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              • Ma
                masarra Nov 04, 2012
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                i have a problem with my 650 bmw i, since i purchased it back in april i have been having the same repeated complaint that has been neglected and different excuses each time. my problem showed in the 7000km, it was concerning my left front tire that was creating a vibrating sense in the entire car. i immedeatly reported it to the bmw representative and he told me that its not a problem and that they will look into it when i bring it in for my 1st service and not to worry. i took it to its 1st service and commented on it and was told everything fine just tyres needed regular pressure checking every 10days as its a sport car run flat, didnt sound convincing to me but i thought they know better. but i was assured that everything was fine and that the sdervice was complete and car and tyres in perfect condition. so i released the c ar, it happened to be on the weekend i was driving far distance to ras alkhauima, when the trembling vibration got stronger so i pulled into the nearest gas station with tyre service and showed the technician and he told me how was i driving on such a bad tyre that was all eaten up and needed immedeate changing. i was shocked and surprised cause i had just released the car the day before and was assured everything perfect. i immedeatly called up the service and gave them a piece of my mind and was transfered to the manager of the service in abu dhabi who assured me, it could happen and that i wouyld have to change the tyre and to bring them the receipt and they will work something out. i paid around 3500dhs on a new tyre and took the receipt and the destroyed old orginal tyre to the agency, and they insisted it wasnt a default and that they wouldnt compensate me, cz they dont have warranty on tyres. for gods sake, it was a new tyre that hadnt done 7k when i compained?!! any way to cut the debate i swallowed it and insisted they revist and investigate the other 3 and assure that everything was ok in all 4 as i have small kids that ride with me in the car and didnt want to take any chances in jeopardizing their safety for the world. once again i took their word that all was fine, however, i kept feeling the trembling vibration increase, so i took it back 4 more times and every time i am assure it was air pressure, which by the way i started to djust every 3-5 days as the tyres wouldnt keep the air in them. again in 2nd service i repeated the complaint and finally i was told that yes there was a problem and to resolve it i would need to change all 4 cz there was a problem from the same front left side tyre i had changed before. well excuse me if they dont have the qualified technicians tat can address the problem when reported then its not my problem and they need to change all 4 four me for free, of course they refused and i am not taking no for an answer.

                i even tried to resell it back to them because i was fed up of complaining, after 2months and less than 20k on the km, they gave me 350k AED, FOR A car i purchased just 2 months ago for 500k... that id a clear wrip off if you ask me and am not stupid or filthy rich to accept

                so now if i sell am in severe loss, and if i dont they wont fix my car wich am worried will create more problems if not resolverd soon

                when i took my car for service the 2nd time i was over heard by a customer who had the same issues and was sold the same excuse. so its not just me and others. i have repeatedly asked for my job card and action taken and was rejected stating that as the car is under warranty it was theior property and i couldnt have copies?! well then get the dumb thing fixed then so i wouldnt care less if you didnt

                if this issue isnt resolved by bmw i will have to press charges in due time even if i spend thousands on a cout case i will not be made a fool out of by a highly reputed company

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              • Ge
                Gehad ElGhazali Jan 19, 2013

                Today I went to get service for my car BMW750LI 2011, I was shocked that I can't make any service to my car in Abu Dhabi. The reason: BMW imported from the US are different and can't be serviced in Abu Dhabi. ???Engine is different, spare parts are different and tools to be used for repair are different????? How come!

                I worked in Sweden and I imported a BMW from Germany and I had the best service ever in Sweden (had different specifications in 1998). I moved in June 2012 from the US to Abu Dhabi and I don't know that the culture is different when it comes to servicees.

