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Mary Kay Complaints & Reviews

Mary Kay / Fraud and Theft

Karoline MV on Nov 3, 2013
I am reporting fraudulent activity from an encounter with Tracy Grodsky-Dunn. I encourage others not to do any business with her or Holly Grodsky of Mary Kay Cosmetics. I have found that her daughter Sarah Megan Grodsky aka Sarah Megan Flauta aka Sarah Ari Flauta is a scammer using personal...

Mary Kay / Homeless because of Tracy Grodsky-Dunn, Business is a Scam

PlzHelpMe on Sep 20, 2012
Work/Home (303) 666-4685 Cell (303) 507-0607 Website: http://www.marykay.com/tracygrodsky-dunn Tracy Grodsky-Dunn's sham business is a fraud! It is suspected that she has been working with her daughter Sarah Flauta (aka Sarah Megan Grodsky) and her ex-husband Allen Ray Grodsky to scam...

Mary Kay / Unauthorized charges and Fraud

Ms. XXXX XX on May 16, 2012
I was rip-offed by this lady Tracy Grodsky-Dunn. I think that her daughter named Sarah Flauta was working for her and tried to sell me some products. I did not display any interest in purchasing from her but she kept insisting that she could get me a good deal. I refused and the next thing...

Mary Kay / Was lied to did not get prize as promised

thereisbadpeople on Apr 16, 2012
Went to a fair at Mueler airport for a local school. There was a Mary Kay rep holding a drawing for product I submitted my name and stated on it I was NOT interested in selling the product. Later I got a call from the rep saying I was runner up and had won a lip gloss we were planning how...

Mary Kay / Rude and pushy customer service

Irritatedjapan on Aug 22, 2011
I live in Japan and there is a Mary Kay cosmetics booth in one of our local department stores. I searched online and found Michelle Zimmerman's website that contained a virtual makeover using their products. I registered using the bare minimum of my personal information to try out...

Mary Kay / Scam, Fraud, and Theft

AngryCons on Aug 18, 2011
Tracy Grodsky-Dunn lied to me and ended up stealing money from me. I also know that she is committing tax fraud and not reporting the money she has hidden from the other people she stole from. Apparently, she has stolen money from others as well. Her business is a scam.

Mary Kay / Will not make your day!

Slave130 on Jul 8, 2011
I purchased over $120.00 worth of Mary Kay products at a Mary Kay Party. To all of our surprise I had a severe allergic reaction|. I was talked into trying different products instead of getting a refund|. I didn't have any luck with the other products either?. Now I am said to get...

Mary Kay Inc. / Misled to think I was to be a &model& in a make-up presentation

StefV on Mar 7, 2011
I work at a hotel near the Cape. The other day I as approached my a girl who said "I'm so sorry, this might seem a little forward, but I really need a model for a Mary kay make-up presentation this Sunday, would you be interested??" Of course I said yes, totally flattered. She said if I...

Mary Kay / Incomplete order

My mother and I hosted a small facial party for a Mary Kay Rep, who happens to be a close friend of mine...we ordered a decent amount of products, and the REP split the payments up for us to pay over the next few weeks. The rep gave us some of the products we ordered that she had on her...

Mary Kay Inc. / Bad rep service

On July 4, 2010, I ordered $221.40 worth of products from Mary Kay Rep. She did not give me a receipt and since she is my sister's rep, I thought she was reputable. She told me that she would immediatly place the order and it would be back the following Monday. I have witnessess that...

Mary Kay / Rude and very bad service

I purchased a lipstick from a mary kay consultant and it came all ripped up and she would not accept my return. I was stupid and purchased again and the product was missing some of the contents out of the bottle. i would like a return and she stated no. I am very unhappy and would like to...

Mary Kay / Bad experience

Gosh it is horrible that you have had a bad experience. It is so hard to get repeat customers and for any Mary Kay rep to be dishonest or rude is horrible. I would like to extend an offer to you or anyone else who reads this that wants a good honest Mary Kay Rep to purchase ... Every order over...

Mary Kay / No refund

I have purchased MK products from other reps before so I know I can exchange or get a refund. I placed an order with a new rep this week and my order came in today. I was getting ready to give her my credit card but she said that she didn't take them, only cash or check. Then I told...

Mary Kay / HORRIBLE bridesmaid service

I had never seen the bridesmaid dress for my brother and sister-in-laws wedding before. I was very excited about being able to finally see the dress after ordering my size. When the dress came in it was beautiful, but also two sizes too big, I am a size 4 and they ordered a size 6. After...

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