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Knetbooksterrible customer service

I ordered books weeks before my semester would begin and wondered why there weren't showing up. My credit card was charged and I tracked the package to find out mid shipment it said to send back to Knetbooks. I contacted them and they said they didn't know why and I needed to contact UPS, like I was the one who hired them. To get my books I would need to order again, so I did and this time had them expedited and sent to my job. Then I was emailed and told that they were cancelled since the address didn't match. Even though this was the same account and billing address and card as before. Now I am calling them to get someone on the phone and they are not answering (line is busy) and chat doesn't work and they have not returned any emails. They have almost $ 400 of my money and I have no books less than a week before school starts!

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    KnetbooksThe worst company ever!

    Ordered two books from Knetbooks and all the books were in a terrible condition, they had this strange old smell and were dirty, some books even had some missing pages!! I contacted customer service and told them that I want to return everything because of the poor condition and they agreed. I did not want to keep the books because I was afraid that they would blame me. I returned the books and later noticed a charge! When I contacted them again they really did blame me and said that it was my fault and that I did something with those books!! I told them that books already were damaged but they did not believe me and refused to refund me!!! Terrible scam! Avoid at all costs!!

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      By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions — They sent us penalty for $200

      I have two kids, who study in college and high school. The prices for the textbooks are very high and we have... — They overcharged me for the delay

      I took couple of books from the company I forgot to return these books one time, and they... — They didn't return full refund for the books, which were out of stock

      I’m a student and I have been scammed by the company I booked couple of book...

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      Knetbooks.comPoor Customer Service

      While this service does what it says, it's customer service will take days if not more than a week to get back to you about a simple inquiry. Also, what one service rep tells you another rep might deny, so be careful if you use this service. I for one will not be using them again. Too much frustration!!!

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