Best Western Bolton Londonhotel

D Aug 14, 2018

am traveling for work with my 2 children and was denied accomadations based on my reservation only accommodating 2 people. The hotel could not accommodate me when I requested a larger room and refused to give me my money back. I was told that the hotel was compared to the Hyatt, which, I know would have accommodate us. Unfortunately, this was untrue as my hotel was in fact a Best Western, which, is similar to a Holiday Inn and definitely not a Marriott. The Best Western Bolton actually told me that they could not accommodate 3 only 2, so 1 person would have to leave! I requested a refund under the circumstances. I had to rebook us at another hotel and I booked for 3, but of course Priceline changed this again, but the hotel was more than willing to accommodate us as it was REALLY a 4+ star hotel. Best Western is an economy brand name and more like 3 star, not 4. I would like a full refund for my reservation and I think Priceline should at least make sure their star ratings are accurate.

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