Bensons for Bedscustomer service/ recycling

K Jul 22, 2019

Dear Sir


I purchased a bed and mattress from the store in Perthshire almost 3 weeks ago. At the point of sale, nothing was mentioned about it and presumed you would just take my old mattress away.

I only found out that you had a recycle service last week when my mother, who had also purchased a mattress had told me. I immediately called your Perth classroom and was told by Ian ( also the person who had sold me the bed), that as I lived in Glasgow I should contact that office and he couldn't arrange anything for me. I had offered to pay over the phone or come 60 miles to the shop. Over the weekend I had thought your distribution office closed, so I duly contacted the Glasgow classroom as instructed. They said it was too late for me to be added to the recycling scheme. I then contacted customer service who just put me back in touch with Perth salesoffice, who again told me they could not do anything.  The lady on the phone told me 'I would've been told and she couldn't believe I hadn't seen the sign '!! Outstanding customer service. 

I was not told about the recycle scheme and I did not see any sign . As my mother was asked whether she wanted the mattress taken away, why wasn't I told the same ?? I am going on holiday in 6 days time, my partner is in London and I've pulled a muscle in my leg so can't move a large mattress. It's a huge headache and after spending £500 on items I do not expect to be treated like this. It was Benson's mistake not to offer me a service you offer to other customers. I was of course willing to pay fees etc.

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