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Bluegreen Resortsawful company

My husband and I attended a bluegreen tour and presentation as a favor to friends who are already members (new members). We were horrified after this experience, sick in our stomachs, and entirely ticked off. We felt that the representatives in Hershey PA were dripping with sweetness and the tendency to fish from you all of the private information you can give them, in order to form a bond, dazzle you, make you believe you can afford things you can't and then, when you tell them no, they become totally different people and use any information you were not careful enough to guard against you in the final moments of the pitch. They did not tell us about maintenance fees, taxes, etc, until the very end of a 3 HOUR PRESENTATION!. I believe the reason our presentation lasted so long is because we gave them so much trouble, asked so many careful questions, basically gave them a run for their money. But we looked interested enough for them to continue. They kept asking the question... "if this were affordable, would you be interested." Our answer was yes... based on what they were telling us, we would have been. But we sensed it was all too good to be true. When it came down to it, we refused to agree to pay a down-payment, taxes or fees, and to see the necessity of such payments. They were so ticked at us and kept repeating that this was our mistake, not theirs. We were promised a 50 dollar visa gift card, and they were so reluctant to give it to us. Our friends who we visited with were trying to get us out of the room because our presentation had lasted too long and these two "bouncer" type guys attempted to separate us in the hallway. Our joke was that Gene Hackman would probably be awaiting us in the room (those of you who have seen The Firm will understand). It was freaky, weird, strange. I am so thankful that my husband and I got away!


  • Valerie Oct 15, 2008

    My husband and I bought the sampler program December 2007. We were told that we could not use through the summer months or holidays. We were good with that. We started in June to book our rooms for a two night stay only to find out that their are no rooms available. I am very upset after paying $1000.00 for something that I can't even use. Looks like we are giving this resort $1000.00 for nothing. I just wonder how many more people they sucker into this. It just looks to me that there should be some type of law against this.

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  • Ss
    SST Oct 24, 2008
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    I wonder if you got caught in a recent Bluegreen change that was supposed to benefit Bluegreen owners with fewer points; I believe they changed the rules about the time you purchased so that everyone could reserve partial weeks eleven months out. Prior to that I think you had to have a gazillion points (be "silver" or "bronze") in order to get partial weeks that early, which obviously benefitted the people with a gazillion points to the detriment of those with fewer points. If you thought you couldn't reserve any sooner than five months ahead while other owners discovered they could reserve eleven months ahead, that would have put you at a disadvantage.

    So ironically a change meant to *benefit* those with fewer points may have handicapped you, if Sampler owners weren't notified of it or you dismissed that since your contract said differently (we've discovered we have "benefits" that the contract doesn't specify that are pretty standard - changing a reservation without 24 hours with no extra fee, for instance). We bought a Sampler in September 2008, got our membership number in October 2008 and have booked at three different places, getting the dates we asked for - one in November, which would have been available to you as well. So you might keep trying. I was surprised to get the November weekend first try so close to going, but I have heard if you keep calling sometimes things open up because as the date gets closer people cancel.

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  • Te
    Teresa Mar 10, 2009

    this is totally untrue

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  • Te
    Teresa Mar 10, 2009

    how i wish i had run

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  • Derrick Nov 24, 2009

    I had a timeshare with Bluegreen, I sold it, I lost a lot of money, but I gained money
    I bought my timeshare when it was owned by Airtours, it was fine until Bluegtreen bought it and everything went up
    So now I use hotels, its very good, I book my hotel, I pay for it, I use it, no further payments required
    I weighed it up with what I got from a timeshare and what I get from a Hotel
    A hotel
    I get room service
    I get fresh towels each day
    I get my bed made up and turned down each day
    My room is cleaned each day
    I usually get a VERY good resturant on site, not just a coffee bar/snack bar
    I dont get a bill every year for maintainence
    I can get a hotel anywhere and any time I want
    I get from a timeshare
    NO room cleaned each day
    NO bed make up/turn down
    NO room service
    NO resturant on site
    NO clean towels each day
    I have to share the resort with very loud kids and drunks, there are no quiet areas
    I DO get a BIG bill each year (usually the cost above the hotels I have stayed in)
    I cant book when and where I want, unless it at least 6 months in advance
    I do get a whole apartment (but its a waste, its just my wife and I)

