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I have been a donor at the Hampton Virginia BioLife plasma clinic for over a year, December 7, 2023 I went in for my first donation of the week as normal when the screener called for the next person at that point I stated I’d wait for the next available screener in no rude manner at which point the screener appeared upset but I continued to wait for the next available screener. I did that because on about three occurrence I observed screener several times attempted to avoid calling people of other color. She would go do what you would call busy work until she couldn’t wait it out any longer this was observed at least three times. There was one occasion she was training a new employee everyone in the line next was of color she stop calling clients that was waiting in line which was about 4 of us including myself. She pretended she was a client herself when there was actual clients to call after she had just got done working with a client prior to her stopping but the client was white. That was very upsetting to me and I informed one of the managers about it and also about my experience with her when I did go to her to get screened it felt as though she didn’t want to deal with me it was very uncomfortable her demeanor was cold and it felt like she was bothered to come in contact with me the whole experience really bothered me. After the training incident I spoke to a manager and respectfully expressed my concerns about the situation he stated he would talk to the staff but I continued to notice the screener conducting herself in the same manner so at that point I decided I would just not go to her to prevent any issues and I started bypassing her. The first time I did so I let the client behind me go ahead of me. The second time I told staff I would prefer to wait for the next available screen in no rude manner the screener did appear upset but I continued to wait for the available screener and after she finished with me she told me before letting me proceed to donation the nurse needed to speak with me about something on my profile. I was taken to a room by I assume another manager and was told that when they are busy that I has to go to that screener if she calls because there running on a timed process I informed the staff I felt uncomfortable with her due to what I’d observed of her and more so I didn’t appreciate my experience with her and also I had spoken to someone about my experience with her already I was told they was going to talk to her but I continued to observe the same behavior so at that point I decided it’s best that I try to avoid the interactions myself with her and regarding there time they was talking about I let people go ahead of me to keep an ongoing flow I was told I was not allowed to do that as well. I had to go to her if she called so to not be difficult I informed them I would work with them although I was uncomfortable I agreed to attempt to work with them. December 9, 2023 my second donation for the week I was sent to see a nurse again this time for my arm I was only able to use one arm to donate and my arm had been improperly stuck a couple of times within the recent weeks requiring several readjustments of needles in my arm. That particular screener that observed me had seen me once prior. The nurse that observed me I asked her if she could put a note in my profile regarding my circumstance with my arm about how I only could use the right arm so if I had to be seen again for the same concern they can have an idea of what’s going on with me. She informed me she was unable to do so and then I’m not sure how we got into the conversation of what was told to me about having to see the screener regardless if I wanted to or not but I explained to her how it was unsettling to me because that’s a right and I felt my rights was being taken away from me. The nurse agreed with me about not having to see someone I wasn’t comfortable with especially if it’s to prevent any negative interactions or situations I informed her that my only goal is to avoid conflicts. I went on to complete my donation. Shortly after returning home I received a call from the same young lady who told me I had to see whoever calls me. She proceeded to inform me that because I stated to the nurse that I felt like my rights was being taken away from me I was no longer a good fit for them and I was no longer allowed to return to their facility or any other BioLife facilities permanently. I asked them what I did? Had I done anything wrong or displayed any misconduct behavior? I was told no none of that but I just couldn’t come back because I said what I said and the decision was made by a team the deferment is permanent. December 13,2023 I called the facility and requested a written copy their decision I was told to go online to see if I could get assistance.

Desired outcome: Medical board to investigate this company and those like it bullying clients and getting away with these unacceptable actions.

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Dec 14, 2023 10:38 am EST
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Update by Tix
Dec 26, 2023 11:31 pm EST

My issue has not been resolved I haven’t posted anything else because I was waiting and trying to give time for biolife to respond to me also I do not know my next step to take at this time . I’ve submitted my complaint on the biolife portal as they requested but no one has attempted to respond back to me as of yet at all. I also informed them that I had already submitted a complaint with them prior to placing it on the complaint board but the only response I’ve gotten from them on is on the complaint board to place the complaint on their portal which has been done a couple times. I would love to get advice on my next step to take. I’ve added pictures of form i filled out. Screenshots of them stating how long the response my take. They don’t have it to where you can see your complaint already submitted.

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Update by Tix
Dec 26, 2023 11:35 pm EST

No my issue with biolife is not resolved. Would like to know what to do next.

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Update by Tix
Jan 20, 2024 12:28 am EST

I don’t understand why this app keeps stating things are resolved with my complaint. Nothing is resolved. The only thing biolife did was email me that they was busy with their friends and family due to the holidays and they would reach out after January 2. This has not been done yet. I’ve stated on this app which is not showing unless you hit resolved or replied then you’ll see my response to them not contacting me on the 2nd of January or anytime after no investigation taken place and no resolution to my satisfaction no one has contacted me any further and when you reach out to the office they tell you to go online. Online don’t respond other than pretending on the complaint app.

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Update by Tix
Jan 21, 2024 11:15 pm EST

There was no investigation. Biolife has not addressed any of my concerns. They just ask you on the complaint website to go to their website and they address nothing.


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