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              • Hj
                H. Jabour Jan 26, 2013
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Truly disappointing. I own an X5, 2008, (4.8) with less than 70, 000 km up until now. In my opinion, the problem is not with the car but I really believe it is the dishonesty of the dealers and/or lack of proper training of their personnel.
                In Saudi, Jeddah to be more precise. One of the reasons that I purchased a BMW versus others is the reputation of the family that has the BMW agency and I was assured by the dealer at the time of purchase of the services provided by their organization. Well, unfortunately, none of it is right. Furthermore, and concurring with one of the above emails, I believe it is the culture and the society that makes a difference. In the U.S. the dealer service division checks the situation gives you the report, a straight answer and get on with the procedure and with your life. At the very least, I don’t feel that someone is taking me for a ride. Contrary to what I face here, not to mention you need a “Wastah” just to get your car on their schedule. What a shame. A very, very frustrated and regretful BMW owner but lucky me not for long.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              BMWyour dealer bad service in egypt

              You car is an excllent I realy like it, also I'm willing to buy a car in Egypt, I have now BMW 320I rented,
              Really the only things could change my mind is the avalibilty of service center in Egypt
              You have only two center serving Cairo, if you try to book time for service it is not less than two weeks
              I was trying to book time to day they give me Jan 18th, this really bad for BMW dealre in Egypt
              in addition to prize of your spare part, that 's why comparing to Mercedes, it is more competitve in every thing specailly the speed of service and spare part price
              Ahmed Mohamed Fatht
              GE/Regional Quality Leader /Middle east & Africa +[protected]

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                • Ma
                  Maged Mossad Oct 10, 2012
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I bought 320i in 2009 in 2010 some one broke glass sun roof so i bring it to Bavarian service center to replace it, after two weeks i received my car with new glass sun roof and nonworking air condition, i back to engineer in service he was sorry about that and he recharge the air condition with Freon gas, after i drive a car first day i smell bad smell in cabin when i call him he told me their is a defect in inner air condition coil (sarbantina) and i must take it to nearest service agent to replace it because its still in warn-tee.
                  i take my car back to ABOGHALY service agent with description of air-condition and Freon Gas leakage fault they repair it without replace inner coil (sarbantina) .
                  two weeks later bad smell return again inside cabin which mean Freon Gas leakage, i take car bake to ABOGHALY service agent and they repair it again and they told me that they replace inner coil (sarbantina ) i still smell Freon inside cabin when i told them they said that will be some time then will stop.
                  one year later and after warn tee end the bad smell back again which mean that there is Freon gas leakage again and in one month the air condition stop working.
                  aim sure that its not my car fault because from the begging the car enter to replace sun roof and air condition with very good when entered, aim really not satisfied with BMW service agent in Egypt they try to reduce cost of service by repairing faulty parts .and after warn tee you must pay much to replace on your own cost.

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                • Am
                  Amany William Soriel Jul 20, 2013

                  Dear customer care
                  I am Amany William Soriel the Facility Manager of EBIC Co. (Egyptian Basic Industries Corporation) one the biggest ammonia company in Ain Sukhna – Egypt. In 2011, we did a purchase order for 6 BMW cars + 20 VW + 3 Mercedes for the Managers and Section Head use. Since 2011, we are suffering in the BMW agencies service, I apologize if I say that it is very poor performance and every time we are deciding to buy numbers of the company cars, we don’t recommend the BMW cars for this issue.

                  The last case we have it and we are very furious and very angry, one of our car has been sent to Katamia Agency at 25th May for accident happened and we sent AIG rep. to cover the expenses and usually we are paying cash money to the agency and get the invoice to settle it with the insurance company. The problem now that nobody answer the phone or give us solution even the customer care don’t care at all, for one week they was promising us to give us the last status of this problem or how to solve it but never answer us back.

                  The car 316i- production 2011- Plate No. 35375 – Chassis No. 958097- Black colour. This car belongs to the Technical Manager of this Company, how we can accept this situation and he has to go forth and back from Cairo /Ain Sukhna Plant every day?

                  Pls advise how we can manage this issue.

                  Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

                  Amany William | Facility Manager |
                  Egypt Basic Industries Corporation
                  First Industrial Zone, North West Gulf of Suez Ain Sokhna, P.O. Box 318, Suez 43111, Egypt
                  Tel.: (+[protected] | Fax: (+[protected]) | Cell: (+[protected]) Email : amany.[protected] Web Site:

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                BMW Financial Services Leasing - Mini — incorrect normal wear & tear assessment

                I leased a mini cooper from main line mini aka bmw financial services lease, at the end of my lease bmw hired...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                BMW 320ipoor reliability

