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R Nov 29, 2018
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I've used Black & Decker products since we bought our house over 25 years ago, and have always been reasonably happy with eveything. The only other time I had a problem, B&D quickly resolved it to my complete satisfaction.

For the last couple months, I'm been having a problem with the spools of weed-wacker line. The feed line is consistantly breaking off, right down to the quick, within 15 SECONDS (!) It's taking me forever to finish my lawn when before it would only take 5 minutes tops. I'm talking about THE LAST 10 SPOOLS breaking off. I keep buying new spools thinking that the problem will eventually stop, but it doesn't. It's sooo frustracting when I end up using a WHOLE SPOOL OF LINE just to weed-wack my front yard, which is not very big. It's gotten so bad that I've stopped weed-wacking both the front and back yards, which, of course, leaves my lawn looking unfinished and unkept. I'm not doing anything different when putting in the line, I'm being careful around metal fencing or concrete, or anything that the line might catch on, so I don't know why it's happening. It's driving me crazy.

I can't afford to keep buying line every week at almost $10 a pop (I live in Florida) and I'm considering getting another weed-wacker in order to solve the problem, (which would be a shame since the actual weed-wacker from B&D is still in good shape) but truthfully, I'm hesitating purchasing another weed-wacker from B&D because of the ongoing problem.

I need a solution. I'm willing to try anything.

Thanks for listening
Robin Jackson [protected])

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