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Unauthorised automatic renewal of antivirus subscription

An year back I purchased online bitdefender total security. Today ie 09 Nov 2013, I got an SMS from my banker...

Saharanpur Antivirus Software

[Resolved] extra amount has been deducted

I purchased a Bitdefender Total security 2013 product yesterday where it showed a black Friday offer for 75%...

[Resolved] cancellation not honored

I purchased a virus protection referenced # [protected], product : 1x Bitdefender Total Security 2012 on...

serial number problem

I purchased the Bit defender total security 2012 from www.letsbuy.com i used in 3 of the computers and i have for mated 1 pc and it is not taking the serial now please check the MAC address and required options and solve the problem soon .
I sent the complaint through same computer if any query contact to phone number:[protected] and my registered email address is [protected]@gmail.com

defective product/failure to provide service/refusal to provide refund

antivirus software rendered useless after it failed to detect a virus at the end of February. unable to contact customer service initially; however, Bitdefender's claimed third-party IT vendor 'offered' to fix problem for $400. had computer scrubbed locally for $200 instead. in response to my complaint, Bitdefender finally provided 2012 update, but has stubbornly refused to issue prorated refund, even though they were negligent in not timely providing update.

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Will not refund my purchase

I purchased Bitdefender 2012 Total Security after being a loyal user of previous Bitdefender products. Much to my surprise they have removed features from this product that was available in earlier version, most notably the local backup feature. As I have about five years of backups using this feature, I was extremely disappointed in the omission. After several exchanges in which I pointed out the omission of this feature they admitted that it does not in the 2012 version and recommended that I used the 2011 product. As I have paid for the 2012 product I then requested a refund which they are not willing to give me. I feel that they have deliberately scammed me by removing features and then still keeping my money. Rest assured I will never buy another Bitdefender product again and will make sure that as many people possible know about their dishonesty.

Poor Customer service & Worst Product

I have made complaint on issues with basic function of Bit defender antivirus in first week of Jan 2012 and subsequently registered ticket as [protected]., however, till date no workable solution is provided by their customer care. I made subsequent reminder, since 01 Feb 2012. No reply was made by Bit defender customer care.

One of the Worst product, I have purchased ever.. Also, their customer care is very poor...

I request this forum to advise Bitdefender to address my issues on priory.

  • Gd
    GDOX Sep 03, 2012

    I bought and installed Bitdefender antivirus plus 2013 after 3 attempts. Bitdefender software is full of bugs and missing modules eg the firewall did not load and left me unknowingly using the MS firewall.

    It screws up Firefox repeatedly freezing, particularly on Flash videos and in most cases requiring a Task Master process to terminate Firefox or worse still a reboot if Firefox goes into Safe Mode. The 'product' is nowhere remotely intuitive and the Help File is woefully lacking in content.

    Bitdefender support is non-existent, they just ignore requests for assistance, possibly hoping you just give up. The so called reviewers who rate this product No.1 either do not really review or are in the pay of Bitdefender.

    This is more like scamware than an AV product. A costly experience both financially and timewise


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  • An
    AndreTheScott Feb 01, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amen to that !!! I would however like to point out a mistake people make when they complain about Bitdefender's poor customer (no) support. To start with, you have to receive some measure of support for you to be able to complain about. Their customer support is sooooooo slooooooow we are talking glacial (weeks and/or months) movement here. Count yourself lucky if to hear from them two weeks or a month after logging your problem, then it is mostly of no use mostly anyway.
    So to end with, I would not say Bitdefender has bad support, I would say they have NO support. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!
    I have to remind myself, less than a year to go. O and what I've read on the net, watch out for their automatic renewal !!! It is a bugger to get undone if they catch you.

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  • Ja
    Jayagopal Sep 06, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, Bitdefender can be awarded as the Product with worst Customer service and they keep the product rated by paying to the reviewer to publish false reviews

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  • Ot
    OtiGat7 May 26, 2014

    My story is to long to type. All I can say is, do not by this product. Customer service is the worst I have experienced in my life. Transfer, transfer, transfer, the person you need to talk to is not in the office. I will have them call you back. Repeat... They charged me three times for their service and I can't get a refund. STAY AWAY FROM BITDEFENDER.

