Best Buyonline order

S Sep 12, 2018

I pre ordered a game from best buy and was told i would receive it on the release date 9/7/18. I was then told there was a delay and it would come by the 11th. The 12th came and i still had not received it and it had a new delievery date 9/13/18 so i contacted ups to see if i could pick up from a ups site. They told me best buy put a hold restriction on the package so i had to contact them. I called best buy the respresentative assured me he could remove the hold if he called himssef, once we called the ups respresentative told me i could pick it up then recanted and stated that even though the best buy representative was on the line he could not remove the hold. A huge run around for my expensive item that i expected on a certain date and was assured only to not receive it.

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