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The complaint has been investigated and
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BitDefender — Un-Authorized credit Card charges

Purchase bit defender previously. Like product. At renewal time, recieved a notice from bit defender that I...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
BitDefenderLack of support

I ordered BitDefender last week and got the online version. Turned out I had the Virus "Antivirus 2010" on my computer. They had me send them much info from my computer, but never sent me the fix as they said they were going to "in the next 30 minutes" -- that was five days ago. Since then I wait for an "attendant" on the phone line but after 6 minutes it disconnects me--this happened 3 times. I have tried their online chat support, but no one shows up. It's as though they have closed up shop. Not sure what to do next except buy a different Anti Virus program. Bit Defender came highly recommeneded on a couple websites. Maybe I was duped.

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    • An
      Andrew Jan 29, 2009

      Did you try contacting the support team by email? I have tried the online chat feature and it's working. Do you still have the computer infected with that virus, maybe I can help you. Andrew

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    • De
      Dee Apr 07, 2009

      I had BitDefender for about 8 months but as I had serious problems on my computer (not BitDefenders fault) I had a professional in to sort it out. I bought another anti-virus programme through him, which he installed and disconnected BitDefender. I was shocked to find about 4 months later that BitDefender had charged me for another years subscription for something I don't even use now. I could not contact them by telephone ( unobtainable sound) asthey had not answered a previous email. I then managed to get on to a Customer Service chat line (which I since have not found) who said they would reimburse me and send me a confirming email. This has not happened. It is very difficult to get in touch with them. I found this website whilst trying to find a means of contacting them again. I am very annoyed that they should take money from my bank account without my knowledge and I am sure it must be illegal. I will now be contacting my bank to hopefully, make sure they cannot do this again. I may have to just cut my losses this time. Dee

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    • Af
      Afrodaesia Jul 28, 2009

      This is very strange. I can't understand how come the BitDefender had access to your bank account. However, they had some trouble with customers support (which they admitted in public) so I can understand your frustration. Now I hear that they are back on track.
      Still, it's a very good product, with innovative technology, multi- awarded, I used it in the last 2 years and I can say that I'm very satisfied with it.
      I'm curios, what other anti-virus did you use?Were you more satisfied with it?And what kind of trouble did you have with the computer?

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
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