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  • St
    stan byrd Dec 15, 2014

    On Monday, 12/08/14 @ 2:55 pm I received a call from phone #253-20000-359. I did not understand the gentlemen's name but his broken English was like from New Delia. For 43 minutes this person said he was from Biddefender and that my Microsoft had been compromised. He wanted permission to enter & I gave permission to show me Windows Task Manager and event viewer, ran cmd & showed csrss.exe. Then he started sales pitch for $299.99 then quoted prices for 2 yr & then 5 yr. Told him I had 36 more days left and since he found a trojan(s) to get rid of it. But he would not let go of his sales pitch. Then I started getting suspicious that he was a "hacker". I canceled the phone call, turned off my computer. Eleven seconds later I called the phone number & it said "call could not be completed as dialed". I turned my computer back on and the following is missing:
    1 - no internet
    2 - no sound
    3 - screen has darkened & cannot brighted it up
    I then called Bitdefender sales office which gave me another number to call. I call Bitdefender support and they said could not help me because I did not know who had contacted me.
    Now, I need assistance to get my computer back working like it was before (without problems). On 12/15/14 is the third e-mail sent to no avail.

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  • As
    ASJoos May 02, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I only wish I had found these complaints BEFORE I purchased Bitdefender and then decided to add insult to injury and purchase their loosely-termed "Premium VPN" that has not worked since Day 1. I have screen shots, copies of emails, ticket initiations, and anytime I DID receive an email from them, they said I had not replied, that they were going to close the ticket due to my not answering them. WHAT?! I replied immediately every single time within minutes, provided them with screen shots, etc., ad nauseum, and so finally I opened a dispute via PayPal. I find it very interesting how FAST Bitdefender answered to PayPal inquiry - and their response is STELLAR! They gave me their support weblink 'contact us' form which, again, is what I did in the first place, and by following THEIR instructions on their website. I am uninstalling all things Bitdefender and will be posting my review to all social media. Buyer beware!!

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Worst product ever

I just downloaded the Trial version of Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 after seing very good reviews on reputable websites such as PCmag, CNET, etc, they ALL put Bitdefender in the top 3 antivirus/antispyware products, even saw it being number 1 a couple of times, so I tried it, WORST DECISION EVER!!! I installed it, everything went fine until it asked me to reboot my computer to finalize the installation. My computer NEVER REEBOOTED! I tried 3 times, even with the startup resolution fonction on Windows Vista, the startup could never be repaired. In finally rebooted the computer on safe mode and it booted, then I trying to uninstall it was impossible, finally I had to reboot it again with ''last good configuration'' . I rebooted again in Normal Mode and it works fine now.
I'm lucky it worked if not I would of have to totally reinstall Windows Vista, which is problematic when you don't have an intstallation CD or backup CD.
If you're lucky enough not to have this major problem, you will still have some other problems, like a slow pc, slow internet navigation, frozen computer, pages, etc.
I also read a report that was saying that Bitdefender is paying well known websites to say their products are the best on the market, which is totally false. Beware of their rebates and lifetime free updates, they test their products on our account.

  • Mo
    moonpies Dec 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus

    Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware

    both FREE and just as effective as any paid service out there, and they won't bog down your computer with tons of useless junk like the bloated pay ones as well.

    Actually paying for antivirus programs is absolutely unnecessary these days.

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[Resolved] Lousy product, even worse customer service

I downloaded BitDefender Internet Security v2012 when my Trend Micro subscription ran out, after doing some researching and finding that it was rated pretty well among the top several antivirus apps for features, usability, and so on.

What a mistake. After downloading and installing, I noticed that internet pages were downloading incredibly slow, taking upwards of a minute when before they were ten to fifteen seconds (I was running it on a relatively old XP machine). I hated the interface, which was not at all intuitive, and some things you had to do online rather after creating a login, rather that in the control panel itself. I finally got so frustrated with the degraded speed of my computer that I uninstalled it altogether. What a relief to be able to use my PC again!

I requested a refund from the company, and they wanted to send me more of their crappy software to install to diagnose the issue. No thanks. I'll pass.

  • Updated by Rudi Bedy · Oct 10, 2011

    Hi lostinpok,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please write us at our special support e-mail address [email protected] explaining your issue, add also the name and e-mail you used when you bought the software.