                How poor the quality and reliability on bmw 320i built in china!! It's a shame at all. The car in the terrible condition on following issues. Guys, do not buy bmw...
                1. Engin stop while making the turns. It starts to present this reliability problem from 3-months of car receiving from baoxin dealer in shanghai, china. It sucks. There was a time... Engin stops in the speed of 80 km/hour and almost hitted by a bus. You know how I feel??? Terrible and terrible. While talking with the manager, his bad attitude is sucks.
                2. Consume the engin oil in very soon: from the kilometer number about 40, 000, the engin consumes the oil in very soon. I need to add
                1 liter engin oil in every 1, 500km runs.
                ** the car has been investigated and examed several times, but the report never shown to me. Poor service in no react, no response, no root causes analysis.
                ** now I am still awaiting their reply for almost 6 months.
                **i am responsile for all my words here, you are welcome to contact me at chiu. [protected] Tw

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction

                  Dear sir,

                  I have received an official prize winning notification and when I tried to furnish the required information there has been error messages. Its very painful that such things are being passed on to normal and average human beings who are caught in the web of making the two ends meet. For me it is a mental torture as this happens to be a very lean patch financially and I have been working to the best of the efforts to realize my contributions towards family and self. The details of the notification are attached here:

                  Bmw® (Uk) ltd registered office:
                  Ellesfield avenue, bracknell,
                  Berkshire, rg12 8ta.
                  United kingdom.


                  The board of directors, members of staff and the international awareness
                  Promotion department of the bmw automobile company, wishes to congratulate
                  You on your success as one of the 10th star prize winner in this year bmw
                  Automobile international awareness promotion (Iap) held on thursday 11th
                  November, 2010 in berkshire.

                  This makes you the proud owner of a brand new bmw 2010 x6 35im (2010
                  Modern) and cash prize of & pound;750, 000.00 gbp (Seven hundred and fifty
                  Thousand great british pounds). The car comes with a special bmw insurance
                  Cover for one whole year, that is, till the next promotion in 2011.

                  It also comes with a one year warranty and free repairs at any bmw
                  Automobile depot or service station worldwide. The selection process was
                  Carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection
                  System (C. E. S. S. ) from a database of over a million email addresses from
                  The world wide web drawn from all the continents of the world.

                  For you to claim your prizes, kindly contact prize consultant barr. Paul
                  Bailey through email, stating your receipt of this notification. He has
                  Been mandated to offer you legal assistance and facilitate the urgent
                  Delivery of your prizes directly to you. Please reply to

                  Barrister paul bailey,
                  Bmw claims manager
                  Direct email: [protected]
                  Tel: (+[protected].
                  Fax: +[protected]

                  You are also advised to provide him with the under listed

                  1. Full name:
                  2. Sex:
                  3. Age:
                  4. Nationality:
                  5. Residential address:
                  6. City:
                  7. State:
                  8. Zip code:
                  9. Occupation / position held:
                  10. Phone number:
                  11. Reference number:bmw:25513500ds

                  We ask that you to keep this award personal, till your claims have been
                  Processed and your funds remitted to you. This is a part of our security
                  Measures to avoid double claiming or unwarranted participants or
                  Imposter's, taking advantage of the situation.

                  Congratulations once more, and keep trusting bmw automobile for top
                  Quality automobiles.

                  Engr. Ms. Ashley todd
                  Director of promotions,
                  International awareness promotions,
                  Bmw automobile.
                  London, united kingdom.

                  The bmw international awareness promotion
                  Copyright & copy;2010. All rights reserved

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    BMW of Bellevue — un-skillful and bad service

                    I experienced my BMW 325I consumes oil but it was driving well; I just needed to add one quarts of oil every...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    BMW Bayside - New Yorkpoor customer service

                    I bought a used bmw from this dealership. They took my deposit and while I was arranging financing and freight details, the dealership sold my car. I find out when the sales manager who didn't identify his title phone me to ask me if there was another vehicle that I was interested because the my car 'appears' to have been sold. How does this happen? I guess because they never take it off the 'available' inventory (And for weeks after, this car of mine was still posted on the for sale).
                    Many attempts at getting an explanation from both the original sales rep and the sales manager proved futile. They never return their calls because they knew they screwed up but didn't really care. After a month, I still have not received my $1000 deposit refund.
                    Don't buy from this dealership! They dodge all issues that result from their wrongdoing! Very un-professional service.

