Best Buyreturns/exchanges

T Sep 01, 2018

I am an elite member of Best Buys rewards program.That purchases all the technology for 3 of my families households, so obviously I am going to have more returns than a single family household. 2 weeks ago I returned a $25.00 bluetooth speaker, so that I could purchase a $125.00 bluetooth speaker. At that time I was was told that in the future they may or may not accept a return from me, so of course I accepted the refund and told the clerk I would make the purchase of the $125.00 speaker from target where I know i would not have an issue returning if I needed to, as I didnt want to chance getting a defective product that I couldnt return. Today I went to best Buy to purchase a micro SD card, but accidently purchased a regular SD card. When I attempted to return the SD card with a receipt in an unopened package, for an exchange I was denied the exchange. After a half hour on the phone with Best Buy corporate office, and another half hour on the phone with the third party company that monitors their returns, I was still unable to exchange an unopened product with a receipt... Long story short, Best Buy has lost 3 households business for a life time. I have never attempted to return a product without a receipt and most of the time they are in unopened packaging. I wont even step foot in a store to use my $20.00 rewards certificate I still have... CYA B.B. That was one big mistake you made over a $20.00 product that was never opened and I tried to return after only having it for 2 hours

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