Resolved Blue Green Resortssales tactics

My Husband and I traveled with our family to Orlando and were "sold" on a free vacation to Disney World. Boy, were we fooled.

We were promised that the sales meeting would be only 2 hours long. It was 3 and we were treated with disrespect. We told the sales people that we do not make haste decisions and would not be making one today. He said that he needed a yes or a no answer; he did not like maybe's. He said that he would give us a minute and would come back. We told him no...well, my husband got up to go to the men's room and I waited for him. The salesperson said "I may not have made myself clear enough to you, but you need to leave and leave now." I told him that I will leave when my husband got back. He tried to reach out and grab me, but I moved from him. He said "I am only kidding"...I wish he would have touched me and I would have filed charges against him for battery. Just because we wanted to go home and think about it for a week, he got bent out of shape and almost violent.

My husband found out about this later and now we will not be buying a timeshare from Blue Green. Also, my daughter and her husband were looking into the idea. However, he also said that we must not love our children because we are not leaving them a vacation spot. As we were leaving my husband (very calm man), said let us tell the world...! So, I thought this would be the best way.

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