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A Bell service van was at lights of Murison Blvd and Sheppard Ave at approximately 7:25 ok July 30, 2018. The light changed to green however the driver didn't proceed until my husband tapped on the horn. The driver still did not move, then moved slowly while rolling his window down and saying "what the [censored] is your problem?" My husband said to him get off your texting and drive. As we approached the lights at Neilson Rd and Sheppard Ave, we were in turn lane and he was to the right of us at the res light. He rolled his window down again but I told by husband to ignore him. However he then says "[censored] you and your stupid wife". And so we snapped a picture of his plates. AB 43983.
All of this would have been just another blip in the day if he hadn't been indignant even though he was texting or on his phone at the lights. There was no need to be rude or aggressive. My husband simply tapped the horn to get him moving.
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      Oct 05, 2018

    October 5th @ approx noon. Bell Canada technician working on a wiring box at 100 Forest Ave, Hamilton, ON. Technician was wearing shorts that whenever he moved everyone walking up and down the streets could see at least half of the man's buttcrack, I mean so bad that if he bent over further we would see his anus. So I approached the young man and said ... excuse me dude, but you may not be aware, when you bend we can all see at least half your buttcrack ... the guy looked and me and said "so don't look". I asked him for his name, which he would not give me, but he had a Bell logo on his shirt, so I told him I would speak with Bell, and he took off. I called Bell and was advised to call the police, about this.

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