BJ's Wholesale Clubbakery

B Jul 27, 2019

I ordered cake squares with blue booties on each, not difficult at all. When I got there to pick it up I had a cake with a photo on it that said oh baby and some booties in the corner. The order sheet specifically said squares. I was so embarrassed to take this cake to my party. When my husband even said that's horrible I knew I had to say something. The 1st lady offered to redo it and at first I said no and she walked away then I decided to see how long it would take, the 2nd lady acts like it's an issue and she can just cut my photo cake into squares, like really that's going to look even more ridiculous. Then says well it will take 45 minutes and I said ok let's do it then. Then with irritation on her face she says well we get off at 1:30 and it's already 1 so we don't have time. At this point I'm like whatever just give me that cake. When I got to the front I couldn't stand it, I had to speak with a manager who apologized, gave me half off and tells me they are having staffing issues. I was irritated to even pay half for the cake because it looks hideous. I mean on top of it being wrong my 7 year old could have made this cake look better. But I only had a couple hours before my party so I had to take it. I proceeded to order a cake for the following weekend for my daughter, the picture was offered in their book and the 1st lady said they could do it, but this 2nd lady said no we can only do the photo one, I don't know how to do the one you want. I most definitely said nevermind and will not ever be buying cakes from BJs again! I talked it up so much because the cake squares I've bought before were perfect and then had to show up with this! They should close up the bakery til they find someone who can and wants to work!!! The first picture is the crap I got and the second is what I got before that I was expecting! The picture on the cake doesn't even lineup!!! They should be embarrassed to even be selling this!


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