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I live in a neighbourhood about 15 minutes from downtown Montreal. I have been waiting for Bell to bring Fibe to the three streets in my area that were missing the service. I have written to George Cope multiple times to get it resolved and so far all I have done is get the other 2 streets Fibe Service and they installed brand new Fibe Lines on the pole for my street but for some reason they cannot be connected. That took me 5 years to get that done.

Calling Bell technical service they said, we don't have a date. After multiple people checking various departments within Bell, they gave my an ETA of 2023!!!


It is not as if I live in northern Quebec or some remote area.

Bell is a joke. They claim to have the best service, the best this or that... but they can't even connect the cables that they installed on my pole 2 years ago. But I keep seeing commercials that you can now get Fibe in these remote towns north and south of Montreal but not in the heart of Montreal.


Sep 28, 2019

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