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                      • Bm
                        BMWscamdlr Sep 08, 2011
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        this dealer continually adveritses cars that have been previously sold stay away the are unethical

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                      • Bm
                        BMWscamdlr Sep 08, 2011
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        worst part is that BMW USA does not stop them despite numerous complaints

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                      BMW Of Nawarranty scam

                      I filed a complaint with bbb against moritz bmw in arlington tx and bmw of na in westwood nj 8/25/10. I called moritz and asked if my extended warranty covered my brakes and they said no. When I brought my car in for the low tire light being on my advisor, told me that my warranty did cover brakes but since I had after market brakes they can't touch my brakes. After filing a complaint with bbb, moritz bmw in arlington tx reimbursed me 357.16 for me getting brake pads on my car from a brake shop. I was told by moritz that in order for me to get my brakes repaired with genuine bmw parts, they would have to wait for confirmation from bmw of na. My car was at moritz for 3 weeks before I was told that bmw of na would not repair my brakes. I have emailed back and forth with bmw of na and they finally stated this case was closed and nothing they can do. I have had so many problems with this x3 vehicle and the bmw cust/service is horrible, non-caring and I am totally disappointed with my bmw experience. This to me, is a warranty scam and I intend to take this as far as I have to in order to get what I paid for.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        2004 BMW Z4 2.5i Roadster — rear glass on convertible top shattered during normal operation

                        I have a 2004 BMW Z4 Roadster that has 55, 00 miles on it and it has been a piece of junk since day 1. I have...


                        BMW Encinitasscam needing new engine

                        I am the original owner of 2004 530i bmw and haved followed all maintenence requirements. On 7/7/10, took my car in for routine oil service (54, 777 miles) at encinitas bmw. Within 2 weeks post service, the engine overheated and check engine light came on. Took it to an independent bmw specialist and they said the radiator was empty. After extensive evaluation, the radiator was fine, it was holding pressure and there was no leakage. So I went back to encinitas bmw dealership to have the check engine light evaluated and after the diagnostic check, they said I needed a new engine ($13, 500) because they think the engine got too hot. The initial oil service included radiator check and I believe they never filled the radiator fluid which caused the engine to overheat. Therefore I had to buy a new engine for $13, 500 even though my original engine only had 55k miles due to their error.

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                          • Ba
                            BANANDAR123 Oct 29, 2010

                            If I owned an expensive car like that, I'd get in the habit of checking myfluids on a regular basis.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          BMW X5is it fraud?

                          My x5 was blowing intermitent smoke. independentent garage quotes $2500 vent valve and oil pump. went to bmw dealer to see if factory issue. week later dealer said I need a new engine $25, 000. $15, 000 for used engine! warranty expired bmw canada said I had no claim.

                          Up until I towed the car to a qualified honest independent repair shop, sales team at dealer were still suggesting new engine.

                          The engine is fine, strong compression problems.

                          Always ask for a written quote and your parts from dealer service. this is your only evidence of a crime that probably occurs daily.

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                            • Re
                              retirednak Oct 03, 2010
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              That kind of thing happens more times then one would think. I have a best friend who owns his own automotive repair business, he is actually one of the few honest repair shops in town. I met him 16 yrs ago when I needed repair work. Its easy for a repair shop to "sell you" repairs, parts that are unnecessary because most people are clueless about what's really needed. They know their car is broken and it must be fixed to get back in forth to work, pick the kids up ect, and need it fixed yesterday. Stealerships have huge overheads, that's why they have such expensive hourly rates to repair your vehicles. Some stealerships service writers make commissions selling you repairs-un-needed repairs. Factory parts are usually a better quality then at parts store, but the high overheads drive the prices sky high.