    Rudi Bedy

[Resolved] unauthorized credit card charges

I purchased Bitdefender Antivirus online via their website for several years without a problem. This year...

unauthorized payments

In January 2010 I ordered/purchased Bit-Defender Anti-Virus 2010 via the internet, at that time I had a dialup internet connection. After numerous attempts to download the product without success I contacted Bit-Defender via email to inform them that I could not download their product and request a refund. They told me that I had to contact Avangate.com to request the refund which I did, they said I had waited too long to request the refund (one month) I had forgotten to contact them because I was so frustrated by the inability to maintain an internet connection long enough to complete the download of first Bit Defender, then another Anti-Virus product. When I explained this situation to them they stood fast against refunding my money. I them informed them via email and phone that I did not want and would not pay for their service again, Jan. 2, 2011 they sent an email informing me that my 2010 license was about to expire and that I needed to purchase a renewal if I wished to continue this service, and that when I made that purchase I could also enable an "auto-renew" license option. I was also informed in the same email that I would be able to disable the "auto-renew option" at any time by accessing my account at https://secure.avangate.com/myaccount. I notified them via email and phone that I do not want this program and also insured "according to them" that the auto-renew was NOT turned on re; my account. After all this they removed the funds from my checknig acccount AGAIN! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

Everything about the product

**WARNING**** This company who sells BITDEFENDER Virus protection is FRAUDULENT!!! 1st the product does not work, all 6 of our computers have been infected only with this BitDefender, and whenever we have called to try and get answers they are in Romania and we couldn't understand them and they will never give you any answers over the phone they tell you they have to send you an email which they never do!!! Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit, cause according to all the thousands of complaints searched on google it sounds like many have had the same issues. Not to mention the product would never update itself and could not even detect simple malware issues. I can't believe they are in business, Best Buy recommended them!!!

  • Co
    Colomadl Mar 09, 2012

    antivirus software rendered useless after it failed to detect a virus at the end of February. unable to contact customer service initially; however, Bitdefender's claimed third-party IT vendor 'offered' to fix problem for $400. had computer scrubbed locally for $200 instead. in response to my complaint, Bitdefender finally provided 2012 update, but has stubbornly refused to issue prorated refund, even though they were negligent in not timely providing update.

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Unauthorised Subscription Renewal

Bitdefender recently charged my credit card for renewal of their anti virus software although I haven't used their software for well over 12 months. I have contacted them via various electronic means without any reply other than two automated responses from [protected]@bitdefender.com. Customer service? This company is obviously in financial trouble. If your reading this you have most likely experienced the same as me. So may I suggest everyone one who reads this tell everyone you know about these thieves and advise your friends NEVER to purchase Bitdefender. This is my worst experience with a software company. DON'T EVER BUY Bitdefender

  • Ad
    Adrian Unhappy Customer May 27, 2012

    BitDefender hides this auto-renewal clause in their Terms and Conditions, which they are fully aware that nobody reads, when it should be a visible feature on the purchase page. Also, there is no option in the my account page to disable this.

    They charged my Paypal account with this without my knowledge and now they are delaying and postponing the refund for a product I didn't buy!

    They are worst than the scums from which they pretend to protect you!

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  • An
    Angry Bir May 25, 2014

    I purchased Bit Defender 2 yrs ago and installed it on 2 computers. I didn't notice any problems for the first year. Then around May 2013, both computers started having all kinds of problems. Bit Defender blocked Internet Explorer and allowed only Google for web browsing. The computers crushed frequently, common programs became unusable. I contacted Bit Defender. They sent me a program to do a full scan of my computer and return the scan results to them. The prescriptions they gave me to fix the program after receiving the scan results didn't work. I spent a lot of time trying to contact their support and resolve the problem to no avail. Finally, I had to do a clean install of my operating system before the computers worked correctly again. I purchased a different Internet Security and I haven't had any problems since. All these happened in May 2013.
    During the set up of Bit Defender when I first bought it, I MADE SURE that box by I checked the Do not Renew Automatically. Regardless of this, Bit Defender charged by Credit Card one year after I stopped using their product. I did not even use all of what I paid for in the first place! I called BIT DEFENDER to refund my money because I don't use their product anymore and I DID NOT authorize them to renew a product that is of NO USE TO ME. The Indian guy told me that he has to take remote control of my computer before they can issue me a refund!!! I told him he is insane and hanged up. THIS IS ROBBERY. If you and I rob someone, we will go to jail. WHY DO OUR CONGRESSMEN ALLOW FRAUDULENT companies to rod us? Is it because they are getting a share of the loot? STAY AWAY FROM BIT DEFENDER. THEY ARE ROBBERS.

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  • Gl
    Glen Michael Robinson Dec 13, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm having the same problem. I switched my antivirus service and decided to let my Bitdefender subscription wither on the vine til the end. I kept getting notices that my subscription was about to expire but did not respond. Next thing I know, my checking account was debited $59.95 by Avengate. When I sent an e-mail to Avengate, they told me that I needed to call Bitdefender customer support.. I called and spoke to "Nate" (funny how all these support people with Indian accents have American names). He asked me for the order number which was in the e-mail I received on Dec 6th from Avengate. He insisted that since I had an order number that I had to have ordered the product. When I insisted that I didn't, he said that he would have to send it to someone else to research and they'll get back with me. I checked my browser history for December 6th and no one had accessed Bitdefender website on that day.

