Biolife Plasma Servicesevery single time my husband gets to platinum status, they have a reason why he can’t donate.

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Four times my Husband has reached platinum status, which pays out $90 week for the 2 weekly donations. No issues what so ever, then suddenly once he reaches platinum status...they say something is high or something is low. Every single flipping time, so at this point I'm convinced it's bump him back down in status, so that they have to pay you less. Do any of the others reading this, run into this same problem? I am curious if this is an issue, at all of their locations?

Sep 11, 2019
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  • El
      Sep 20, 2019

    This happened to both my husband and I! Also I’ve never seen anyone turned down to donate but now the platinum program is here and 5-10 people every time I go are deferred for something to high or low!! Came here to see if it’s common!

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