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Ordered my book on the 9th of September, didn't arrive until the 24th. Paid for higher priority shipping as they give that option, not knowing that it was a scam. Promised date was the 15th with that extra payment on shipping (almost $10 extra). I emailed multiple times about my refund on the pointless payment on shipping as my order was most definitely not prioritized at all. Didn't receive any reply until today (Oct. 1st) and they themselves said that the higher payment options on shipping don't make it ship faster at all amongst saying that it did deliver on time which was nowhere close to what happened even with the new delivery date they gave me on their package tracking which was the 20th (that I only found out days after it was originally supposed to be delivered.) They're literally misleading and stealing money from people. They're refusing to refund the shipping I paid when I could've just selected free shipping and got it on the same date or not used them at all as I could've gotten my book anywhere else in less time. Horrible customer service, horrible business. Their books are also not lower pricing either, get your books literally anywhere else. Amazon has way lower prices and guaranteed shipping for what you pay and also don't treat their customers like trash. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE ITS A FREAKING SCAM. THEYRE JUST STEALING MONEY FROM STUDENTS WITH NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. NOT WORTH IT AT ALL. IM LIVID.

fraudulent practices

After reading many reviews that sound a lot like what I am dealing with, I have a feeling my situation will...

Paulsboro Books

book order

Run as fast as you can away from this business. I ordered a book from the company and was immediately charged...

ordered new book, was sent old - 2+ weeks after returning & still no refund!!

Update 9/12/18 received the return of my college algebra book on 8/27/18. It has been 16 day...


I placed an order for a textbook I needed on 8/25/2018. I paid extra for 2-day shipping as I needed the book before my exam. It is 9/11/2018 and I haven't received my book!!! I have tried to chat with them and the First Lady ignored my message and closed out of the chat. Which I have a picture of. Then I tried again and they said it was shipping from one of their vendors to wait more. I already purchased the book from another source and i have been trying to cancel with no success. They're doing fraud that's all they're doing with students. Books aren't cheap! I'm out out $250.00 plus $150 for a different book with no answers!


Bigger Books

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worst return policy

Bought a textbook from and had the worst time. They promised fast shipping and when my order did not arrive I asked about my order status and they claimed that order was shipped. Then I asked for a tracking number and got another empty promise.
I contacted their support and asked them to cancel my order and they said that I have to wait for my book and then I have to ship it back and that was the only way to get a refund. What a joke.
Then they said that I will have to pay for return shipping, and will be charged a restocking fee! I must say that Biggerbooks has the worst return policy.
Will not buy from them again!

item not in condition described

I ordered a new book from them and received, after a pretty long shipping time, a clearly used book with a cracked dvd in a broken case. After several attempts to contact them I finally got a note that they would take a return. This is a college text book - if I wait for anotuer book to arrive from them the semester will be over. They are slow to ship and absolutely lie about the quality/condition of their items. I hope someone finds this review before making the mistake of ordering from them!

  • Ia
    Ian Jan 29, 2009

    Here's my story... I ordered a Messiah score which the website says is a 2004 copyright, and the shipping was listed as 2.98. The book I received was c.1992; the shipping magically increased 33% after they had my payment info; and the book arrived damaged. It had black smudges like soot all over the cover. I tried to contact them via email 3 times, and like everyone else, received no response. Do business with this site? You decide...

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  • Ad
    adahl Aug 03, 2009

    I order a textbook from them because they say that it is in stock and ready to ship, only to find out days later that they are still trying to locate a copy of the book. and now a week later, for the past 3 days I can't even get onto their internet site to check the status and see if the books are indeed on being shipped or if I need to cancel and look somewhere else. Sometimes the lowest price is not always the best option.

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  • Kl
    kltaylor Aug 05, 2014

    I ordered an accounting book that I needed and it was listed that it came with the codes. When I received the book it had no codes. I was charged a $29 return fee which included a restocking fee. The fault was not mine but bigger books. BEWARE they have false advertising.

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  • Br
    briand6215476153 Aug 14, 2015

    They cancelled my order last minute. I still have not received a refund, and now I don't have enough time to order another copy online. I have to buy it from my school's bookstore for $100 more. I am so mad.

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  • Ro
    Rosemary Russo Jan 20, 2018

    I ordered a textbook for my granddaughter and even paid extra for shipping (it qualified for free shipping) so that she would get it on time. I just received an email late last night that it is not available to ship and they would let me know when they get it in. Thia came on a Friday night after their hours and I cannot reach anyone until Monday morning. My granddaughter is leaving for college Tuesday. I felt like they pulled a hit and run. Suddenly send this bad news and make sure it is too late for me to talk to them. Awful. I don't know what we're going to do and can't do anything until Monday. Awful service. It is too late to get the book elsewhere. I see that people are saying they are not good with refunds. Something should be done about this service; people depend on receiving their textbooks in a timely manner and these people just don't care.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Jones Dixon Aug 22, 2018

    On 8/07/18 I placed an order with (Order # 2586374). One of the books I ordered was “College Algebra, Books A La Carte Edition Plus MyLab Math with eText -- Access Card Package by Blitzer, Robert F. (ISBN ISBN 9780134765556).

    Included in that package was supposed to be the following:
    • 0134469879 / 9780134469874 College Algebra, Books a la Carte Edition
    • 0134757920 / 9780134757926 MyLab Math with Pearson eText - Standalone Access Card - for College Algebra

    I received the College Algebra book, but I DID NOT receive the Standalone Access Card!

    I contacted the company and was told my only option was to send the book back in for a refund, as they did not have any other books available to send me. So, I am sending the book back to them and going to my local bookstore to pay more money for the book so that I can receive the access card that is supposed to come with it.

    Meanwhile, I contacted, as they are the ones who mailed me the book with the missing access code. They informed me that had purchased the book from on 8/15, which is a used book marketplace that SellYourBookBack is a seller on. SellYourBookBack said they only sell used books. So, the fault is not with them, but with for having someone send me a USED book when I paid for NEW!

    The other 2 new books I ordered from them showed up within a reasonable timeframe and were the correct books, so I’m not sure why they sent me a used book! As a first time customer who already referred several people to their website, I am now concerned that this may happen again with any future orders. That being said, I will be very leery about purchasing new books from them in the future, and if I do refer people to their business, I will give the disclaimer that they may not want to purchase new books. It is not a gamble worth risking. I ordered the book from them the very day my daughter found out what book she needed for class, so this is not my fault for waiting last minute, as I did not.

    Her class starts 5 days from today (Mon, 8/27), and I was supposed to leave on vacation today through Sunday. Now, instead of heading to the beach right after work, I will be heading to my local bookstore to purchase the book with the access code, as well as having to repackage and return the used book that was sent to me. To say I am both frustrated and disappointed in's error is an understatement. :-(

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