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Bella Terra Cosmetics Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Bella Terra Cosmetics / mascara price

Cobyvan on Feb 5, 2019

I got stopped at the galleria mall in Houston by ab Israeli girl who wanted to to my make up, try the BB cream etc. I accepted out of curiosity, ended up buying a blush and a mascara . The price if the mascara was 39 dollars, a bit pricey I thought but went for it. She insisted in giving me...

[Resolved] Bella Terra Cosmetics / product price

RobynF on May 20, 2018

Run from these people!! I normally don't even go to the mall because of the harassment but I had to return something and the girl took out 2 people trying to get to me! Makeup looked fine but you can't really see with the lower lights and the mirror wasn't close, got me for $225 and I...

Bella Terra Kiosk / disrespectful saleswoman @ barton creek mall location

Lesly12 on Mar 27, 2018

I was passing by the stand at the mall today (03/27) around 4:30pm and the lady there called me over, I tried to say no but she said she would just show me some free samples. She started putting make-up on me and did half of my face, and kept trying to get me to buy the product and I kept...

Bella Terra Cosmetics / customer service from sales personnel

JackieG1986 on May 23, 2017

Your products are great. People that sell them not so much. I was approached by a man selling your products his name is Adi, I clearly told him I didn't have time yet he said he just was going to give me a brochure, he immediately started asking all These uncomfortable questions and...

Bella Terra Cosmetics / skin peel, facial moisturizer and questionable sales tactics @ the north point mall in alpharetta, ga

Fritz183 on Dec 15, 2016

Honestly, I thought I was a relatively intelligent person; however, like others who are posting complaints I fell prey to aggressive, questionable sales tactics. I was visiting Alpharetta and on a whim I went to the North Point Mall recently on Sunday, Dec 4th, 2016. I didn't even get all...

Bella Terra Cosmetics / aggressive sales tactics and no refund policy

Buyersremorse on Dec 5, 2016

Today, I entered Memorial City Mall for a reservation at the Apple Store. I passed the Bella Terra counter and was handed a flyer by the salesperson, Jacob. He asked me to stop for a free sample. I told him I could not stop because I had an appointment at the Apple Store. He said it would...

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics / harassment and bullying by sales staff at memorial city mall

Beyotch Forever on Oct 5, 2016

Bella terra needs better customer service. The sales girl at the memorial city mall in houston is unprofessional. I was walking by and she grabbed me and insisted I buy her products and started to apply a random powder on my face with a dirty brush. I was disgusted. I asked her to stop and...

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics / sales people /company

Reviewer38582 on Feb 6, 2016

I have been on the hunt for a natural looking foundation for the longest time. Last night my Fiancée and I were at the mall just doing some shopping when I came across the kiosk of Bella Terra. I see the sales people all the time trying to get people to try their product so I decided to give...

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics / foundation powder

Barbarajean on Oct 25, 2015

I purchased this product by a very aggressive sales rep at their kiosk in the Scottsdale Fashion Mall on 10-5-2015. The next day I noticed my face broke-out. I tried to return the product, which they will not refund my money, they will only exchange. I asked why would I want another... / axiom youth foundation

Reviewer97032 on Aug 21, 2015

Hi my name is Margaret Smyth I am from IRELAND I was on holiday in Vegas.I was in one of your outlets and I bought two of your products from your sales guy Raz he give me his email [email protected] I have tried to email him but I cant get in touch with him i bought ADVANCE RADIANCE EYE...

Belle Terra Bella Pierre Dermalactives / scam company

Scam Co. on Jan 21, 2015

There are no prices posted and you don't know what you are paying until they print out the receipt. Notice that the receipt is itemized with what you have purchased but not the price for each item. Supposedly there is a No Refund sign which is not visible and they never mention that...

bella terra / curiosity

Mac Lady on Nov 1, 2014

I don't have a complaint yet but I am curious after reading these complaints of no refund and such. I stopped at the kiosk in the woodlands mall while waiting on my kids. After sitting in the chair I told the lady that I use Mac but I'm looking for something to help the pore...

bella terra / overly priced and sale.

alycia15 on Oct 12, 2014

I was walking around the Parks Mall trying to shop for my boyfriend and his birthday. I have a full face of MAC makeup on. (Which doesnt break me out) I stop by Sephora afterwards and bought some Urban Decay products. Im now in a hurry to get home. A Bella Terra sales rep. Stops me and I...

Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics / price rip off

hehm108 on Jun 4, 2014

I was stopped at the Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics kiosk by an extremely pushy salesman. He said his name was Asaf. I sat and listened to his presentation and let him apply makeup to the side of my face. From what I could tell the products were ok. Though he used dirty brushes to apply the...

Bella Terra Cosmetics (lynnhaven mall) / forceful practices, fraud

bbgal2 on Mar 3, 2014

They got me too!!! I was walking by and the guy grabbed my arm then rubbing on my hands. He was slim, dark hair with a foreign accent. Asking fast questions like are you from here, are you married ect...He truly had the "gift of gab" . Then he put foundation on one half of my face without...

bella terra / unethical sales

Txgirl2 on Aug 25, 2013

Totally pushy heavily accented man at the Bella kiosk approached me and my husband at the mall. Handed me a eye shadow and said it was free, "What color would you like?" He said he would show me the product and motioned for me to sit down in the chair. Before I knew it he as taking off my...

Bella Terra Cosmetics / feel riped off

Jenny Huante on Mar 14, 2013

I left sehpora wit a new foundation 2 brushes and nail polish and this charming man at da mall with an accent stops me and asked me what i bought and i told him and he says he wants to show me an all natural make up and I tell him I had to go cuz my fam wanted to leave already so he say...

terra bella / this product totally sucks, and I say that with confidence

jayceemoss on Jan 30, 2013

I absolutely hate this product! I hardly where foundation, well this sales guy seemed to convenience me that this product will be all I need, well its NOT! After a week of trying it out I realized it was over priced, comes off verry easily and also makes me break out. It doesn't blend...

bella terra (sk cosmetics) / unethical sales tactics

Student in GA on Dec 20, 2012

I was at NorthPoint Mall in Alpharetta yesterday and was approached by a young man at a cosmetics kiosk trying to hand me something. I refused whatever it was, and he went back to the kiosk, grabbed something and followed behind me until I glanced back at him. He handed me a small product...

bella terra / warning!!!

SupersonicJocy on Dec 18, 2012

AVOID these cosmetics. Everything is a scam!! Two days ago I got brainwashed by a lady with an accent while I was walking at the mall. Not only did she start throwing out ### saying I was smart and pretty, but she also lied! As I was about to buy a foundation ($69) to try it out (two...