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Bluegreen Resortsdo not buy a timeshare from bluegreen!

Do not... I repeat... do NOT buy a Bluegreen timeshare under any conditions. No matter how sweet it may sound, it is a rip-off. My wife and I bought one, and we are in a continual state of regret about it. It is virtually impossible to sell (the same amount of points we bought for $10,000 are selling for about $3,000 online), plus we have yearly fees of about $700 that must be paid for us to even be able to keep using it.

Here are some of the things you may not hear while you're in a Bluegreen presentation... we didn't:

-each year you will have to pay both "maintenance fees" and "club dues," which for us amount to over $700. If you don't pay, you can't use any of your points at all until you do pay.

-many of the resorts they tell you about can only be booked in 7-day increments, which means you'll take that trip and no others for two years because you'll use up all your points on that single trip.

-we just found this one out... if you don't have the points, you can't book a trip... for example, we get 12,000 new points in July, so I called to book something in August. Well, I can't do that until I "have the points." Of course, by the time the points actually show up, all the places will be booked for the summer. We're all paid up on maintenance fees and club dues, so we will definitely get the points, but too bad... we have to wait. The person on the phone even sympathized with me and said he understood what I was saying, but too bad.

-they say they will help you rent your timeshare, but this is a joke. Your timeshare will never rent for anything near what you need to maintain the fees on it, much less pay it off.

-take a look at this web site to see what points are actually worth if you buy them on eBay: If you really desperately want Bluegreen points, don't buy them from Bluegreen.

-they tell you that you can book things just a day or two in advance, but this is almost never possible in real life. Things are booked up months in advance.

Owning a Bluegreen timeshare is like a weight that you have to drag around with you for the rest of your life. There are many places that will rent timeshares if you like that kind of thing, and you can usually get them fairly cheap and without any obligation for the future. When I imagine paying $700 a year for the rest of my life, it feels amazingly scary. Don't do it. You're locking yourself into something that will never end when there is absolutely no need to do so.

They give you the free trip, then take advantage of how little you've researched timeshares when you're in the presentation. They tell you this price can only be offered this one time, and that you can't take another trip. It's all cheap sales techniques, and they wouldn't be necessary if it were something people really benefited from.

We even looked on the internet during our sales presentation... if only I had come across a letter like this, we probably wouldn't have bought, and we'd be much better off. At least take a few days to think about it. If they can't give you that long to think, they're tricking you anyway.

Buying a Bluegreen timeshare is a terrible decision. They, like many salespeople, will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to buy, knowing that they will not personally be accountable for any misrepresentations of the truth later on.

One thing they promised us is that we could rent our timeshare. Now they've done away with that aspect as well, so you either use it, keep paying about $700 in fees each year along with whatever you paid originally, or you just lose the points. Every letter we receive is something else they're taking away from us.

The most recent thing that happened was that we had tried to rent ours out for 10,000 points (most of our points) before they decided to stop letting people do that. So I called today, 10 days in advance, to check and make sure it was rented, since this is the cut-off for when I can cancel without losing points. So the guy on the phone told me that yes, it is rented. And I asked, "Well, what happens if the people cancel sometime in the next 10 days?" He said, "We don't have any control over that, sir." And I said, "I understand that, but I don't either. So what happens to my points if they cancel?" And he said, "Well, you lose those points."

So some renter I don't even know can decide to back out at the last minute, and I lose 10,000 points and don't get to travel or make any money from my timeshare for 2 years! That seems fair...

Everything Bluegreen does seems to be a way to get themselves more money and screw over their "valued customers."

And Bluegreen, if you're reading this, don't bother calling me trying to get me to revoke the complaint... we're trying to sell our timeshare as quickly as we can and hopefully never have any interaction with you for as long as we live.


  • Gc
    gcems1608 Oct 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Has anyone every had any luck selling their timeshare? I don't want this thing and never did, my ex-wife wanted it, but made sure I got stuck with it in the divorce.

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  • Sh
    shu Apr 14, 2010

    Bluegreen is singly the most unethical, immoral and detestible company in business today. Their sales sluts will use high pressure and out right lies to sucker people in. Then...after you've signed your name to their contract you discover on page 4 of the public offering Bluegreen is not liable for any promises made by their sales agents. Unbelievable. These parasites are without questions the lowest form of trash.

    You will not get any of what your told, or shown your going to get...none of it.

    They will steal your money and if you refuse to pay they will ruin your credit and threat YOU with legal action...that is incredible. What a band of puss trolls.

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  • Gf
    gfhouse Mar 30, 2010

    How can I get rid of my timeshare? So many comapanies want the money upfront to sell. I've talked with many people who have not had a good experience. Our maintenance fees from last October did not get paid. The economy has taken a hit on us. In Feb. 2010 we were asked to come to an update in KC. The man we talked to said he would help us figure out what we could do. We had to put a $50. deposit on our credit card to reserve the dinner. They would return the money when we showed up. It snowed heavily. It was a nightmare trying to convince them we could not get through. Finally they agreed to refund the $50. He said he would call later to help us. He did'nt. We called several times. No help. Now we have a third party collection calling us for the amount plus $300. Does anyone have a clue as to what we should do? We would appreciated it if you do!

