Dear Team Bershka,
I shop quite often from your outlet in Abu Dhabi mall, because of my last experience I have lost all my interest in shopping from/recommending bershka. I bought a pair of shoes, wore them for 4 to 5 times in a month's time frame.
Within the first couple of weeks I could see minor signs of defect (ignorable ones) but post that in a single wear, the sides of the shoes opened up completely.. I was disheartened to see this from the brand that I love,
Post that I visited the store and reported the same to the concerned staff with the bill and the product,
I was told that I am supposed to glue it up and use it further..
Below are the questions that I want an answer for from the brand..
1. Does anyone buy a shoe only for a months time frame?
2. Is this a solution that bershka offers to each of their client who proved that the product is defective in a month with four to five times of usage?
3. Is a brand like bershka supposed to offer gluing up shoe as a SOLUTION?
4. How would a customer realise that the product is defective without using it?

I would appreciate a swift response on this, and a reasonable solution, if not I would like to have a refund as the shoes now are of no use to me..

Below is my contact numberI would prefer to be contacted by phone call
Navratan Singh


Mar 10, 2019

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