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Cannot Obtain Refund

I purchased Bitdefender Antivirus 2010. The software continually stops monitoring and the crashes my pc. Technical Support is unable to solve the problem. They suggested that I wipe out my entire system, reload windows and then their product. Of course, this is RIDICULOUS.
I was well within 30-day refund policy stated on their website. I have made repeated telephone calls and emails requesting refund. To date, I have not heard from the company, after prolonged waits on the telephone, when I reach customer support I am told to wait an additional 24-48 hours for an email response. This has been going on for 8 days. This company is based on Romania -- my credit card company cannot help me due to international laws.

  • Ra
    Rala Aug 26, 2010

    @jklamar We regret that the product didn't meet your expectations and we really hope you will reconsider BitDefender, that is the new 2011 suite!Our support team aslo contacted you via e-mail regarding your refund request.


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[Resolved] Bad Business

The product 2010 version wouldn’t update. CSR had me reinstall 2010 version. Update tool was saying that it was a 2009 product even though I bought the antivirus 2010 product that continued to tell me to update. with their poor customer service this took two weeks, then to this day I have series of freezes, And Non responsive programs. They always just had me run scanner, never took care of problems scanner displayed, automatic down loads took all day (Some never completed). I spent close to two months with CSR after CSR, always being told that I would receive an email within 24 hours, but I wouldn't. They would have me doing things that were supposedly going to get rid of my problem but it seemed that the real reason was just to delay me!!!. (Took me past store refund time period.)I have asked for 20 supervisors who all seemed to be in a meeting 24 hrs a day. Then I told them that I would blog and charge collection from third party this is in the works. But I am taking it to all the right sites about their poor product and service. And I have kept my promise. Their actions seem to me quit deliberate in my opinion take the money and run. I hardly understand what they are saying to Me. And seem to take up to ten minutes of my personal long distance per one question. “What is your email address please?” sometimes up to three times. “What is your name on account? Let me review your account. What is the problem you are experiencing? (Even though it has been documented and an Expert Technician is aware of problem and was going to get back to me previously on a ticket and I explained over, and over! This was a half hour right here. And what solutions they did send they don’t read (form letter stais- quo) and did not apply to me. Security product for internet? Product does not work! Company customer services are very poor. I have spent double of what I paid for product in long distance. They now aren’t responding to email or the live chat service that they offer doesn’t work as part of tech problem expressed. There is no way to correct any technical problems with this company. You risk your personal information And Security with this company which (I have heard) is based in Romania. Fronting out of Florida. DO NOT USE THIS AWFUL Horribly Exploitive, Most aggravating, product.

  • Updated by Placide · Mar 11, 2010

    Hello Sir Anthony -- I'm Nicole with BitDefender and we have reviewed your case very completely within the team and have refunded you per your request. I am so sorry that you had this experience, and please do believe me when I say that we are well aware of our support shortcomings and this continues to be a company-wide priority for us. We are in fact headquartered out of Romania with offices in the US, as well as many other countries across the world and are aligning all our support staff in all areas under new guidelines.

    Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated, as our quality controller is looking right now into this, the email and the phone conversations that you had, and it will help us improve our service to others in the future.

    If you ever have questions about your PC security in the future, please contact us in any of the following ways -

    [email protected]


    Both of these are monitored closely by the social media department (the team I am on) and I will assist you as quickly as I can.

    Thank you!

    Nicole B.

    BitDefender - North America

bad service & bad product

The product worked for about six months, then wouldn't update. CSR had me reinstall 2010 version but that made things worse. I spent close to two months with CSR after CSR, always being told that I would receive an email within 24 hours, but I wouldn't. They would have me jump throught hoop after hoop doing things that were supposedly going to get rid of my problem but it seemed that the real reason was just to stall. Was finally told that I would not get a refund. Then I told them that would blog about their poor product and service. After that, I was told that I would get a refund. But I had already started my promise; I can't be bought off. I wasted HOURS with them. Don't BUY!

  • Ra
    Rala Feb 25, 2010

    Hi! DJJohns

    I am Raluca, a member of the BitDefender team. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that we have caused. We understand that running software can sometimes cause different issues, especially a security product which is designed to protect the entire system of any threat. However, according to our refund policy, we can issue a refund within the first 30 days from the date of purchase. You have our entire attention and we will do our best to solve your situation in a professional way, even by refund, if there are on-going issues that our technicians could not solve. Please send us your contact details directly by email, phone or by LiveAssistance http://www.bitdefender.com/site/Main/contactEmail/ so that we can reach you and investigate what happened.
    Thank you!