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  • Derrick Nov 24, 2009

    I had a timeshare with Bluegreen,
    I originly ha 1 week, we bought extra, but then they converted them to points,
    I could never use them
    I could never exchange them
    I owned my timeshare for 12 years
    I got fed up with rising bills in the end
    SO, I sold it, I lost a lot of money, but I gained money (I dont pay any maintainence bills each year, but I put it in a high interest account to pay for my holiday accomadtion)

    I bought my timeshare when it was owned by Airtours, it was fine until Bluegtreen bought it and everything went up
    So now I use hotels, its very good, I book my hotel, I pay for it, I use it, no further payments required
    I weighed it up with what I got from a timeshare and what I get from a Hotel
    A hotel
    I get room service
    I get fresh towels each day
    I get my bed made up and turned down each day
    My room is cleaned each day
    I get a tea/coffeee maker in the room
    I have a fridge
    I have a minibar
    I usually get a VERY good resturant on site, not just a coffee bar/snack bar
    I dont get a bill every year for maintainence
    I can get a hotel anywhere and any time I want

    A timeshare
    NO room cleaned each day
    NO bed make up/turn down
    NO room service
    NO resturant on site
    NO clean towels each day
    I have to share the resort with very loud kids and drunks, there are no quiet areas
    I DO get a BIG bill each year (usually the cost above the hotels I have stayed in)
    I cant book when and where I want, unless it at least 6 months in advance
    I do get a whole apartment (but its a waste, its just my wife and I) and I'm out by the pool each day or on a tour
    I get a full kitchen, but dont need it
    I will get billed if any crockery/glassses/cutlery is broken goes missing

    I'm glad I sold my timeshare and have nothing to do with Bluegren any more

    It doesnt matter where the resort is, you still have to get there, so I havent included the airfare in my Holidays

    This year, I stayed in the Dominican Republic, all inclusive, 2 weeks, it cost me $720.00
    I stayed in Sri Lanka, all inclusive, 3 weeks, that cost me $900.00, but I did get an upgrade to 'silver service' (named brands of drink, all plated food, no buffets, private pool, free massage, manicure, pedicure)
    We had fresh flower sand fresh fruit in the room each day, the mini bar was topped up EVERY day (and I cleaned it out the day we left)

    I had 'free' food', 'free drinks, ' free' tours, a nice beach (in both locations) plenty of service

    Non of these places are in the RCI or BlueGreen books (I know they werent FREE, I paid for them, but the more I ate and the more I drank and the more tours I took, the cheaper my holidays were)

    I had a great time and I am not expecting a maintainence bill this Christmas or New Year

    No one will ever sell me another timeshare, but as long as they give me FREE tickets or $80 to go to a presentation I'll go along, all you people that own a timeshare are paying for me to attend, so keep buying and paying those bills each year, I want your money/tickets

    Sell your timeshare, go to all the presentations you can get as much as you can from them, but NEVER, NEVER buy again (you will lose money selling your timeshare, may as well get some back by going to the presentations)

    Keep moaning about your timeshare, your bills arent going to get any smaller and when you die, your kids will own it, I bet they will really thank you for that monkey on their back,

    Maybe you people that own timeshare tell me what you actually get ?
    I'll counter each positive with a negative,
    C'mon, what do you have to lose ?

    CUT YOUR Losses and get rid of it

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  • Am
    Amy Apr 11, 2009

    I completely agree with the evilness that comes from Bluegreen and their lies. I am sick to my stomach at all the fees club dues which was never told to me and the constant monthly bill that just pays interest. I do not want to ruin my excellent credit rating and now I am getting a notice from bill collectors for not paying maint. fees. I feel like puking! My stomach is in knots at where the money is going to come from and I am in the process of trying to close on a home before my credit is ruined forever! My freind told me to file banckrupsy and get out from underneath this big emotional baggage of keeping this company nagging to get more money from me for never being able to take a vacation. I hope somewhere there is a lawyer reading this and helps me get out of this bad situation before a worse situation comes along. I am sick and do not know what to do...please help me!

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  • Bi
    biddybo Nov 15, 2008

    Please do yourself a favor and file a complaint with the Attorney General in your state.

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  • Pe
    Pearl Nov 13, 2008

    If you find someone to buy let them know I have 26000 for sale. We have them listed with 5 different companies (very costly to us) and in 2 years have not even had a nibble!! Even though they all said" Bluegreen is a very desirable company and we can propbaly sell your points within 90 days" Another BIG lie, so don't fall for that either!! We tried to get help by refinancing at a lower rate with them becasue my husband has been laid off and we cannot afford the payments any longer so we tried to get a lower more managable payment but no help from the people who stated they would always be there if we needed anything! HA I asked what they suggested I do since the payments are a real burden right now, and they said just don't make your payments, in 5 months time we will start repo proceeding then take you to court and repo the timeshare, then this will stay on your record for 7 years and you will never be able to purchase with Bluegreen again (LIKE I WOULD WANT TOO!!!) So if anyone finds someone that would like to buy I sure would like to talk to them I will give them a heck of a deal.

    Good luck everyone

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  • Derrick Apr 10, 2008

    Susan M
    You arent the only onbe trying to sell your points, but as you will find out (the same as I did) they wont fetch very much, nothing like the price we paid for them
    I really wish I had never converted to points, everything was fine with my week
    My yearly bill goes up every year, and I havent seen anything thats improved
    I regret ever hearing about BlueGreen

    Anyone want to buy some points 21000, to be exact

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  • Su
    Susan M. Mar 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same experience. I was told that the points roll over from year to year. Well that was only for the first year. I was prepared to take my family to Aruba with the points that I thought I had saved up. They would do nothing about the lost points. For 6, 000 points, I only got 4 days and I had to pay for the other two days. They told me the points were worth a hundred dollars apiece. I would never spend a $1, 000 a day for a small one bedroon. They have misrepresented themselves and I am trying to sell my points as well.

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  • De
    Dewayne Mullins Feb 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh My God. It is like i wrote that complaint. Bluegreen are THE most useless people on the face of the earth. I can never get booked anywhere i want to go. When they do say they have an opening and i start to book and give them my info all of a sudden there is a new rule that wont let me book. If i call back and comply with the rule there is another to take it's place. They SUCK . DON"T BUY DON"T BUY DON"T BUY DON"T BUY .

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