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last week I took my defunct chromebook to the geek squad in my city toronto dundas store to get some help regarding my laptop. #[protected]. I did purchase an HP laptop plus the GSP+V5 program as well.

I asked my sale associate if the data from my chromebook transfered to my new HP laptop. he said yes but you have to leave it overnight, I agreed and after a call saying the new LP was ready. when I went to the dundas store to pick it up the sales associate told me the transfer of data had not been done because chromebooks data cannot be transfered. I asked her why the blueshirt who had told me it could be done told me this. of coarse she did not know so I asked to speak to the supervisor. they told me this was a mistake of the sales associate and that he would be spoken to.

I took the new HP laptop home and after one day I decided I did not like it and took it back to the dundas store. I did end up buying a more expensive one and again I wanted the data switched to my new purchase since my banking info was on the new HP LP.

the blue shirt told me the transfer would take 2-3 hrs and I would recieve a phone call. over this period of time I did not recieve a phone call so I decided to return to the store and find out if the data transfer had be done.

upon my return I was told it had not been done because they were "TOO BUSY". I asked to speak to the manager mohsin hashmi and when I approached him he was imediately hostile to me. instead of getting my side of the story he started mocking me and arguing with me. he even called me a hypocrite.

I told him he could not call a customer a hypocrite and I did not appreciate it.

so in 2 days I returned to the store twice only to find the data had not been transfered when it had been promised to me. he didn't know about the first incodent so he assumed I was just being an irate customer.

the blue shirts have an obligation to communicate with the customer and the geek squad and to follow up when a promise to transfer data is made.

all it would have taken was a phone call to say he julie we are not going to be able to transfer your data could you leave it over night, I would have been ok with that. I was made to feel like an hysterical female and I don't think I deserve that.


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