    I'm glad I sold my timeshare and have nothing to do with Bluegren any more

    It doesnt matter where the resort is, you still have to get there, so I havent included the airfare in my prices

    This year, I stayed in the Dominican Republic, all inclusive, 2 weeks, it cost me $720.00
    I stayed in Sri Lanka, all inclusive, 3 weeks, that cost me $900.00, but I did get an upgrade
    I had 'free' food', 'free drinks, ' free' tours, a nice beach (in both locations) plenty of service
    Non of these places are in the RCI or BlueGreen books (I know they werent FREE, I paid for them, but the more I ate and the more I drank and the more tours I took, the cheaper my holidays were)

    I had a great time and I am not expecting a maintainence bill this Christmas or New Year

    No one will ever sell me another timeshare, but as long as they give me FREE tickets or $80 to go to a presentation I'll go along, all you people that own a timeshare are paying for me to attend, so keep buying and paying those bills each year, I want your money/tickets

    Sell your timeshare, go to all the presentations you can get as much as you can from them, but NEVER, NEVER buy again (you will lose money selling your timeshare, may as well get some back by going to the presentations)

    Keep moaning about your timeshare, your bills arent going to get any smaller and when you die, your kids will own it, I bet they will really thank you for that monkey on their back,

    Maybe you people that own timeshare tell me what you actually get ?
    I'll counter each positive with a negative,
    C'mon, what do you have to lose ?

    CUT YOUR Losses and get rid of it

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  • Jo
    John carl Mar 19, 2010

    You sound Like a broke looser. And a moocher. Why waste peoples time like that. I own a small business that cost money to market people. I would hate to have guest like you wasting my small companies time and my staffs. If you dislike it so much stay away from it. Reality is it must work and work very well. I did my research before buying at blue green. They have over 200, 000 owners!!! They can't trick 200, 000 people! I mean comon people wise up. This is not a scam. Millions. Yes millions of people own timeshare. Over 6000 timeshare resorts. Numbers don't lie. It's gotta work and work well!!! Blue green is a wonderful wonderful wonderful company! I bought with them and spent all together about $70, 000. And I would do it all over again in a heart beat. I now take 2 1/2 months of 5 star vacations every year thanks to bluegreen. And one day so will my grand kids! THANKS BLUEGREEN!!!

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  • Sh
    shu Apr 12, 2010

    John Carl is full of CRAP!
    If you are retired, and have all the time in the world to go to a resort at a crappy time of the year, or at the last minute then yes, absolutly you'd be happy. These ### pray on hard working middle class WORKING!!! families by selling "FLEXIBILITY, AVAILABILTY, AFFORDABILITY". They know for a fact it doesn't work that way. YET, they lie their A$$es off just to get that commission check. These ### are bottom feeding puss trolls.
    Bluegreen will tell you anything to get you to sign that contract. Anyone who gets on here and cries about "Well you should have read your contract" is one of those parasites trying to distract anyone reading this thread from the trust. Bluegreen is nothing more than a nest of thieves and liars.
    One last thing...John Carl, If you are so pleased with Bluegreen...why in the hell are you at posting???? Suspect John Carl...very suspect.

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  • Derrick Apr 12, 2010

    I agree, John Carl is a fool, I just bet his kids will love a bill of over a $1000 each year, and I hope they thoroughly enjoy the legacy their old man left them, I'm glad I never left that millstone around my kids neck, I save the money I would have spent on the maintaince fees for them, I reckon they will put it to better use than spending it with Bluegreen,

    I still have no regrets about selling my Timeshare (and I have just come back from 2 weeks in egypt, cost me less than my timeshare maintainence fees, and as it was all inclusive, I even got fed and got free beer/spirits and nightly entertaintment

    So Just keep your Bluegreen timeshare if it works for you, I'm glad I dont have anything to do with them, I am betteroff in my wallet

    So John, you can say what you like, but I think you are full of crap

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