                              A persons best bet is to find a local independent repair shop. Ask friends, coworkers, the BBB, ect. Once you find the shop, ask lots of questions. Ask for the phone number of a couple of his regular customers, talk to them and see if you get a good feeling about the shop. If he won't give you the number, ask him to call his customer with your number. If he won't do this, keep looking for the right place. You'll need to do this before your car is broken or needing repairs. The local shop can do all the maintenance that the stealership does, like the 30K, 50K miles service you'll find in your owners manual. Just keep all your repair orders in case of a warranty claim. Also, most state laws allow businesses to mark up parts at least 70% of his cost. A independent shop will allow you to bring your own parts, and they might even allow you talk them down on the mark up. You might even be able to barter for repairs.
                              I'm not knocking dealerships in general, I've just been unhappy with our local Dodge dealerships,
                              (both have crappy customer service, and I've had to go back too many times for warranty repairs, should have been done right the first time around)

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                            BMWstay far away from them

                            Our X5 has been in for Suspension, Transmission and DSC Failure Warnings numerous times to Club Motors Randburg. The car was slanted to the left. A wire & a few fuses was repaired. The same errors and slanting persisted. The vehicle became undrivable and was towed by BMW-on-Call back to the dealership. Sent away again with a clean bill of health. BOC was called to the rescue again. Same errors, this time 'the battery' was causing the errors, battery replaced. A week later all errors again, this time the vehicle was uncontrollable and the suspension was rocking the car from left to right. My husband who was driving the vehicle to Polokwane on business was able to move the vehicle to the emergency lane of the N1 highway. Black Smoke was speewing from the back left of the car. Once stopped the run flat tyre warning came on. The car was towed back to CMR. It has been 9 days since and I had to call them to find out what the status is. They are awaitng a deposit for a cracked rim and new tyre. Goerge confirmed that the have not even checked the suspension. It is our opinion that the damage was caused by the original error. Why must we pay for negligence? I was advised to talk to BMW SA.

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                              BMW Of Monrovia — dealership did not comply on what was agreed

                              I have been working out a deal with them since mid of July 2010. I am interested in getting a new 2011 BMW...

                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              BMW of Chattanoogadamage to my car while getting oil changed, then they tried to hide it

                              I have a black 2007 530i bmw and it had 17000 miles on it when I bought it in april 2010 from a local independent dealer in chattanooga.

                              Because maintenance is still covered on the vehicle, I took it to the bmw dealer (1st time i’ve had it serviced since I bought it). I was getting the oil changed and whatever routine maintenance comes along with that.

                              After being told it would be a couple hours, I got two phone calls from them asking if I needed to pick up the car today (Which was a friday, and yes I wanted my car for the weekend). So, I go out there at 6 right at closing time as instructed, and they were washing my car. So, I wait a little bit, and get in the car and drive to my sister’s house, about 10 minutes away.

                              Once I opened the door, I started looking to see if they did a good job washing my car and I noticed that the paint looked different on the bottom part of my door and the trim piece below it.In the sun, the difference in paint is really obvious. Once you rub the painted area, gray powder was coming off on my hand and the paint was a different texture that the rest of the door.

                              It basically looks like someone scratched my car and tried to half ### fix it and hoped I would not notice! I called the bmw dealer and left a message but they were closed all weekend.

                              I took it back to who I bought it from today and they confirmed what I thought & ndash; that someone had gotten overspray on the car and tried to hide it. He also confirmed that the car was certainly not like that when he sold it to me. I haven’t had it serviced at all except for the one time on friday.

                              So, then I took it back out to the bmw dealer this morning, and the manager said that they couldn’t possibly have done it because they don’t have a body shop. I explained to him that I wash the car all the time myself and I know for a fact it wasn’t like this prior to me dropping it off. Although he completely denied that it could have possibly been done there, he agreed to get the overspray off my car.

                              While I was waiting, I walked outside and wandered around the back of the building and came right upon a can of matte black spray paint that was sitting on a cardboard box outside near the rear garage doors.

                              The service manager said that they were done, but that they couldn’t get it all off. I showed him what we had found outside and although he looked shocked he still denied that it had been done there and got pretty hostile. I told him I believed that he didn’t know about it but that they guys in the back did know about it. It didn’t end well.

                              It’s just disappointing that the bmw dealer would take advantage of me, hoping that I would not notice so half ### repair on my car! Obviously the mechanic scratch the hell out of my car and then literally took a can of black spray paint, half ### taped it up, and then sprayed it, hoping I wouldn't notice.

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