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  • St
    stockbroker Feb 20, 2011

    Besides Bitdefender being a very poor product, slowing down one's machine and preventing important Java applications from running with no fix, Bitdefender uses FALSE ADVERTISING. Yes, they boast 24/7 free phone support, but they have cancelled their 800 number. They will email you a 900 number for which you pay a fortune to wait on hold! I bet they make more money with you waiting on their 900 number than they doo selling software, like a hooker with her 900 number.

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Worst antivirus ever made

I had read various reviews about bitdefender antivirus, so I decided to try it. This was the worst antivirus I have ever installed. It bogged down my computer to the point, where I could not even do a google search. It would take almost 20 minutes to boot up. There tech support kept having me install patches. It was one problem after another. Customer service would not issue me a refund even though their product does not work correctly. After 2 months I removed it from my computer, without any refund from the company. My computer is now running smoothly.

  • Ra
    Rala Sep 10, 2009

    Several antivirus software installed on the same computer can lead to PC slowdowns or even crashes, so this is what probably happened in your case. However you should try BitDefender 2010, it was only released in August and it was really appreciated by reviewers. If you have BitDefender only for 2 months your license key is still valid so the upgrade is free of charge.

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  • Al
    altair401 Dec 04, 2010

    I agree...I installed Bitdefender because it was supposed to be the highest rated and the fact I could us the same license on 3 computers was an added bonus and no one could beat the price. But it is the WORST antivirus ever. My computer constantly hangs now since installing it. The virus scanner takes DAYS to complete. The service itself will just shut itself down leaving the computer vulnerable to attack and the only suggestion it gives is to restart as if to say this is a normal thing.

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  • Fe
    Fedup Yoozer Mar 19, 2017

    I believe that the only reason Bitdefender keeps its share in the antivirus software market is because it is heavily advertised and promoted by several "information technology oriented" sites. Having been convinced about its high capabilities I installed the free edition of it several months ago. It kept popping up messages prompting to buy the full version all the time until the trial expired and it (appeared to have) stopped running its antivirus service, leaving the computer vulnerable to any threat. I tried to uninstall and switch back to my previous av software, without success. I used a removal tool for the case, still some components of bitdefender were left in my system. I had to switch back to a windows restore point to get my computer working and get rid of the obviously unwanted software. STILL, after all the trouble the service (gzserv.exe) is running in the background and I can't stop/remove it, as well as the registry keys associated with bitdefender AFTER the uninstallation/removal! The message I get is that I have to have Administration rights to do so. Funny thing, my account does have administration rights and actually is the only administrator in my system. Bitdefender certainly won't let go. Defends every last bit it gets its teeth on. Stay away or vivere pericolosamente.

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  • Ha
    hashtag Jun 15, 2018

    It is best antivirus ever made.

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won't refund money after product failed to install

I bought BitDefender Anti Virus software on line and downloaded to my computer. Software would not install. I contacted BitDefender three time for help and the never responded. I finally got hold a a person in support who transfered me to admin. After my complaint they said it would take 5-7 days before they could refund my money.
I still have not gotten a refund after 14 days.

How come they can take your money in seconds and it takes them forver to give it back?

  • Af
    Afrodaesia Aug 18, 2009

    Hi Steven, sorry to hear about what happened to you with the anti-virus software you bought. You know how the "will get your money back " never works as expected, but the anti-virus is a pretty good software solution. I use myself Bitdefender(Internet Security 2009) and I'm considering migrating towards the 2010 version(as I can use the same key for upgrading my product!) so maybe I can help you with the installation.

    I use Bitdefender for a lot of time so I pretty much know its qualities and its flaws also. So, if you haven't solved you problem yet, tell me exactly what's the issue with the installation, also what's your computer configuration(if you have less than 512MB of RAM the 2009 version won't work and you need an older one) an what's your OS(if you use Windows 7 you can't install the 2009 version, only the 2010). Hope to hear from you!

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  • Ca
    Carolinewest23 Aug 20, 2009

    Maybe your bank hasn't transferred the money yet. They have 30 days money back guarantee, so they will probably refund your money if you want that. Contact them and see what happened!

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If it doesn't work forget about help

After many attempts to get help to fix Bitdefender Antivirus I am forced to go buy another product. You...

Unauthorized charges

This company has charged my bank account without authorization. The subscription to their product had run out...